Scott Moron’s Prison Island Australia Has No Heart No More

July 8, 2021

A woman has shared her heartbreak of being forced to fight her aggressive cancer battle alone while her husband is stranded on the other wide of the world due to coronavirus border closures.

Juliet Wilson is in the fight of her life after she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer on New Year’s Eve, which has since spread to her lymph nodes.

On top of her cancer battle and chemotherapy treatment, the Melbourne woman is desperate to be reunited with her husband David Macneill, who is stranded in Canada.

Despite being fully vaccinated and booked to fly to Australia within days, the federal government has rejected countless applications to allow him to entry the country on compassionate grounds.

Ms Wilson will undergo a double mastectomy and surgery to remove her lymph nodes next month and will be unable to use her arms for up to six weeks afterwards.

She requires a full-time carer and broke down in tears at the prospect of going through post-operation recovery alone.

‘It has been difficult enough dealing with chemotherapy by myself, the days I can’t stand up or have to crawl upstairs to get to the bathroom’ Ms Wilson told A Current Affair.

‘The idea, that I was facing recovery from my surgery without David here was horrific.

‘I won’t actually be able to lift my arms, so being able to get myself dressed, shower, prepare food – even go and do the shopping won’t be possible, and I’m going to need someone to look after me full-time.’

The couple recently had their fourth application rejected, despite tying the knot in an online wedding ceremony in May and providing pages of evidence such as records of shared finances and wills naming each other as the beneficiary.

Ms Wilson explained that the moment she learnt her husband couldn’t come to Australia was ‘the day that nearly broke her’.

International borders have been closed since March 2020, making it exceptionally difficult for even Australian citizens to fly home, made even worse by the recent slashing of arrival caps.

Meanwhile Mr Macneill is desperate to be at his wife’s side.

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