Moment a Wounded (Intelligent) Manta Ray Begged Divers for Help

July 12, 2019

A manta ray with fishing hooks stuck in her eye has been filmed begging a group of snorkellers to save her life.

The heartbreaking footage shows the ray, nicknamed Freckles by local divers, approaching the group on Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

The three-metre wide gentle giant flipped her body over to reveal she had several metal hooks stuck under her right eye.

Underwater photographer Jake Wilton decided he simply had to remove the hooks to save the beautiful creature’s life.

After several attempts, Mr Wilton cleared Freckles, saving her from a nasty infection or even blindness.

Mr Wilton said he believes Freckles recognised and trusted him because he regularly guides snorkelers in that area.

‘She got closer and closer and then started unfurling to present the eye to me,’ he said.

‘I knew we had to get the hooks out of her eye or she would have been in big trouble.’

After a few attempts, Mr Wilton needed one final dive to clear the hooks.

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