NASA Probes Purported UFO Flyover in Spain’s Alicante

September 16, 2019

The intriguing video, which shows a fast-moving unidentified flying object in the skies over the Spanish city of Alicant, has reportedly attracted the serious attention of the primary state-run American space agency.

The footage was made during an electrical storm which engulfed Alicante over this weekend by local computer scientist Alejandro Molla, The Daily Star said.

Molla reportedly had a sleepless night on Saturday caused by the foul weather and recorded the spectacular lightning show in the night sky. After making some video files he realized that he had captured something really spectacular and weird rapidly moving behind the clouds.

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We had biblical bad weather:
Worst storm in over a century hits Spain, major floods and tornadoes reported

It’s interesting that these UFO sightings often appear when the weather goes extreme.
A huge number were spotted over The Bahamas along with ‘Dorian’

On another note:
‘Weather, is not the Climate, Weather is a snapshot of the Climate’
– The Weather Machine, Documentary.


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