Mysterious Giant Hangar Spotted at Area 51 Three Months Ago has Disappeared

July 22, 2020

•Pilot Gabriel Zeifman flew his Cessna 150 over Nevada Test and Training Range for the third time in three months. He received permission to pass over because airspace was ‘cold’ with no flights

•He took photos showing Area 51 and secretive Tonopah Test Range Airport in stunning detail

•At Area 51, a mysterious massive hangar that was under construction in April is now gone

A pilot has again shared photos of Area 51 and other top secret installations on the Nevada Test and Training Range after receiving permission to fly through highly restricted airspace — and a large new hangar spotted during his April flyby now appears to be gone.

Gabriel Zeifman took the images earlier this month while flying in his Cessna 150 right along the border of ‘The Box’, a term for the no-go zone surrounding Area 51 within the larger restricted airspace of Nellis Air Force Range in Nevada.

Zeifman received permission from air traffic controllers to pass through Nellis Range airspace because it was ‘cold’, meaning no military flights were taking place.

This is the third time since April that Zeifman, a trained air traffic controller, has released images of Groom Lake, the highly classified Air Force facility more commonly known as Area 51.

Video released by Zeifman shows Nellis ATC warning him not to enter The Box but allowing him to fly directly alongside the truly restricted border.

Even from outside of Area 51 airspace, Zeifman was able to catch a glimpse of the secretive Air Force facility, which has long been the focus of unconfirmed rumors about testing on extraterrestrial technology.

Zeifman’s new images, shot in late May and early July, show that a massive new hangar that was under construction in April now appears to have been taken down.

It’s possible that the structure was only a temporary frame covered with canvas, intended for short-term use.

The new photos also show what appears to be ongoing construction work moving earth at the southwest corner of the facility.

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