QuickLines April 30

April 30, 2021

‘Covid anxiety syndrome’ is a thing. We can’t escape one crisis of inflated health risk by dreaming up new ways to be ill

Keynote speaker Snowden crashes ‘elite’ business investment seminar, urges public NOT to give organizer money

New ‘dangerous chemical’ leak detected at nuclear waste site in Washington state

Florida Legislature Approves Transgender Athlete Sports Ban

Children As Young As 6 Months Taking Part In Covid Vaccine Trials

Joe Rogan is being attacked by Fauci & the White House for daring to have an honest discussion about Covid-19 vaccines

‘You’re not in the clear with vaccines’: US lawmaker says she’s Covid-positive after 2 doses of Pfizer

Biden Is Using the Pandemic as an Excuse for Permanent Expansions of Government Power

Somebody’s got to pay for Santa Joe’s insane $6TRILLION spending spree – and I fear it’s going to be the American people

One Bank Warns Soaring Food Prices Will Lead To Social Unrest

America Has A Problem With Poorly-Trained Police Officers, Not “Systemic Racism”

UK hit by frostiest April on record, farmers and growers reporting considerable damage

UK: Google faces $4 billion case over claims of secret iPhone tracking

Telegram introduces web apps that bypass Apple’s censorship

NATO Will Never Match Russia’s Military Strength, Ex-US Official Says

Dozens killed, 100+ injured in stampede at crowded bonfire festival in Israel

How vaccination became ‘hip’ in the ’50s, thanks to teens

Deciphering the Mysteries of Migratory Birds

Archaeologists Discover 110 Ancient Egyptian Tombs Along the Nile Delta

Eating 5-Day-Old Pasta or Rice Can Actually Be Deadly

A Fruit With More Caffeine Than Coffee 


Good Time Management Seems To Have A Bigger Impact On Wellbeing Than Work Performance

Two Major Studies Have Connected One Key Hormone to Breast Cancer

Bank of Spain warns of tough post-Covid economic legacy for youths

Hollywood’s political obsessions ruin more than Oscar ratings. They’re killing good stories that explore our universal experiences

Why frozen Greenland has emerged as a hotspot in the cold war between the US and China

America’s Hi-Tech War on China. The Strategic Semiconductors Supply Chain

Tucker Carlson mocks Joe Biden for wearing a face mask on Zoom and questions whether the vaccinated president, is scared of ‘digital COVID’

Report: FBI Misused Foreign Surveillance Powers To Investigate Domestic Crimes

6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020

CDC: Fully Vaccinated People Should Wear Masks in Certain Settings, Avoid Large Gatherings

The CDC Finally Admits That Vaccinated People Don’t Need Masks Outdoors

Bill Gates Rejects COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waivers

Magellan was first to sail around the world, right? Think again.

Why Italian Apple Farmers Are Coating Their Orchards in Ice

Mysterious heating of sun’s corona powered by solar ‘campfires,’ study suggests

Wildfires reach record high, Western Siberia

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits Assam in India


The Archive of Healing includes hundreds of thousands of folk healing traditions from six continents

Fauci flip-flops again! Says outdoor COVID transmission is ‘low’

Nearly Five Million in US Are Skipping Their Second Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines

UK To Give 12 Yr Olds Covid Vaccines From September

Moscow’s Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed


Australian mayor apologizes after council youth worker tells ‘white, male & Christian’ students they are ‘oppressors’

Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters take over central London

How scientists at Wuhan lab helped Chinese army in secret project to find animal viruses

Amazon and New Zealand’s Lord of the Rings deal lays bare the ‘idyllic’ nation’s role in global surveillance

Low-Skill Workers Aren’t a Problem to Be Fixed

Tiberius, Imperial Detective


“Shame On Us” – Emotional Georgia Mom Begs School Board: “Take These Masks Off My Child”

