Mysterious Lights Spotted Flashing in Houston Sky Leave People Startled

June 26, 2020

A string of strange lights were seen floating around each other in the sky over Houston on Wednesday night

The woman who filmed the video said she was ‘startled’ by their speed

Kristan Mire said the lights disappeared in front of her

She has dismissed theories of drones, fire lanterns, airplanes or military missiles

A representative from the Houston police department was not available to comment on any reports regarding the lights

Mysterious lights were filmed in the sky above Houston on Wednesday night, flashing repeatedly in a strange formation before disappearing.

The video was posted by Kristan Mire who said she was ‘startled’ when she first spotted the lights and uploaded it to Facebook looking for an explanation.

In Mire’s video, the lights are seen flickering in the sky, spaced out in a triangle formation. As Mire watched, she said the lights disappeared.

Can anyone explain to me what this is?’ she wrote. ‘I walked outside my backyard and seen these lights. They literally just disappeared in front of my eyes!’

The Houston police department was contacted about reports of the lights but a representative was not available.

Some explanations offered for the mysterious lights included drones, fire lanterns, airplanes or military missiles.

Mire said that she lives near a local airport but dismissed all the theories saying that the lights did not move like drones or fire lanterns.

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