New Moon November 15, 2020

November 12, 2020

New Moon Aspects

New Moon sextile Jupiter brings confidence, optimism, and success. The very tight orb of 0°02′ amplifies the growth and abundance of Jupiter. This makes it easier to reach your goals and also easier to deal with any hardship or obstacles in your life.

Goodwill, generosity, and lucky breaks make this is an excellent new moon to set new goals and start new projects. Opportunities for material and spiritual growth can also come through business, finance, travel, education, and the law. Increasing wealth, prosperity, and happiness are likely.

New Moon sextile Pluto gives an almost compulsive desire to achieve your goals and improve your life. It makes you focused and driven to succeed with single-minded determination and intense motivation.

Increased personal power and a deeper understanding of your inner motivations make this a good time to transform and regenerate. You can eliminate clutter and dead wood from your life. Leaving behind broken relationships and bad habits will give you a renewed sense of purpose and perspective on life.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto is exact just before the new moon on November 12, for the third and last time this cycle. This means its full potential can be harnessed during this moon phase.

When harshly aspect, this conjunction can cause greed, selfishness, and ruthlessness. But as previously mentioned, the harmonious aspect to new moon November 2020 is more likely to manifest as good fortune and success.

A mix of intense effort and good luck gives you the power and influence to make a big difference in your life. Business success, wealth, travel, a promotion at work, or a better career are possible. This could be a time of large-scale achievement and success that makes you happy and content well into the future.

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