Pandora’s Box – The Breaking of Sacred & Divine Boundaries

January 12, 2021

On a superficial level the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box is straightforward. Pandora, ignoring the warnings and driven (overpowered) by curiosity, opens the box and horrors are released upon the world. It’s all down to human failing. This two dimensional reading presents us with a now familiar portrayal of flawed Human Beings who just can’t ever get it right – it gives us a disempowering mindset – “oh well there we go again, nothing much that we can do about it”.

In many ways it has become a cop-out and an excuse for just doing whatever we want, no matter what the consequences are – particularly for others.

Within the mythos of Pandora’s Box, the Box itself has become a meme in its own right – symbolising everything that can go wrong – both expected and unexpected, intended and unintended. Pandora herself has become, in modern times a flawed “every person” who inadvertently creates chaos and suffering. 

There is however so much more to be divined from this powerful mythos. Both Pandora and the Box are enduring  archetypes that are written into our psyches. Archetypes are highly nuanced, non-binary, pluralistic, psycho-cognitive and spiritual entities that exist within their own right.

They provide the landscape, landmarks and terrain of the Human Psyche. In a way archetypes are the living operating system of our psyches – with both psyche and archetype defying the mind’s attempts to reduce them to abstract description, definition and categorisation. 

The way in which Chiron represents the archetype of the Wounded Healer is mirrored by Pandora, who can be seen as the archetypal representation of the Broken Sacred and Divine Boundary itself. This neglected aspect of the Pandora mythos is spelled out clearly – it is the opening of the box that is the pivotal moment. The box represents those boundaries that keep things whole and healthy and abundant. The box represents the boundaries that keep those things apart, that should be kept separate from each other.

The Pandora and the Chiron archetypes form a powerful unity. Pandora divines the breaking of the boundary, while Chiron divines the wounded-ness that follows the breaking of the boundary. Pandora opening the box is the wounding. The opened box is the gash, the wound. What would have happened if Pandora had done her due diligence and found ways of ascertaining the contents of the box prior to lifting the lid? What would have happened if she had taken advice, explored the possible consequences in new and innovative ways? Maybe she could have decided

to set the entire enterprise aside until safeguards were in place. All of this of course implies a commitment to wholeness and maintaining wholeness. This commitment to wholeness is created by simple, freely given, unqualified, unambiguous  respect.

The manner in which the box is opened is also a critical factor. This speaks to the manner in which we navigate and traverse boundaries in our own lives, and the lives of others – the boundaries that exist within and around us in all realms of existence. There is much to be explored here. Are there boundaries that should never be broken? How do we recognise boundaries? How do we traverse boundaries? How do we live in a way that respects boundaries, but that does not require us to be frozen in fear of making a transgression?

Ultimately there has to be a willingness to recognise that these boundaries exist and that they must be respected. Traversing those boundaries must be done with respect and negotiation. We must be both conscious and cognisant of those boundaries and their sacred and divine nature. To be truly conscious is to be spiritually aware, and to be cognisant is to have that spirituality mirrored by the mind and its workings. This all leads to the realisation of a sovereignty based on those sacred, life affirming boundaries – our own and those of others. To be a sovereign being is by definition a function of having sacred and divine boundaries.

The Wound as broken sacred boundary

The breaking of any sacred and divine boundary carries within it the potential to be a wounding event. The wounding nature of broken boundaries is traumatic and the presence or absence of intent to do harm is largely irrelevant, as the outcome of either can cause equal damage in the recipient.

Trauma induces deep states of damage and suffering. Trauma also creates profound states of psychological dissociation in Human Beings. This psychological  fragmentation is the equivalent of the contents of Pandora’s Box being breached and divided into pieces. 

The psyche is a sovereign, sacred and divine entity and its desecration has serious and lasting consequences for us all. Human Beings have been traumatised on a collective level by planetary catastrophes in our past. The imprints and affects of many historical traumas such as war, genocide and famine run down our genetic, racial, cultural and family lines.

Planetary Trauma

The impact of an asteroid or meteorite with Earth is a planetary boundary breaking event, and this trauma can induce mass die-offs and extinction events on a global scale. The planet can heal herself, but over time-scales that dwarf our own life spans. Human beings that experience these events have little chance of healing the trauma during their short lives – instead the unresolved, un-healed trauma is passed on to subsequent generations.

Writers such as Emanuel Velikovsky and David Talbot have started the process of our collective healing from this global trauma by bringing it into our conscious awareness and understanding. We are a traumatised species, and as Velikovsky describes it we are in a collective state of post-traumatic amnesia and denial.

