No, Apple, We Don’t Need 72 Different Emojis to Represent Gay, Straight & Lesbian Couples in 5 Races

July 19, 2019

Silicon Valley engineers and designers know that within an ideographic system something doesn’t need to resemble something else exactly to be understood by the recipient. They know that the presence of only a white (or yellow) man in a mechanical wheelchair was never intended as an insult to a tan-skinned woman in an automatic one, that the color was always irrelevant.

But to feed the addiction from fawning media headlines, to virtue-signal, to satisfy every complaint, rather than refining a system that had a clear practical purpose, they are moving it towards the point where it logically will no longer work other than as a monument to political sensibilities.

Emojis might be a “who cares?” or a “it’s not about you” issue. But somewhat aptly, this case also serves as a symbolic representation of the liberal West’s endless desire to fetishize and pander to minorities and separate identities, instead of improving conditions for the majority, or indeed, for us all.

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