Masks & Filters – Nope, I Will Never Surrender…

August 14, 2021

If we filter our opinions too much, water them out, over-complicating the meaning with lots of fillers, we hide what we really want to say. It becomes lost in the fog of words. And I don’t think that’s healthy, and it’s certainly not reasonable.

Keep it simple. Take out the filters that got programmed into you or you stuffed down your throat to fit in.

When we burn ourselves on the stove, we exclaim “shifffucckkoww”. There are no filters there. That reaction is not being mediated. It’s not being thinned-out. There are no filters. That way of expressing ourselves is very close to Tourette’s Syndrome, so obviously, we have to find another way of expressing ourselves.

The goal is to express ourselves in a such a way that is not only comfortable for us, but that also makes our message and meaning crystal clear. It’s communicating without watering the message down through the use of filters of political-correctness, which we use to avoid causing offence.

But who cares if anyone gets offended by our opinion? Seriously, who cares?

Apparently, we do. Which is why we use filters.

Filters are a way of sucking up. A way to avoid friction. They’re people-pleasing.

Here’s the thing though: we cannot give away our authority to the easily offended. There are a lot of them. If people can’t handle the message in what we say, that’s not our problem, that’s theirs.

A counter reaction? Remove those filters instead of applying more.

If we’re afraid of how people will react when we share our unfiltered opinions, then we’re in the grip of the cancel culture and woke narrative. Everybody who wants to keep our mouth shut.

Only you can tell if you have filters applied that are purely in place to feel socially accepted and loved or inoffensive. Only you know if you use filters to hide your truth behind.

As for me, I’m totally done with it.

While it takes some courage to put that authenticity out there, I think I’m ready to do that. The way I write now is very vulnerable. I have no need to hide behind a certain role expectation anymore. That’s toxic to me.

I don’t put myself on a pedestal or infuse the audience with my authority. An authority is what people want but we all need to take responsibility to create our own inspiration.

All I present is an idea. And if you don’t like it, then that’s just dandy.

Double meanings and mixed messages

Meta messaging is when we say something that we also want to hide behind. It’s the concept of words with a double meaning. It’s giving the same message but on a level of double-interpretation.

Why do we do this? So, we can avoid attack when we put our opinions out there. But, if we can’t express ourselves, we’re lost.

Watch out for these filters, that you don’t apply too many. Because otherwise you won’t have a voice. You’ll be very hard to identify.

If it comes straight from our core, it’s honest.

Everything has to be complicated to seem clever. It shouldn’t be necessary. It’s an ego thing.

“But, don’t things have to be complicated to be explained?” No. Things have to be very simple.

If we can’t make things simple then we can’t or don’t understand them. If you can make your thoughts down to earth, scrubbed clean of filler/filter words the core message is often lost.

It’s like when you see an interview and the interviewer is talking more than the guest. What the hell? It’s about their ego. The guest is a prop, nothing else. A vehicle for the interviewer to sound intellectual, or spiritual, or whatever.

Sutras – short and simple

It’s also down to sutras. These are very few words put together to create friction and contemplation in the reader’s mind.

Here’s a favourite example; ‘who are you? The fly or the bee?’

Sorry, what?

What the sutra is asking is, “what are you looking for in this life? Shit or honey?”

So, it’s a kind of little riddle you have to solve. Are you someone who looks for negative things outside of themselves, or positive things? The answer we choose reflects who we are on the inside.

Let it be

Let people be who they want to be.

I ran into a friend the other day who was about to get her vaccine.  While she recognises where I stand on the issue, I know she was happy that I didn’t go upstream on her.

Why would I? I have no need to challenge, cancel or lecture her. She accepts where I stand – I give the same back.

Problem: We can’t see the virus, but we can see ‘The Host’ – and just how many horror movies has that narrative. It’s not the virus anymore that’s the problem, it’s you and I: The Unvaccinated.

We: The Unvaccinated, ‘The Host'” that carry this killer parasite from outer space or the neighboring parish, are now the targeted. Like in ‘The Alien’, it triggers deep, primal fear within people.

Damn clever Control System mindfuck.

Similarly, I received a message from someone apologising to me that they had decided to get the vaccine. Their son told them they couldn’t see their grandchildren without it. The thing is, seen from their perspective, they absolutely did the right thing because the loss of seeing a grandchild is devastating.