Organic Boundaries

Sacred and divine Boundaries are life giving and life sustaining. Organic life is a function of boundaries right down to the level of the cell membrane that keeps the contents of the cell separate from the outside. Without that cellular boundary there is no organic life. The cell membrane is a sacred and divine life giving and life nourishing boundary. The sacredness of the cell has been transgressed by chemical sprays, pesticides and vaccinations.

Boundaries and MK-Ultra

There is irrefutable evidence that the MK-Ultra “mind control” operations took place. High level sexual abuse of children was used as the ultimate tool for breaking the sacred and divine energetic sovereignty of the children stolen by these programmes. The psycho-cognitive consequences are well understood, with the subsequent dissociation or splitting of the victim’s mind into multiple compartments.

Each of these compartments or sub-personas is able to be programmed in a unique way, for specialised purposes. The induced amnesia is used to hide knowledge of each sub-persona from each other. The criminal acts of the programme’s creators lurk hidden behind a foggy, trauma induced amnesia

Mass Trauma

Much of what is taking place in the world at present is modelled on this cycle of broken boundaries – trauma – dissociation and compartmentalisation. Once this cycle is perceived and understood it is easy to see it being put to work within our so-called Human organisations and structures. In reality most of our social structures are in-human and anti-human, in that they are designed to control us through this degrading process of breaking down our sovereign life giving boundaries.

Faux Boundaries

In our present times on this planet, sovereignty has been reduced to something exclusive to the self appointed rulers – the “Sovereigns”. While those who are ruled have little sovereignty. In this world boundaries have been reduced to the legalistic enforcement of property and title. The rulers are literally entitled. They have taken title (ownership). And they have awarded themselves titles (king, queen etc).

Corporations have been legally emancipated in that they are now sovereign entities. Corporate boundaries are rigorously protected by the full force of government, law, the banks and the military. Corporations take their boundaries very seriously, but have little care for ours. The recognition of Sacred and Divine Boundaries completely contradicts the faux boundaries enforced by the rulers and the present system of global governance. Sadly, on this planet at the present time, the sacred and the divine has been replaced with the profane and the corrupt.

Science & Reductionism

Mind based reductionism in the form of brain based neuroscience has no place for the transcendent, leaving the psyche and the archetypes on the trash heap of what is termed “outmoded”  and irrelevant historical concepts. Today’s scientism and corporatism is devoid of soul or spirit. It does not see, recognise or value the sacred, the divine or the numinous. This extreme materialistic view enables its practitioners to reduce each and every thing to fundamentally inanimate matter. This lifeless clay can then be cut, burned, moulded and treated in any way imaginable. Consciousness itself, in all its wonderful mystery has been reduced to, and conflated with, the brain-mind which has itself been reduced to some ghostly electrochemical cellular process.

Nuclear weapons

The extraction of uranium and plutonium and their thoughtless dispersal across the surface of the entire planet is a clear example of the breaking of a planetary boundary. The divine and sacred surface of the planet herself has been broken open and plundered to enable the extraction and processing of uranium and plutonium for nuclear power generation and atomic bombs. The waste, by-products and fallout from these technologies have been carelessly dumped into the earth, the air and the waters of our world. These acts have unleashed forces that have being lying peacefully below our feet for eons. These acts show a total disregard, and lack of respect for the planet and life itself.

Our future

The mythos and the archetype of Pandora’s Box is clearly deserving of a much more nuanced and deep interpretation. Archetypes make themselves evident by their ability to transcend time, space and circumstance, and in so doing reify and reincarnate themselves in new ways that retain their power and relevance.

Our individual, family, collective, cultural, national and global Sacred and Divine Boundaries have been grievously assaulted and they continue to be assaulted in new, and more technologically innovative ways. Human inventiveness has been subverted and is now wielded as a weapon against ourselves. Some things just need to be put back in the box if we are to have any kind of organic Human existence in the future. 

We are Divine and Sacred Beings, as are the boundaries that make us what we are. At some point we will reclaim our boundaries, just as we will reclaim that which lies within our boundaries. We could easily begin to use the powerful and transformational archetypes of Pandora and Chiron to navigate a new healing path for ourselves.

© 2021 Murray Hill.

Murray Hill is an artist and writer who produces work around spiritual themes. He is an initiate of the Toltec mystery school as taught by Don Miguel Ruiz. He is also a Seer in the Celtic tradition. In 2004 he experienced a life changing moment in the ancient Mexican Toltec capital of Teotihuacan, which brought a lifetime of spontaneous spiritual breakouts into coherent form.

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