Once We Had Blue Skies…

September 6, 2018

Remember those crystal clear crisp blue skies we played under once, when we were kids, staying out late, kicking cans in those late summer evenings. Only a breath back in time.
Hot Juice in Coke bottles and we kissed for the first time.
Those skies are gone now.
Sometimes I think Gaia is the saddest, loneliest, disposable, Planet in the known Universe.

Remember the green red Apples that we stole from some homeowner’s garden, chasing us down the street and sweaty from the escape the apple’s tasted so fine.
Remember the berries ripe for the picking.
Saturday mornings we would pick up our fishing gear and go for the rivers and seas.
Today we have to warn our kids against them.

Remember the playfulness, the adventures, the ‘dangerous’ things we did.
Today a sign of parenting gone wrong – under the electronic dome of surveillance with ‘Childhood experts’ endorsing that lack of movement and learning by doing.
All prisoners of confined movement willfully sacrificed on the alter of Control System Safety.

When they say: ‘For your own safety’ – they usually put you in the prison of invisible bars.
Freedom should be the most wanted commodity in a society gone wrong.
Freedom to roam, freedom to love, freedom to say what you like.

They pretend that it’s science: Kids with ADHD, Adult addicted to Coke, Painkillers, Crack, Depressions and the list is very long.
Could it be – all that abuse is a healthy reaction to the conditions they try to impose on us?
The answer is YES.
And the collective will never take that as a valid argument, since the Matrix is: that it is an individual problem.
And hereby – YOU are to blame for not coping, surrendering, giving in to the Fabric of The Matrix.

Do not buy into that shit.

Live and insist on doing so – while we paint the sky blue again….

© 2018 Soren Dreier

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