Norway: Head of Oslo Sewer Agency Wants You to Pee in the Shower to Save Water

October 18, 2019

Frode Hult, who works in the Water- and Sewer Agency in Oslo have been mocked in Norwegian social media after he said that people in Oslo should pee in the shower so to save water.

Every day we use on average 182 liters of water in Norway. That is almost the double of what people in Denmark use. Frode Hult says to Norwegian State Television NRK that there are good ways for people in Norway to save water:

“Do not run the water when you brush your teeth, Only wash with filled Washing machines, Only buy washing machines that don’t use so much water, use a pot when you ate watering plants in your gareden. And pee in the shower in the morning”.

“Pee in the shower? You do know that many people will choke when they hear you say that?”, the reporter from NRK says.

-“Yes, but it is great idea. We can also brush our teeth in the shower. It is very good for the environment”, Hult says.

Readers of the Norwegian alternative media site are not keen on the idea: “The Oslo communists are no longer just gross on the abstract level”, says one commentator. “Why not also poop in the shower”, another one says ironically. “Norway is ruled by idiots without common sense and knowledge”, another one says.

The environment and climate extremists seem to know no boundaries in their suggestions on how to save the environment. Many people think this is approaching the lunacy of a fanatical religious sect.


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