This attitude of ‘let it be’ is the counter wave against the divisive techniques used to pit us against each other.

When we’re asked “why aren’t you vaccinated?” don’t rise. If we bite it turns into an emotional argument that risks us never speaking to that person again. Keep cool: Be informative.

It’s just what They want. Divide and conquer. Let’s not fall for that.

Now I have a new tactic when I come up against that question:

Person: “Soren, are you getting the vaccine?
-“what vaccine?”
Person: “you’re kidding right?”
-“erm, no.”
Person: “you don’t know about the vaccine?”
Person: you’re bullshitting me, right? The covid vaccine! You must have heard about it?”
-“Ahh, that!”

So I answer: There is no vaccine. It’s an experimental treatment. When you say the word ‘vaccine’ who don’t know the meaning of the word. This is not a vaccine. The media use the word, so the public use the word, but there is no such thing as a covid vaccine. You still get the thing….

This friction leaves them scratching their heads. They are in a state of limbo.

Here’s how it usually goes. If you’re a Democrat you don’t talk to a Republican. If you’re a Catholic you don’t talk to New Age. If you’re Muslim you don’t talk to an Infidel.

And it’s just what They want.

Don’t play into their hands. It’s not worth it.

My suggestion is, if you run into this in your work or family circles, where the pressure is high, just let it be. We need empathy for those who are being tricked, not hate.

It’s not worth starting a civil war over in our private circles of colleagues, friends and family. Just let it be. Don’t get into the emotional argument.

Don’t filter what you need to say but maybe don’t give a lecture either. There’s a middle ground.

If you do want to explain your opinions then refer it back to yourself, like “nope, I won’t participate in an experimental treatment. Nope, I won’t participate in something that cannot be debated in public. Nope, I will not surrender my body on the account of social pressure.”

These are your inner core values. They have nothing to do with anyone else.

And if people get offended “you’re putting us all in harm’s way!” and they morph into parrots, parroting the media, celebs and whatnot.

Don’t fall for the divide and conquer tactics.

Don’t Give In

It’s a tremendous time to be alive but it’s also a challenge. My advice is, don’t give in.

I will express my concerns about the vaccine but I will not allow this to get between us. If you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated, I won’t stand in your way. Seeking information outside main stream media, will get in your way – but, if I don’t want to fear bend, please don’t stand in mine.

“But you’re sentencing us all to death”. No, no. Now you’re getting emotional.

It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced a ‘vaccine’ as an emotional thing, rather than a scientific one.

We’re told we should feel bad about ourselves for not getting it. We’re told we should feel bad about ourselves for not covering our face. We’re told we should feel bad about ourselves for blah blah blah.

When we have to tread very carefully with opinions, we’re in an unhealthy situation.

It’s all guilt and shame.

As warriors, we need to detach from the filters we use, turn around and say “fuck you”. I’m not going into this. I will not allow the system to play me into a role of divide and conquer.”

The more They can divide, the easier They can power grab.

Ask yourself, “where and why do I put up all these filters?” Hint: they’re usually fear-based.

Taking out filters means putting ourselves on the floor with the spotlight on us, instead of in the corner or backed up against the wall.

It’s having an attitude of ‘I don’t give a shit about social conventions or about what I can or can’t say, I need to express myself authentically”.

It’s self-expression. It’s core values.

The downside? You won’t be the most popular kid in the class but at least you’ll be yourself.

When you take out the filters and remove the masks – you’re no longer acting on a stage. Free of strings.
Illusion becomes reality. Then and first then will we see it for what it really is.

No more engagement with actors. Let’s interact with authentic people of blood and flesh who can surprise us and create friction within us. It’s benevolent, not argumentative.

Let go of filters. Let go of filler words. Let go of your fear of offending the crowd.
Stop giving away your inner authority to outer control.

Say your truth and say it sweetly. This word has gone asymmetrical with hate.
The toxidity of the Control System Induced Hypnotic Fear now descending right smack in the middle of the dinner table, like an invisible scary guest forcing its way into our most intimate relationships, showing up inside the fabric of families, friendships, workspaces.

I will not give The System Of Fear that power of distortion.

Dare to be You….and we can fight this shit show.

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