The Sweet, Sweet Bliss Of Compliant Existence…

June 24, 2021

We live in a time where independent thinking and feeling – even freely contemplating in the “public room,” whatever that public room might be: a wooden box in a park, whatever digital, among friends, among co-workers, some among family – is branding you as an Anti-Social Virus Deadly Conspiracy Theorist to stay away from, while they keep up Social Distancing, Physical Distancing while they want you to wear a mask, so people can’t see who you are and you can’t see who they are, softly slipping into the slippery slopes of alienation.

Becoming more and more each day a threat to “The Easy Compliant Life” in the Matrix, where Government, Mass Media, and Big Tech controls your voice and your mind. They took it with the tools of fear, forcing populations behind bars in the smallest prison of the mind that this world has ever seen on a global level.

They want your: Curious mind, empathy for others, your perception of Natural Freedom, Elbow Space, and longing for the Truth of an Authentic Life, forced into their algorithm-based “Second Hand” existence.

That is where they managed to push people in, now having them, manipulating them into watching us with horror roaming free and convincing the already imprisoned that we are the reason for the prison bars, the reason they are there, and have them believing that the Prison Guard are the real freedom fighters and protectors.

That is what you are up against, should you feel Claustrophobia approaching.
The only way to break the spell of Claustrophobia approaching is insisting that you are not trapped, you are not a social outcast on any level, and you will not give in.

They do not know that:
This only makes us stronger – It doesn’t make us weaker.
We know that the Truth is never bathed in light; we know how to look for that Truth now, if we haven’t known before, with a flashlight and to light that Compliant Existence Son Of a Bitch up.

Take the Pushing, take the Alienation, take the loss of Acceptance, take the Enemy Picture they and their humanoids are trying to impose on you, well knowing that:
When we know that when we know – we know; what is going on and leaving that knowledge behind is not an option.

We fought too hard to get there and we haven’t come all this way to lose it again. Neither for ourselves and everybody on this planet.

Keep on, warrior – keep on.

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