Vaccine Refusal

Americans Are Getting Quite Plump During Lockdown

New CDC guidance recommends pregnant people get the COVID-19 vaccine

Norway: Risk of Dying From AstraZeneca Higher Than of COVID

How Experimental Military Vaccines Killed Millions During 1918 Spanish Flu

Artefacts Found in Grave Near Stonehenge May Hint at Site’s True Nature

Blood-injecting beauty salon owner charged after clients allegedly catch HIV from ‘vampire facials’

The Mythos Of The Enigmatic Prester John

This Map Lets You Plug in Your Address to See How It’s Changed Over the Past 750 Million Years

See fireflies magically light up this national park

Soren Dreier  – Services


South Dakota Bans ‘Un-American’, ‘Freedom-Restricting’ Vaccine Passports

Parents Organize to Push Back Against Critical Race Theory

Texas Ended Lockdowns & Mask Mandates; Now Locked-Down States Are Where COVID Is Growing Most

Beijing vows to fight back after Australia cancels China’s Belt and Road project in state of Victoria

Orphaned polar bear cub that loved to cuddle workers at an Arctic gold mine is rescued after it was found pining alone

How Biden’s climate plan could limit you to eat just one burger a month, cost $3.5K a year per person in taxes, force you to spend $55K on an electric car and ‘crush’ American jobs

Mysterious Blue UFO Spotted from Hawaii Wasn’t a Missing Aircraft

The Black Death and Cosmic Chaos

Full Moon April 26, 2021 – Restrictive Change

Is everything you think you know about the Titanic wrong?

Sweeten Your Springtime With Japan’s Fruit Sandwiches

On Rainy Spring Days, Make Korean Pancakes


How Regulatory Uncertainty Helped Give Rise to a New Street Drug

‘Get the f*** out of New York’: Racist mob heckle diners at ‘white men-owned’ diner

India: Police beat and humiliate coronavirus rule-breakers

Vladimir Putin’s Annual Address to the Federal Assembly

Rumors Swirl About President Harris’ Mental State

Rumors Should Swirl About AOC’ Mental State

Herpes Infection Possibly Linked to COVID Vaccine, Study Says + More

Daily Mail Sues Google Over Downranked Search Results

Irish Farmer Stumbles Onto ‘Untouched’ Ancient Tomb

France: Unseasonal frost is ‘agricultural disaster of 21st century’ as ice after warm weather decimates grape harvests

Taming the Nettle: A Romanian Springtime Tradition


The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

The Last Aztec Princess

TikTok sued for billions over use of children’s data

The stunning photo contest winning images 

New Zealand Dictators throws support behind Five Eyes spy network 24 hours after raising concerns about increasing its remit


People trust algorithms more than other human beings, study finds. Who do they think programs those computers?

Playful group of young elephants pretend to charge at safari car after they spot it watching them

Microplastics found to alter shape of and de-cluster human lung cells

Swedes Will Become Minority in Their Own Country in Less Than Half a Century, Researcher Says

Biden administration bans use of term ‘illegal alien’

Outrage As Children Paraded On Stage At Late Night Drag Queen Show In LA

WHO Rejects Vaccine Passport For International Travelers

The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media. Now The CIA Is The Media

‘Do Not Travel’: Citing Covid-19, U.S. State Department updating advisory for 80% of the WORLD
If you want to travel: travel

Trump says he’s ‘beyond seriously’ looking at running in 2024 as he slams Biden on border saying ‘all he had to do was leave it alone’ and claims the FDA paused the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to help Pfizer

UK Church Leaders Warn PM Vaccine Passports Are ‘Most Dangerous Policy Proposal Ever Made’

Huawei had the ability to listen to phone calls of every Dutch citizen, including government officials

