Mother Jungle is Burning…

August 26, 2019

Mother Jungle is Burning
Mother Jungle is shamanistic and mystical
in the eyes of those who see,
The Heart of Nature’s intelligence is on fire.
Where from all things come and end.

Her Walking Trees can escape no more.
Her offerings of healing
her offers of medicine
Is burning with her.
Nowhere else to be found.

Her indigenous people running for their lives,
along with her wondrous species
Gaia is losing Her mystical wisdom.
Loggers, drug traffickers and soy beans farmers,
most likely set her ablaze along with Big Oil and Big Timber.

They want us to focus on the danger of burning
the Planets Green lungs,
again Mother Jungle hijacked in some
carbon dioxide agenda.
Of course, it’s not your fault.

Did Mother Jungle decide this in Her infinite wisdom?
Seeing no end to the exploitation of the feminine spirit
That is so well embedded in her.
Did She signal ‘Burn’ through the neural network of her roots?
Or was is The Tundra?

Tundra and Mother Jungle
Spiritually it is not a coincidence
Spirit-ualy it is connected,
inside a mystical realm from where all comes
and it makes my Heart pulse in awe

Gaia and Mother Jungle will always be.
Rise again when She has
destroyed the abuse
Her abusers must be educated
as She destroys Herself.
In a purifying Sea of Pain and Loss.

That is the way
of the Eternal Tao.
Benevolent she offered her gifts
Her Kindness mistaken for weakness
Her Generosity taken for foolishness

She is showing us, the kind people of this Planet
The Yin and the Yang
She is taking Her power back
And is no longer to be taken for a pawn to be played
in the hands of mass destruction.

She did not call for Sister Rain
She did not call for Brother Wind.
She did not use her powers to trick The Fire Demon.
Maybe She is leaving Us now, knowing in Her infinite wisdom
she will Prevail and so will We.

They will not.
Let’s once again meet in the Heart of Mother Jungle,
in a thousand Years
Wherever We are
As for this moment in Time – our Hearts solemnly weeps.

The purge has begun.
This is a Metaphysical Event

© 2019 Soren Dreier

Siberia is Burning

Update August 27:

Africa is Burning

As mentioned: Absolutely Not a coincidence Metaphysically.
Mother Jungle is Self destroying …..

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