Myco-Meditations: Experience a Legal Psilocybin Assisted Retreat

April 15, 2021

Working with some of the people behind this, I have come to know them as the genuine thing out there.
They really want to help and heal people and you can trust every aspect of it.
This is mostly about using the medicine in a highly professional, emphatic and healing environment.
Soren Dreier

Myco-Meditations: Experience a Legal Psilocybin Assisted Retreat

Some outages from the Philosophy behind Myco-Meditations:
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Why choose MycoMeditations?

Guests will join us for preparation and integration circles, both before and after your psilocybin mushroom sessions. You will not be asked to perform any shamanic or ‘new age’ practices. We are pleased to share practices and techniques that assist to integrate the experience however participation is up to you.

Our Psilocybin Sessions

We do not refer to our sessions as “ceremonies.” While psilocybin has a long and respectable use in shamanic practices, we choose not to operate in this manner. You may find your retreat sessions accented with candles, soft background music, or perhaps the smell of burning sage and incense. You will not find MycoMeditations team members rattling, drumming or blowing smoke above your head.

A psilocybin experience can get difficult. Some of our deepest fears and anxieties may arise during a session with psilocybin mushrooms – and this is often where the healing begins. We do not subscribe to the notion of “bad trips”. There are, occasionally, challenging experiences, but more often than not, they prove to be the most rewarding of sessions, as well as provide the most relief.

Dosing and Preparation Method

Finding the right dosage of psilocybin can be challenging. Within a collection or harvest of mushrooms, the potency can vary as much as 50%. To offset this variable, we dry, grind, blend, and encapsulate our psilocybin mushrooms into 0.5-gram increments – to deliver a consistent potency and measurable dosage.

Our MycoMeditations team will work with you to help understand your limits and desires when it comes to your correct dosage. We always start with conservative doses (2-3) grams and move up through the week. Interactions with SSRIs, baseline anxiety and guardedness, possibly body size, and many other factors can play a role in how intense your experience is. We are here to help you find your personal ‘sweet spot’ with the mushroom.

For a seven-night retreat, guests receive three doses of psilocybin mushrooms. We ask that participants respect our dosage recommendations. Doses are established based on personality type, experiences, and one-on-one consultations with Eric or another MycoMeditations team member.

MycoMeditations reserves the right to deny psilocybin onsite to anyone who has exhibited dangerous behavior or seems too unstable for psilocybin. To help us accurately anticipate individual needs, please be thorough on your application regarding mental illness, medications, etc.

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