New Moon January 24, 2020 – Crazy Mood Swings

January 22, 2020

New Moon Problems

New Moon square Uranus brings uncertainty, anxiety and unexpected change. A buildup of nervous tension can result in unpredictable behavior, abruptness and sudden mood swings. A strong need to assert your independence can lead to impulsiveness, rebellion, arguements and tantrums.

The best way to handle this new moon is with open-mindedness and flexibility. Be proactive about positive change. Work out why you are feeling restless or what is causing the feeling of impending drama and chaos.

Changes in your personal appearance or attitude could lead to a brave new path that opens your life to many more possibilities and opportunities. This is also a good new moon to break bad habits or addictions. Doing so would satisfy your strong urge to break free of restriction and assert your independence.

Venus square Mars can cause relationship difficulties because of sexual or competitive tension. Anger, a lack of self-control and impulsiveness could easily exacerbate the unpredictable and shocking nature of Uranus. So if you are already an impatient or aggressive person, try not to lose your temper. If dating, take care not to lower your standards or put yourself at risk because of your impatient lust.

New Moon Solutions

Mercury sextile Mars gives the quick thinking and reflexes needed to react to unexpected change. It can make you driven to succeed at something with a strong sense of purpose and initiative. You can achieve a lot of work in a short amount of time, with the courage and fighting spirit to take on just about anything.

Venus sextile Jupiter brings lucky breaks and helps calm things down. Like Mercury sextile Mars, it also brings charisma and charm to relieve relationship tensions. Most of all, this harmonious aspect fosters warmth, love, and understanding. It brings the prospect of new love and partnerships that will be genuine and mutually beneficial.

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