Significantly Overworked and Ready to Rumble – Revisited

February 12, 2018

She was planning on leaving.

That frostbitten morning in the Ukraine her heart was pounding as she parked her bike outside the Ukrainian power plant. Not from the ride downhill. She had the feeling that this day would somehow determine her future. She had applied for a six months leave of absence with no pay. She had saved and put aside what she could from her pay as an engineer, living on barely anything for quite some time. Her mind was made up. If they didn’t give her the leave, she would simply quit her job.

For a significant period of time she had felt her soul calling her. It wanted uncharted territories, it wanted more than: “Please find a nice boy, get married, buy a house in suburbia and be happy that you have all this.”

She felt tricked, she felt trapped.

Having absolutely nobody to talk to she felt even more as the doomed loner, with the forecast of a lobotomized life forever contradicting her freedom craving soul.

As she boarded the elevator that would shoot her up to the CEO floor she took the final decision:

“I really don’t need anybody’s permission. If they cant grant me that freedom, I will simply have to take it. I don’t care. I’m so done here”, she said to herself and a new strength gathered in her. Her mood shifted. She decided: “So be it.”

She opened the conference room door. The union, the CEO, and some organizations that she really didn’t know of were all present. She thought: “over my petty little request? It’s not like I have killed a co-worker or been involved in industrial spying.” But apparently it equals such a thread.

She stood strong during those 90 minutes of what mostly can be described as interrogation. During that she ‘clicked out’ and went into her inner world and pulled the strength to repeat to herself inside: “I don’t need their permission – I only need my own – that is what is really on the table here – nothing else.”

I strongly believe that saved her from giving in and giving up.

I know that her repeating that sutra/affirmation strengthened her spirit and altered the room and the perception of the powers that be.

She basically did what the Indian Rishis do.

She dropped an intention into the ‘Field of Infinite Possibilities’ and changed the metaphysics in the room. She impacted the collective consciousness and forced the lower frequency of Matrix tic toc into a higher position.

They had to give in.

The deal she made with her spirit in the elevator defined the moment. She was on a mission with absolutely nothing to lose since she wasn’t going to sell her soul to the company monster.

They actually even offered her a better position when she returned.

Yesterday the sun shone in the Ukraine.

So she invited her folks for coffee at the local market place. She told them her little secret and said with all the calmness she could manifest:

“I love you all but I can’t do this. By New Year I will be leaving. I will be back and I will write. I don’t know where I’m going, somewhere warm I think. I love you all.”

Prior to that she had again made up her mind. No matter what the response was, no matter what threat level there might be – she would stand her ground.

Her way of dealing with the metaphysics again had the same impact:

If we have no doubt:
The Universe, The Void, The Field of Everything’s Potential – it will work our way. The power of the repeating Mantra… Mantra defined as intention: “I will have my freedom” without any disturbances from our fear – The Unified Field of the Void will curve our way.

The mechanics of the Universe will bend our way and lay out the directional blueprint that will impact and ripple beyond time and space.

She simply altered her Dharma.

One could say it was already in her karma to do so.
Maybe, but I don’t feel that, and don’t take that on as a ‘default’ explanation to the tune of the Karma blues holding people in prison on this planet. Blind faith in Karma is basically stigmatizing and it’s getting much more attention than it really deserves.

Karma is cause and effect, and blind robotic faith in that could be your prison guard. We could look to India’s Caste System to see that in effect. Dharma, as one’s purpose in life, is a much lighter frequency and not that difficult to alter, since we in one life: have many Dharma’s as in purpose shifting. Dharma is multifaceted and hardly a karma like prison cell.

The power of the freedom craving sutra / intention from the deep deep debt of your soul is the ultimate way to freedom. Nobody, nothing can alter that calling but us. It will transcend everything if we dare listen to it.

It’s spiritual mechanics. Knowingly or unknowingly we can use them to our benefit.

There’s  a giggle to her voice now.

Come New Years Eve and she will hit the airport and toss a coin.

Free, feeling good and ready to rumble.

© (2013) 2018 Soren Dreier

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