Massive U.S Heat Wave This Week

July 19, 2016

A blistering heatwave will sweep across America , leaving almost the entire country sweltering in temperatures of over 90 degrees – with some areas even pushing past 100.

Arizona will be the hardest-hit, peaking at 116 degrees, according to long-range predictions by the National Weather Service.

If those predictions bear out practically the entire country will be suffering from the unusually warm summer weather, with only the Pacific Northwest escaping relatively unscathed.

The build-up is expected to begin Sunday, as the heat currently centered on the southwest states – and the California/Arizona border – flows quickly out across the country, hitting the western reaches of the Midwest hard.

By Tuesday even the northern tip of North Dakota and Minnesota, currently enjoying temperatures in the upper 70s, will find themselves sweating it out in the low 90s.

And those in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas will find themselves at the center of a country-wide sweatbox with temperatures of up to 98 degrees.

Meanwhile, much of the East Cost will be smothered in high-80s or low-90s heat.

But the border of California and Arizona will be hit the hardest of all with possible peaks of 113 degrees.

The unseasonal trend is expected to continue across the week, with the peak for central states coming on Thursday.

That’s when areas of South Dakota are expected to reach as high as 101 degrees, while the rest of the Midwest hums under a 90 degree heat.

Even the Northeast and Pacific Northwest will feel the brunt of the heatwave, with only those regions at the very tips of Oregon, Washington, Maine and Massachusetts feeling the caress of sub-80-degree weather.

Those around lakes or mountains may feel some benefit, but even the highest regions of Montana and Wyoming will be fanning themselves in mid-80s-to-mid-90s temperatures.

And those on the outskirts of Los Angeles will be suffering the extreme heat that their neighbors in Nevada have endured for the previous few days.

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