The Gentle Power Of Kratom

September 6, 2018

I started suggesting  Kratom in cases where people could benefit from it.

It is always a problem to do so if the person who needs it lives in a country where it is illegal. Usually the penalty is a fine or in some cases they get registered if they try to import it.

One obvious argument for sanity is: Why do we accept that Government even has a say in what we feel we need in order to heal ourselves when we are 18 or 65? Why do they feel entitled to do so, and why is the anti-marijuana and Kratom so damn resilient?

Money and social engineering.

When politicians start micromanaging the population, they are in it to control, not to create a better society, since the people are not allowed to do so. It calls for no respect, and it calls for ‘disobedience’ and it should.

“When the laws of society become so absurd that they contradict what’s in your soul, you have no choice but to become an outlaw,” I wrote here a long time ago.

Here are three very different success stories on the impact of Kratom. Please bear in mind that if you suffer from any of these troubles you should do your own research and most of all: The intake and the effect of Kratom is very individual. It is very similar to weed – some would need more than others and some would need less. Also, bear in mind that I am not a Doctor – just a Healer.

1. Restless legs syndrome:

This man is 65. Has been suffering from restless legs syndrome for years, and it had started to inflate into his overall quality of life due to the lack of sleep. Awake every half hour, getting up to walk around and then back to bed for another half hour and so on. Night after night.

Marijuana had helped him, but he lives in a country where its forbidden and the penalty is doing some hard time. Since he got busted buying it he couldn’t go there anymore.

I advised him, in the first interaction, to try out Padma28 and Cayenne pepper capsules. Those two alone had a very good effect on this aliment combined with the healing. The effect lasted about a year and then it reappeared.

I suggested, the Cayenne Pepper capsules ( 2×3 a day together with a meal) and 2 Red Kratom capsules an hour before bedtime. It helped instantly and six months later his situation is that the restless leg problem is gone. He sleeps very well and has ‘gotten his day back’ as he says. He adjusted the intake to some evenings 3 and other evenings 4 capsules of Red Kratom. He still has to order the Kratom illegally abroad or he drives to Holland to get a badge that will last several months, but still has to get it across the border. A crime he is most happy to commit.

2.Post Operation and Hip Pains

This lady is 47. She got hooked on Big Pharma Opioids and found that she was constantly brain fogged and moody and she needed more and more of it. She got hooked. I suggested Green Kratom capsules and laid out a road map: The first week: 3 capsules 3 times a day. The second week: 4 capsules 2 times a day (morning and dinnertime).

She wrote me that she got quite sick from the Kratom and that came highly unexpected, since it would be the first person I have known to get sick from Kratom. I interviewed her and it showed that she just stopped with the Opioids and replaced them with Kratom and that: “Made her vomit with strong flu-like symptoms.” She was very miserable overall and very uncomfortable with the Kratom, she felt.

It wasn’t the Kratom: It was withdrawal from the pharmaceuticals.

She mapped out a gentle plan for getting off the Opioids, slowly taking them to Zero, while replacing it with Green Kratom capsules, which by the way usually are 0.5 grams per capsule. It took the lady 3 weeks until she could go with only 4 capsules of Green Kratom each day for keeping herself pain free, now only with the help of Kratom, which by the way made her beat her government sponsored addiction.
After eight months now she is pain free on that dose and in good spirits.

She ran out of Kratom a couple of times due to financial reasons and wrote me: “You know what – I do not have any withdrawal symptoms at all from the Kratom.” This corresponded with other people’s experiences. They do not get hooked for physical reasons. But, like most things, Kratom can be psychologically habit forming, and I would very much recommend that if you are on Kratom, whether it be White, Green or Red Kratom, that you give it a rest once in a while for a week or 10 days to see if you’re ‘hooked’ or if it’s even necessary anymore.

The trick to Kratom is that it works: Body, Mind, Spirit and any underlying emotional reason for an ailment could be healed also.

A side note: I used a very tiny ( 0.025 gr) amount of Red Kratom on a tormented rescued puppy. After two dosages in its meal, it stopped being nervous and over anxious. Healed.

3.Low Motivation, Entering Winter Depression:

I was visiting some friends up North. One wrote to me: When you´re here, could you look at Abby. She hasn’t had a full sleep for almost a year due to work stress, she’s removing herself from social activities, her creativity is down and she is not productive. She is getting more and anxious and nervous. We are very concerned.

Having known Abby (she´s 18) since she was a kid, nope, she was not in a good state. Her eyes bore pain, she couldn’t hold eye contact, and she couldn’t keep topic in a conversation. She was in deep, deep inner trouble, so emotionally and physically worn out.

It made me so happy that she asked me: “Couldn’t you do some magic here?” – since I do not interfere without permission. I suggested that she try out Red Kratom. Red Kratom is very good for mood swings, low key emotional states of mind, physical pain (in which she was not) and feeling creatively empty.

What I experienced over the weekend of my visit was nothing short of a miracle. She had 2 Capsules in the evening and for the first time in God knows how long she had 10 hours of sleep. This continued after I left for 3 weeks of 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Talk about catching up….

The following day, she was talkative, funny and capable of staying in a conversation and contributing to it, her eyes were happy and she said: Better go work. She could be creative again and felt the desire for it. Within 3 weeks, she had her life back on a much more solid ground than before. The Kratom had healed her emotional tiredness, lack of sleep and her winter ‘lack of light depression’.

I was so grateful for the healing power of Kratom.

Later she texted me: “Hey, I have stopped with the Kratom. I think they were supposed to help me a short bit. Now I can deal with these matters myself. I got my life back. Thank you, much.” It made me very happy… also because she knew how and when to stop. Ten months later to this day she´s still going good.

I often think about this bubble of Acquired Helplessness that the control system has created by the instrument of Mainstream Media and all its Scare of alternative remedies, and us actually taking responsibly for our own health – when will it finally collapse?

It will collapse the more we become our own authority as goes for our health. That is why we are not allowed to do so.

They come down hard with prison sentences or financial punishment if you choose to put something in your mouth that they cannot make money on or control. While we may want to master our own lives, our own health, our own destiny, the punishment for that is already set up, so a lot of us really do not go there on account of fear.

There are too many of us now, breaking the law in order to provide for our health and sanity. Goes for the healing powers of Weed, Kratom, Magical Mushrooms, the list is long, and it is a great joy to observe cutting edge science supporting that.

The System should be the ones in fear – and now they are.

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