Oh Lordy, The Troubles with God

February 15, 2019

Seen from a spiritual perspective, the Entity called God doesn’t make any sense.
The Biblical God, who will ‘rain Hellfire upon thee’ if you stray, and who will love you when you do ‘not your will – but His’. A God that loves you, but monitors your every move, because he does not trust you? His own creation…

The ‘God loves you God’ , but make a petty mistake and He will come down hard, and ship you into eternal damnation.The God that was invented into Big Religion, so you can worship Him and His caretakers. The Ego God. The God of Ego´s.

That God, whether it be Western, Orient or Arabian, is responsible for a multitude of insane crimes, the division and worthiness of The Man and The Woman, leaving women as lesser beings at the deadly pursuit of those who do not subscribe to His Omnipotence and His rule of His children.

Why is he there? Still…Because he is still needed.
God is still a concept by which people measure their pain and a tool to rule. Clever, clever….

He got invented because they needed a weaponized sky entity; that was the sinister purpose of his creators. Whether it be the Archons, or the Faros, Royal Houses, they are all mirrors of that God, and the Mundane installments in His earthly absence. They can be seen – Not Him. So bow to them in his apparent absence….

God is a fear factory, fear him alive and especially after you draw out your last breath.

A perfect fear based system of mundane and spiritual control with very clear boundaries.

Those who know that, are certain of that, and thrive on that, are committing the crimes against humanity. A perfect fabric for them, spun out of pure evil and executions in the Town Square and still, as his self-prennounced substitutes have people praying in the buildings the powers that be built in his honor.

Doesn’t it seem like something is terribly wrong in this picture?

If not, look at it from a historic perspective, the slaughtering, the wars, the tool for managing societies and killing every little voice of freedom, whether it be mundane or celestial. The same ruling classes do what fits them, because they know he is not real. He’s a tool in their toolbox of oppression. Not to be taken into personal account.

Fear and control are the hallmark of this God.

Morph it into today and maybe not doubt anymore that there really isn’t any religious or secular division. That is the lie, the Matrix we need to penetrate, since this particular God is mirrored into our societies on every level, whether it be Western, Oriental or Arabian. Ruled by fear in the Mundane. Ruled by punishment. Ruled by Sociopaths.

And on top of it all, you have to deal with the God they promote, so fight them and you fight God… Himself.

Taken a bit further, ‘God like’ entities; Big Tech has morphed into his eyes and ears and in China they replaced him with the Communist Party of China, inserting themselves as God(s) to be feared. North Korea. Washington. Rome, Riyadh and whatnot.

The God of Fear serves them well, and is mirrored into family patterns, the way people bring up their children and treat each other in his name. Following this God, will not give you a mind and heart of your own. It is spiritually a dead-end street, since your driver’s license for creating a free thought or administering yourself in alignment of your innermost spiritual core is not granted.

They will teach you to walk, because they need you at Fear Factory to harvest your energy, but you will never be shown how to fly; in a cage with no knowledge of the limitations surrounding you since the sky is not open to you – but for them ‘the chosen ones’ it is. Nothing else but a self-serving religion was constructed here, embedded with some breadcrumbs of Celestial insight and some Miracle programming up to a certain extent.

The Mainframe of deception is mirrored into and onto every corner of society still:

Why would this God create you, tell you that he loves you, while monitoring your every desire and feel and thought? If you stay in the Cell, you are saved, if your eyes stray and catch a glimpse of a spiritual reality through the bars that you may not even see are there, he will strike you!

Call that love? And worthy of Worship – Well, knock yourself out.

The Hybrid

…and some did see through the bars. They broke the confinement, they manufactured something called New Age.
The something called New Age is the ‘Bible God Light’. But still is the Bible God, but with a bit more elbow space.

Using the same mechanics of control.

Obviously, the Cults, The ‘Us and Thems’, Tribal Consciousness, Hive Minds, obviously the Do’s and Don’ts of whatever Master, Guru or whatnot, still having your freedom hung out to dry by telling you what to fear outside the now almost invisible bars of Servitude. Do not step outside the allowed perimeter you are allowed to encounter, something or somebody will eat your soul, while they themselves feast on it!

Every spiritual direction that is in it for the control of your soul – will tell and command you what to fear. If not ‘this’ – then ‘that’ then..It will often take one obvious fear away from where you come from: The Fear programming of the Biblical God, and introduce a more ‘spiritual’ one.

One man’s ceiling is still another man’s floor and they spilled the liquid of fear into a myriad of New Age directions and it trickled down the ceiling and hit you like drops. One drop of fear at a time.

As long as there’s fear – there is control involved, when there is control involved, there is absence of freedom. (That is really all we need to remind ourselves of if one should need to do a service check on one’s system of belief.)

Self-questioning, Self-examining spiritual core beliefs – is a rare commodity due to the same fear-based programming that so stealthily overtook the spiritual life of any pilgrim on this planet and trickled down the spine of every sovereign soul, until it created a sea of more or less silent fear, hidden fear that is not obvious to the soul that embeds it. Until somebody pin points it and even there: People will defend their fears to avoid waking up.

That is what is so tricky about that merging the Biblical God into New Age.

Not too obvious by a far more elusive appearance.

The Essence

…and we did, see through the bars, with much less to say, but rather paint a picture to be contemplated, hence Cryptic Mystic, since that God Force is Wordless.

Diving into the Quantum Sea of Everythingness, Wordlessness, Belongingness and the Loving merging with and embrace of a God Force, that does not have a specific Agenda anymore.
Next dive comes when we realize we are that force – no inside, no outside other than what you perceive it to be. That is the freedom in it. Of it.

The final detachment to the framework of this planet and its relationship with ‘God’ extends beyond itSelf.

Knowing there is no outside anymore. Not knowing fear of the Mundane and Celestial anymore.

They took what they thought and felt as a dive and realized: Guided by the realms of my soul, and in spite of all its flaws and shortcomings, I am flying and no God shoots me out of the sky and nobody falls to the ground.

So far, the altitudes are not that crowded, and understandably so, since it is reached only out of many spiritual deaths, resurrections, detachments, while walking the mundane. Weary body, weary soul, until we merge into the field of that God Force, and we know beyond any reasonable doubt:

‘Be’ – ‘Home’ – ‘Free’ – ‘Live’

©2019 Soren Dreier

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