The radical impact of seeing Alzheimer’s as a second childhood

100,000-Year-Old Fossilized Footprints Track Neanderthals’ Trip to Spanish Coast

Video: NASA Releases Clip of ‘Light-Bending’ Tango Between Two Black Holes


Don’t blame Russia… WE are the ones pushing for a war

How To Start A War

Russia tells 20 Czech diplomats to leave by Monday night in response to Prague’s expulsions

Humans now trust algorithms more than each other

Federal Banking Regulations Force Legal Weed Entrepreneurs To Behave Like Criminals

Health officials in Oregon are considering keeping mask and social distance mandates indefinitely

Ted Cruz slams Maxine Waters for ‘encouraging riots and violence’ after she called on BLM protesters to get ‘more confrontational’

How to Recreate 1,300-Year-Old Cookies

Totally moving to Russia


The changing nature of friendships and the art of letting go

Woke weaning is sweeping liberal states as youngsters face identity politics, literary classics are banned and they can’t say Mum or Dad

Fauci, Pfizer CEO, Big Tech Oligarchs, Chelsea Clinton, Deepak Chopra & Other Globalists To Speak At Vatican ‘Health’ Conference’

British Government Shocking Report on Side Effects of Corona Vaccines: Strokes, Blindness, Miscarriages

Video: Armed Robbery In Driveway Doesn’t Go As Planned (San Leandro, CA)

Arm Yourself With Truth

Scott Moronson ‘in no hurry’ to open Australian borders as he pleads with Australians aged 50 to 70 to get vaccinated

Canadian Cops Refuse To Enforce Ontario’s New ‘Police State’ COVID-Lockdown Laws
(Take a good look at her picture: Predator Alert)

Mad Science Produces Chimpanzee – Human Hybrid Embryos

“Fentanyl Is Here:” Las Vegas Suffers 200% Surge In Overdose Deaths

Biden finally ‘admits’ to border crisis 

Monk in Tibet Lives Alone in This Isolated Temple
(Doesn’t mean he’s lonely)


A Journey Into New Delhi’s House of Djinns

New Zealand dictators wants to ban cigarette sales to anyone born after 2004 as part of plan to make nation ‘smoke free’ by 2025

Child Safety Groups Urge Zuckerberg to Drop Plans for Instagram for Kids

Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails

Russia to expel 10 American diplomats and considering ‘painful’ measures aimed at US businesses

Britain’s roadmap from coronavirus lockdown could (will) be derailed by the emergence of a new Indian Covid mutation

Florida Gov. DeSantis Says Lockdowns Were A “Huge Mistake”

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Expands Mask Mandate to 2-Year-Olds (Child abuse)

France tells its citizens to flee Pakistan

Microplastics Are Now Spiralling Around The Globe in The Air We Breathe

Astronomers detect new frequencies from mysterious fast radio bursts

Wanna move to Moscow? ‘Golden passport’ proposal means foreigners buying property or investing in Russia could soon earn residency

Americas Corn Belt Has Lost a Third of Its Topsoil

Why scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid in the world


Why are Christians who just want to worship being called Covid conspiracy theorists waging a holy war on lockdown?

The Sun Never Set on the British Empire’s Oppression

Beijing tells Japanese politicians to drink Fukushima’s wastewater to prove it’s safe before they dump it into the ocean

US imposes new sanctions against Russia, expels ten diplomats & targets national debt in move Moscow may view as major escalation

Tucker Carlson Responds To Fauci Labelling His Basic Questions “Crazy Conspiracy Theory

Tucker Carlson hits back at Chelsea Clinton for calling on Facebook to censor him

Private web browsers

Watch Biden Confuse Russian President’s Surname

Challenge or Opportunity? How China’s Digital Silk Road May Change Global Technology Order

China’s economy grows 18.3% in post-Covid comeback

Pfizer CEO says a third Covid vaccine dose will be needed as soon as six months after someone receives two shots – with annual vaccinations to follow

New Yorkers freak out as NYPD deploys Digidog, despite city’s project to ban ‘weaponized robots’

Cheese Is ‘Racist’ & Should Not Be Served in Schools, UK Gov’t Warned

Why Were These Ancient Adults Buried in Jars on the Island of Corsica?


