New South Wales Is On Fire

December 6, 2019

NSW Rural Fire Service confirms bushfires have combined to create 60km ‘mega fire’ north of Sydney

A 60-kilometre fire front is ravaging areas north of Sydney, as more than 100 blazes take hold amid deteriorating weather conditions.

NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) deputy commissioner Rob Rogers said there were “probably more than eight fires” in the area north of Sydney that have combined.

“They are all in a 60-kilometre stretch that runs from the Colo area in the Hawkesbury, north of Sydney, all the way up to near Singleton,” he said.

“There is just fire that whole way.”

A thick blanket of smoke descended on Sydney again on Friday afternoon, with the RFS warning it would last into the night and people should limit their exposure.

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Multiple fires merge together to create fire the size of Sydney

More than 100 fires are burning across NSW, with multiple blazes burning at emergency level. A number of fires have joined together to create what is being called a “megafire”.
Almost 700 homes have been destroyed across NSW and there are fears more houses could be at risk.
Conditions are expected to worsen throughout the afternoon.

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Bushfire fears up and down east coast as heatwaves spread

Multiple fires are still burning at emergency level across NSW, as firefighters attempt to stop the blazes destroying homes.
Across the state 110 bush and grass fires are burning, with 63 not under control. Temperatures in Sydney CBD have surpassed 33C with Richmond, close to the fires, nearing 36C.

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