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Metaphysical Reading

This Metaphysical Reading is based on my ability to provide an intuitive, metaphysical picture of you, penetrating the layers of the personality/ego and extending to the soul level.

It differs from the reading method that you see here, as the Metaphysical Reading does not embed predictive analysis.

This reading does correspond with the previous method in which I begin by examining the overall picture of you.
The people I have read in this way have always responded with: “I feel recognized – finally somebody sees me.”

In this Metaphysical Reading I greatly expand the analysis in depth and timeframe. It is time to satisfy that need for recognition and relief into a new form of reading, since it is experienced as highly empowering.

The Metaphysical Reading is both very practical and highly metaphysical.
I am peeling the onion, so to speak, in order to go much deeper, putting light on the deeper realms within you.

– I will see where you are with regard to your talents and hidden talents, and set the internal compass for you to proceed successfully.

– The entire personality will be analyzed, and the balance between physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies will be examined. I will point to what you will need to work on in order to bring together what seems to have been divided.

– The spiritual body needs to be in sync with the emotional body. We will bring the emotional energies into compatibility with the spiritual, embed the feeling of your celestial connection, and reinforce it.

– I will examine what is needed for you to feel ‘at home’ in your Self and to feel at peace. When your entire person is understood, and how you are built, it brings ease, comfort and clarity.

– Past life journeys will be viewed for the purpose of pinpointing anything that is a determining factor in where you are today.

It is time for a method of analysis, reaching the entire Being, penetrating the layers we have within. We are empowered by knowledge of ourselves that can make us whole, and this is the purpose of In Depth Soul Reading.

A benefit of deep reading is that as whole and self-empowered persons we find the love, work, and different aspects in our lives that we’ve been looking for, but maybe couldn’t find, since we needed to know ourselves at a deeper level. When we are presented with a clear picture of ourselves, we will know on a higher level what we are looking for and could be passionate about in this life.

Upon registration you are encouraged to provide all the questions that you like, as long as they do not deal with predictive reading, since this reading in itself will give you the answers that you need in order to proceed.

The reading will be recorded as an MP3 file and you will receive a download link with the reading.
Timeframe: 1-1.5 hours

Price: $250  (US)

A reading usually takes 1.5h

To book the reading with Soren: Use this form

Instructions on “how-to” will be provided by mail.

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