And the Great War Against Russia propaganda is on

Putin’s Ukrainian Judo

The battle over the next global emergency, the environment, will make Covid-19 state authoritarianism look like a walk in the park

The Elites’ Plans Are Pure, Unalloyed Evil

How Bill Gates Helped Drug Companies Maintain Their Monopoly On Vaccines During COVID

Vaccine Passports Were Planned Even Before The Pandemic Began

One in Five Americans Refuse to Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Poll Finds

CNN director privately reveals how CNN thrives on amping up COVID narratives

Candace Owens Blasts BLM Founder: ‘If White People Are so Bad, Why Doesn’t She Want to Live Amongst Black People?’

What I Learned Biking the 10,000-Mile Migration Route of Monarch Butterflies

How to calm your inner storm

Hundreds of new and unusual insects discovered in the Amazon’s canopy

Man Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife $72,000 for Housework During Their 30-Year Marriage


The long, grim death toll from America’s 201 military conflicts since 1945 reveals the world’s real bad guy
(Dear Reader – Keep an eye on Ukraine)

Scottish grandmother, 82, who stayed indoors for a year is given £60 Covid fine after police broke-up illegal 70th birthday bash with seven friends

Is Dr. Fauci (Smirky) the ‘Father of the Pandemic?’

UK PM Boris Johnson Claims Lockdowns Not Vaccinations Reduced Covid Cases

Johnson & Johnson vaccine paused, also over blood clots

Pure, Unalloyed Evil

Could Australia take years to open its borders? Health minister says there is ‘no guarantee’ travel will be allowed even after the entire population is finally vaccinated

Ketamine normalizes hyperactivity in key brain region of depressed patients

Those toxic plastic water bottles

Hundreds report & film fireball made by meteor explosion over Florida

Twisted Twitter Censors Users Who Post About BLM Founder’s Lavish Million Dollar Home

The global fight against snake bites

The Secret Culture of Killer Whales

This real-life ‘Marijuana Conspiracy’ is stranger than fiction

Scientology continues its domination of Clearwater coast, Florida

How to Germinate Seeds for Your Garden Using an Instant Pot

New massive eruption at Soufriere St. Vincent, SO2 emissions spreading over two continents


Pentagon confirms video and pictures of UFOs buzzing over US warships off the coast of California in 2019 for several days are real

NASA Unveils Stunning Image of Blue Martian Dunes

Historic freeze wreaks havoc on the majority of this year’s fruit harvest in France

New evidence links harmful oral bacteria with early Alzheimer’s signs
(Use Clove Oil)

Chronic sinus inflammation linked to altered brain activity

Pentagon creates microchip that will detect Covid-19 under your skin

Norwegian AstraZeneca Study Finds Link Between Vaccine, Blood Clotting

Latest Vaccine Flip-flop Gives the Vaccine Game Away

The circus around Prince Philip’s death shows MSM are addicted to the Royal soap opera

Google Used a Secret Program Called ‘Project Bernanke’ to Benefit Clients Using Its Ad-Buying System

Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Princess

Suicide in Medieval England was not simply a crime or sin

New Mexico becomes America’s newest legal cannabis state

Why Ramadan is the most sacred month in Islamic culture

Historic, Category 3 Tropical Cyclone “Seroja” batters Western Australia, causing widespread damage

Massive power outage following another explosive event at La Soufriere volcano

How natural is numeracy?


