Protesters in North Carolina, Missouri and Alabama Demand an End to Lockdown

April 22, 2020

Of course Main Stream Media is promoting the narrative that this is ultra right wing, trump supporters and conspiracy theorist. It’s: People.

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of North Carolina, Missouri, Alabama and Florida to demand governors bring an end to coronavirus lockdown rules and reopen the states for business.

Revolts against stay-at-home orders across several US states continued Tuesday, as thousands of Americans disregarded social distancing rules to protest against the shutdowns that have left millions out of work but health experts insist are critical to saving lives amid the deadly outbreak.

Protesters marched on downtown Raleigh in North Carolina throughout the day, gathering outside the General Assembly from 11am and filling Lane Street.

The ReOpenNC protest began just minutes after the state announced that another 34 people have been killed by coronavirus, marking the deadliest day North Carolina has so far seen during the pandemic.

This marked the second week of protests in North Carolina, with Tuesday’s event drawing a larger crowd of around 1,000 at its peak and political leaders joining in.

Protesters were seen flouting social distancing altogether Tuesday, with people packing much closer together than the six feet guidelines and ignoring health warnings to wear masks.

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