Opening The Celestial Gate – A Key

December 14, 2020

In The Yoga Sutra there is a very powerful exercise.
As mentioned, sutras have to be decoded and that is what makes them long lasting and valuable. You can only decode them when you have traveled enough to see them in the text.

This one however, is very upfront.

It corresponds to the longing we have for ‘Going Celestial’, like going into the field of Buddha, Unity, Universe, Oneness, The Field of the Christ and whatever you perceive as a state of Holy. We can often touch upon that, more or less consciously, by experiencing Bliss, Joy and so on without any apparent reason it just seems to hit us.

This hit can be external, facilitated by Celestial Beings, or it can be more internal as the soul breaking through and shining its bliss upon us. The only thing to understand is that our soul indeed is Celestial, so in both cases – it is a Celestial loop in its blueprint. The loop in our souls, between the Higher Celestial Power in the Sky, so to Speak, and our functional higher Ego.

The Yoga Sutra goes radical.
It suggests that you take whomever personalizes the Celestial Consciousness for you and that you mirror that person. Not so much in daily life but more on a meditative note. Daily life comes after – manifesting the Celestial into 3D.

In my study I have pictures of my Children and apart from that I have some very beautiful Greek icons I brought with me from my time in Greece. When my soul needs or longs for that Holy Vibe I just sit and gaze at them and I get transported into a higher frequency. I am not religious that way, but I do love the Field of The Christ.

Icons, if they are done right, are the Celestial coding of the Trinity of: The Holy Mother, The Child, and the Holy Spirit. They are filled with hidden symbolism, but that is not the topic of this post, so I will have to return to that eventually.

Several years ago, I tried what the Sutras suggested: BE – whom you have as an Icon for Holy. I went for Jesus.

Here is the technique: You find a picture, in my case Jesus, and you study it. I mean really study it into detail. When you have the details: Eyes, Eyebrows, Facial Expression etc. etc., you can move on to the portrait.

Then you lay yourself down, close your eyes and say inside: I am that person. I can be that person. I can be that field of consciousness. Then I found out what the sutra was really all about:

Flushing out the:
I am not worthy stuff we have inside.
Flushing out the inferior complex.
Flushing out the guilt.
Flushing out the sacrilegious of even going there.
Flushing out the: Who am I to even imagine that.

It took me weeks of agony, despair and all my dark corners lit up in bright daylight so to speak. Months. I had to throw up sometimes, I went through fevers. I cried a lot. Felt worthless enough for several lifetimes. Felt like an impostor. Felt like a lesser being. Agony. On The upside: I certainly didn’t have a Jesus complex – which was kind of nice to know.

Then suddenly it stopped.

The scene changed when I accepted, not so much the dark stuff and believe even microscopic stuff seemed like a mountain to conquer. It was when I accepted that Jesus had been in a similar state of mind – in his spiritual doubts and humbleness before God – whom he referred to as his Father. When I realized – Jesus had been like I – the road lit up.
One thing is that is easy to see that as an intellectual argument. We actually have to FEEL it  emotionally and metaphysically and that is one weary road to travel.
Spirituality isn’t an intellectual affair – it is a feel based in the Heart.

The meditations changed.

When I closed my eyes the inside of me lit up. It was like turning on a very sharp light and it made me unable to sleep to a point of Insomnia. I didn’t function well in the working hours of the day. This took place for some weeks – and suddenly it transcended into a state of deep, deep metaphysical, mystical love for Jesus/The Field of the Christ and then I realized:

That love was the Gate to the Garden: The field I perceived to be Holy, Silent, Unspoken of Mystical and transcendent.

I never saw Jesus at that time externally, I saw Him with my inner eye, probably because that wasn’t within the Soulful Alchemy of the Sutra, but I felt my soul stronger than ever and a promise of: We can all be That Holy = Celestial and tap into that vast field of beauty and Love and what have we.

We are that field. We have that Field within us already. We just need a key to open the gate to it.

That is what this little exercise does in all of its greatness.

Transcend – Purify – Glorious


The Monks at Athos in Greece who meditate on The Holy Mary are so focused that they get lighter voices, start to develop breasts and have a lighter walk. Yogananda describes Nuns that meditate so focused on Jesus that they get a deeper voice, start to grow beards and such.

(Which again proves that these metaphysics go cross culture – the Yoga Sutra being ‘East Church’ and the Monks and Nuns being ‘West Church’ which I perceive as a solid proof that religion isn’t that interesting – its the dynamics that we share – that are Holy, Celestial).

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