Maybe Check If You Have Been ‘PWNED’

March 31, 2019

A site called has been hacked.
They are like Facebook so clever that they kept their data on you in plain text.
You might have or had nothing to do with, they ‘just’ have your info, anyhow.

Around 800 million email addresses, passwords and some personal information has been exposed to hackers.
If you suddenly are seeing a massive uptick in spam, and FAKE ransom mails (do not panic – do not pay- they are fake) hitting you, well, you have been pwned- if not – please check anyway.

Do not click on those spam mails or ransom mails – since it is basically showing the hackers – that there is a person behind the email they have stolen. Just delete them.
If they sent a password in the email and it is one you’ve used – then make sure no online accounts and logins are using it in the future.

You can check: Here


Massive email data breach at

People are being victimized by a terrifying new email scam where attackers claim they stole your password and hacked your webcam — here’s how to protect yourself


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