Porky Wants Another Crimean War

November 27, 2018

Ukrainian coup-president Poroshenko, with his country mired in debts and his presidency hanging by a thread trailing miles behind his main rival, has decided on the “Wag the Dog” manoeuvre – look over there he cries as he mounts the most serious provocation yet by sailing military and other ships into Russian territorial waters with the inevitable Russian response.

Invoking martial law, he may even cancel the forthcoming presidential poll and will certainly fundamentally change the political landscape through draconian legislation, including closing down opposition using the actually fascist militias in Ukraine as his shock troops.

Predictably he has called upon his allies in NATO to come to the aid of his beleaguered regime, beggared by his own recklessness. Trump – facing imminent Armageddon in Washington as the Mueller Enquiry closes – may welcome the opportunity to wag his own Dog. Theresa May – possibly in the last days of her premiership otherwise – ditto. Macron, the streets of his capital on fire with 77% of his people favoring the arsonists rather than him, likewise.

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Election ploy? Poroshenko declares martial law in Ukraine after Kerch standoff.

Ukraine has declared martial law following a minor skirmish with Russian ships in the Kerch Strait. But why would Kiev take such a dramatic move now, five years after declaring itself at war with Russia?

Western headlines are once again sounding with warnings about “Russian aggression” after Russian ships opened fire on three Ukrainian military vessels attempting to cross the Kerch Strait on Sunday. Moscow says the vessels failed to notify of their intent to cross as required, and even denied having that intent on the night before. The Kerch Strait connects the Black Sea and the Azov Sea and separates Crimea from the Russian mainland.

The incident, which saw the Ukrainian ships detained and some sailors treated for injuries, was quickly framed as Russian aggression by many pundits and prompted vows of support for Ukraine from European Union officials. As always with mainstream Western coverage of Russia and Ukraine, it’s worth looking a bit more closely to decipher what parts of the story are being left out or sidelined.

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