Moonstruck, We Become…

July 27, 2018

We have a full Moon..

We have Mercury retrograde, revitalizing communication lost in time and space to be picked up again.

All events pointing forward and backward as far as we possibly can imagine.

Will you meet your ancient love, your long lost celestial love?. Chance of it is there.

Pay very much attention, there is a very good chance that he or she will come knocking at your door or you will accidentally slip into a deep relationship fueled by a longing heart in sync with the celestial event.
Further to fly, when maybe you thought your wings were sore and broken and that chapter somehow had turned its last page on you.

It´s twin soul-revitalizing time in Morph City.

Time to engage and if you are with your beloved it is time to strengthen the bond that you share.

It is also the apparently opposite.

Every coin has a flip side to it, so it could be epic disengaging time as well. No longer feeling the love, only seeing the abuse or the weariness of wondering through too many sleepless nights, trying to save whatever could not be saved.

No need anymore, this event will tell you if you are true to yourself. It will support your drive for freedom if you are currently caught up in the sentimental memory just longing for the better days that really have passed.

The inner tide will pull you out if you let it. Ebb and flow – let it go.

From the outskirts of the Kalahari to the cool air of Iceland people are being confronted with the only thing in this world that really is worth confronting: Love.

With the celestial vibe it is both engaging and disengaging that’s on the table.

Wherever you are in this: engaging or disengaging, you won’t be able to run for the hills on this one…

Just maybe remember: Love the Love and you’re safe.

If you are in a meaningful relationship where your partner can see you, you might want to reinforce it under this celestial event. Make your partner be seen, step aside and let your partner take the stage. Unplug the matrix of “him” and “her” and go for oneness.

This is not a moment to take any emotional hostages, that will backfire next time Mercury steps backward so hidden agendas and manipulative schemes won’t hold. You have to stay humble. And the uni will sort out the details and the mystery in it.

In that safety I rest my heart. Maybe rest yours too, entering or leaving….

Isn’t it amazing?

When we truly learn not to fear love itself, surrendering to its eternal tide caressing the shoreline, entering or leaving…We become both beloved and loved… differences transcended…engaging or disengaging…. transcending the hemispherical distances wich exist no more…

Moonstruck, we become. Let’s Dance

© 2018 Soren Dreier

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