Parents Break The Law To Treat Kids With Cannabis – Watch The Change!

March 4, 2017

Cerebral palsy remains an incurable disorder, and the symptoms range from mild spastic movements to severe seizures and the inability to control limbs. While there’s no cure, scientists focus on treating the symptoms. Research on links of medical marijuana and cerebral palsy is still limited, but findings suggest that it offers a host of benefits (including pain control, reduction of spastic movements and seizures, and more). However, medical marijuana is legal in only 29 U.S. states (and DC), so its use and further research are restricted by government regulations.

One of the places where it’s still illegal is Texas. The Texas Compassionate Use Act was signed into law on June 1, 2015, by Governor Greg Abbott but it appears the state might not implement the medical marijuana program it passed. A major obstacle to establishing the program in Texas is that the state law requires doctors to write a prescription for the medical marijuana. Since marijuana is still federally illegal and a controlled substance, doctors can’t legally write a prescription for it.

This video by Kara Zartler was released to advocate for medical cannabis in Texas.

Link: Here

For crooked politicians and bureaucrats there’s no more hope.
For People there is plenty of Hope.
Do not Comply.

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