Mind Your Energy

February 8, 2019

Modern medicine struggles to understand the essential energy that animates the body.

In Western culture, when you see your doctor for an annual physical, he or she will most likely chat with you for a few minutes to see if anything major is going on in your life, then proceed to check your heart, lungs, head, neck, and abdomen for visible abnormalities involving the skin, muscles, connective tissues, and internal organs.

They check for any skin conditions such as rashes, any mass that could indicate a tumor, and tender areas that may indicate internal abnormalities.

They might also run a urine analysis and other routine tests checking the biochemical status of your metabolism, hormones, organ functions, and blood cells, noting any differences from your last visit.

They are looking for problems that may require medication or further investigative procedures. If they find an abnormality that they aren’t equipped to handle, the doctor would refer you to a specialist who would examine the issue and prescribe either a pharmaceutical treatment or a surgical treatment. Either route would most likely target the removal of the abnormality and relief of the symptoms. Very little interest is put into finding the root cause of the condition or measures to prevent a recurrence.

When your visits and tests show nothing abnormal, you will be given a clean bill of health and asked to come back in a year. In this case, very little will be discussed about what you should be doing before your next visit so you can maintain your health. If you have symptoms but nothing is discovered by physical exam or medical investigation, you will be advised you are under stress, or worse, that it’s all in your head.

The reason that modern medicine is practiced this way is because of a lack of understanding of the body’s energy circulation. When people talk about their health, they focus on physical exercises, body weight, and nutrition. Very few people ever think or talk about their energy or know how to properly take care of their energy.

Every time I mention the word energy, I get an immediate reaction: Energy? What do you mean? Well, energy is what supports the body’s biochemical process and physiological functions. It is the body’s energy that provides us a body temperature, maintains a steady heartbeat, circulates the blood and breath, digests food, regulates movements of bowels, controls muscle contractions and the ability to move, and allows us to speak, think, and feel.

Without this energy in the body, we would be dead even if nothing was deemed physically abnormal. If your energy were obstructed or out of balance, you would suffer from all kinds of mental and physical dysfunctions.

By discussing the knowledge of energetic medicine exampled by ancient Chinese medicine, I really want to engage patients in a different way of communicating with their body—and with their doctors—for the sake of their overall health, well-being, and countenance.

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