No More People Pleasing

May 30, 2020

‘All of that “You have to please people no matter what” really slowed down my spiritual journey’

This blog will probably ruffle a few feathers but bear with me. You’ll eventually get what I’m sharing regardless if you choose to agree with me or you don’t. Your own experience will guide you with what’s appropriate for you.

As I continue on my spiritual journey, I notice the things I used to care about I couldn’t care less about anymore.

As I look up the definition of caring on the cell phone’s dictionary app, one of the versions states, “a strong positive emotion of regard and affection,…”.

It’s finally sinking in I’ve been programmed and conditioned to care about things that really have nothing to do with my True Self at all. My True Self is the unconditional essence of my soul consciousness expressed through feelings of my heart. Throughout the years, living this 3D existence, “caring” has become fuzzy.

“Who” programmed and conditioned me? Parents, family members, school teachers, friends, collective society and the granddaddy of them all my ego/thinking mind. It’s the “strong positive emotion” part of the cell phone’s definition that’s been tinkered with through our minds, thus replacing the feelings from the heart.

I was taught, from an early age through teachings and examples, in order to care for others, you have to put them before you. Put them first no matter what. Myself, as well as others, have slowly noticed that’s all nonsense.

The concept being you’re supposed to be willing to suffer and sacrifice your own boundaries for the “good of others”. But what many don’t comprehend is we’re actually making ourselves weak by doing so. Consolidating energy is not considered noble by most. It’s looked upon as being selfish and greedy. Then those viewpoints, if you have a decent soul, trigger guilt and shame within us, preventing us from taking care of our own needs.

There lies the rub!

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