People Who Sleep Naked Are Happier & Healthier

June 11, 2016

Did you know that sleeping naked can lead to a happier relationship and better physical and mental health?

Yet it seems relatively few people are capitalizing on these fantastic benefits, with a 2012 survey reporting that a mere 8% of Americans sleep au naturel.

Here are eight reasons why the other 92% should ditch the pajamas:

1. Better Sleep Quality

Although you might prefer to snuggle up in a warm and cozy bed, a whole host of research has proven that being cooler leads to a more restful night’s sleep!

According to UniSA’s Centre for Sleep Research, the body needs to drop its core temperature in order for sleep to initiate normally, and failure to do so can lead to insomnia.

What’s more, researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that lowering skin temperature increases the depth of sleep and reduces the number of times you wake up during the night.

Sure, you could wear a ‘cooling cap’ like participants did in a study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, but it makes much more sense to ditch the flannel pajamas in order to enjoy a peaceful and lengthy slumber.

2. Glowing Skin and Glossy Hair

While we sleep, our bodies regulate two important anti-aging hormones: melatonin and growth hormone. Unfortunately, being too warm at night, or not getting adequate sleep, disrupts their release.

Growth hormone stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration, leading to clearer skin and better hair. But that’s not its only role in the body – growth hormone also strengthens and increases mineralization of bone, increases muscle mass and stimulates the immune system, among many other vital functions.

Melatonin is another powerful hormone which actually helps regulate other hormones. So if our melatonin levels aren’t regulated, it can lead to other hormonal imbalances which can wreak havoc, not only on our appearance, but on our overall sense of wellbeing.

Another role of melatonin is in regulating the body’s natural circadian rhythm – or internal 24-hour clock – which plays a critical role in when we fall asleep and when we wake up…reinforcing the theory that snoozing nude promotes better sleep!

3. Less Stress

High levels of stress for prolonged periods of time lead to a whole host of negative effects such as decreased immunity, lower cognitive function, imbalanced blood sugar levels and an increase in the risk of depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Like other hormones, the stress hormone – cortisol – is regulated as we sleep. The better the quality of our sleep, the greater the opportunity for the body to reset cortisol to optimal levels – reducing unnecessary stress and enabling us to cope better with the real-life stressors we face every day.

Studies have proven that sleep loss actually raises cortisol levels the next evening, meaning we get stuck in a cyclical pattern of poor sleep causing stress which causes more poor sleep!

This frustrating and unhealthy cycle can be mitigated simply by sleeping in the nude which, as we’ve seen, leads to a longer and higher quality sleep – ensuring those who go to bed in their birthday suit awaken calm and ready to face whatever challenges the day may bring.

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