‘Oh, My Ganesh!’

February 3, 2019

Man Wants to Sue Parents for Giving Birth to Him Without His Consent.

A 27-year-old man from New Delhi, India, wants to take his parents to court for bringing him into this world without first asking for his consent.

Raphael Samuel is an anti-natalist, a person who believes that people should abstain from procreation because giving birth to sentient beings without asking for their consent is morally wrong. Samuel doesn’t have anything against children or life itself, he simply believes that a life form which has not given its consent to live should not be brought into the world and thus to be subject to the hardships of life. Because he considers himself a victim of life without “forced life”, the young Indian plans to take his parents to court.

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One could not make this stuff up.

Being in India, maybe the parents could countersue this entitled snowflake for embryo hijacking, explaining to the court, that they prayed to all the Indian Gods for having a child that would make them proud (or whatever Indian parents dream of) and this little snowflake punched the child out that was intended to reincarnate as their child, and stole his place…tee-hee

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