Paris Suburbs on Fire

April 23, 2020

Riots continued in the Paris suburb of Hauts-de-Seine overnight between 21 and 21 April, despite the local prefectures reporting reduced levels of violence compared to other nights.

As in previous nights, the protesters also launched fireworks at police forces deployed to quell the unrest. In addition to this, several cars were set on fire in the Nord department in communities of Lille, Roubaix, and Tourcoing.

Response to Alleged Police Brutality

This was the fourth consecutive night of riots in the Paris suburbs which started in the wake of an incident between a French police unit and a 30-year-old motorcyclist. The latter suffered a leg fracture after smashing into a police car door that was allegedly opened on purpose.

The authorities say that the police opened the door as they were about to stop the motorcyclist, who was moving at a high rate of speed, but witnesses and alleged videos of the incident suggested that the door was opened on purpose to force the rider to stop in an act of police brutality.

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