St Vincent residents who have not had their Covid jabs are banned from being evacuated

Nearly 40% of Marines have rejected coronavirus vaccine as Dems call on Biden admin to make shots mandatory for troops

Back into quarantine? German govt plans new harsh Covid-19 restrictions in draft law

The Public Health industry’s mission creep has finally led it to medicalise racism – it was only ever a matter of time

Security Researchers Find Zoom Vulnerabilities That Would Have Let Bad Actors Take Over Your Computer

Biden Requests $715 Billion For Pentagon Budget

‘Pandemic against our people’: Australians rally against deaths of indigenous people in police custody

BLM leader ripped for ‘buying $1.4 million Los Angeles home’

Anti-Defamation League Demands Fox FIRES Tucker Carlson Immediately

Police Question Anti-War Blogger for Tweet Calling AOC ‘Underwhelming’

More Than 5,000 Tons Of Extraterrestrial Dust Rain Down On Earth Each Year, New Research Says

Top Threats to Preppers

St Vincent volcano: Ash rains down on Caribbean island

Video – A Bad Lip Reading of “Shallow”


New Moon April 11, 2021 – Fortune Favors the Brave

What Was The Vatican Searching For When They Built Secret Tunnel Under Jerusalem Church? 

Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After ‘Tell-All’ Book Holds Back

High living Hunter Biden blew tens of thousands on prostitutes, drugs

Pfizer and BioNTech have asked US regulators to make their COVID-19 vaccine available to adolescents ages 12 to 15

DMX Got a Heart Attack After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine? Rapper’s Family Clarifies

Bees and Airports

Powerful explosive eruption at La Soufriere volcano, ash to 12 km (40 000 feet) a.s.l., St. Vincent and the Grenadines

‘Lost golden city of Luxor’ discovered by archaeologists in Egypt


Top 9 Natural Allergy Relief Home Remedies

How to Make Homemade Dry Shampoo

“Accidental” Destruction of Aboriginal Stone Arrangement in Australia

Austrian Court Rules PCR Test Not Suitable For COVID-19 Diagnosis And That Lockdowns Has No Legal Basis

AstraZeneca vaccine to be avoided for under 50s in Australia

Latest Vaccine Flip-flop Gives the Vaccine Game Away

COVID-19 Scamdemic Lockdowns Greatest Wealth Transfer In Human History

Covid segregation? Venezuelan mayor in hot water after placing warning signs on homes of people who tested positive for virus

Hunter Biden’s laptop was his all along, claims Daily Mail’s forensic expert, verifying drugs, prostitution, pics

Survey finds 82% of dead eagles with rat poison in their systems

Northern Ireland – ‘The worst riots in years’

53% Of Canadians On Brink Of Insolvency

War On Cash: The Next Phase Begins

‘The Rise of Aten’: Egypt Unearths 3,000-Year-Old ‘Lost Golden City’ in Luxor

Healthy, Delicious Sugar Alternatives

Video: Evacuations Begin on Caribbean Island of St. Vincent Amid Imminent Volcano Eruption

Western Australia under rare weather threat of three strong tropical systems

Akin to Earth’s or Completely Alien? NASA Lifts Lid on Weird ‘Rainbow’ in Mars’ Perseverance Snap

Scientists Puzzled by Enigmatic Glow From Milky Way as Dark Matter Riddle Persists

The Great North American Solar Eclipse of 2024 is just three years away


Video – Piers Morgan joins ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ for first interview since ‘cancelation’

What are your core values?

Study shows correlation between solar variability and El Nino-La Nina events

WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

Bus Hijacked and Burned as Clashes With Police Continue on Sixth Day of Protests in Northern Ireland

Police Clash With Business Owners Protesting Lockdown Measures In Italy

Texas Gov. : Migrant children are being starved and sexually abused at overcrowded border facilities – pressure mounts on Kamala to visit

New Netflix doc ‘Coded Bias’ is so keen to show AI is racist that it ignores how tech tyranny is dehumanizing everyone

The ‘Covid’ billionaires: Forbes reveals the 40 people worth $77.9billion who have seen their fortunes soar, including 14 from China

Texas 2021 deep freeze left nearly 200 people dead, new analysis shows


Video: WhatsHerFace – Ready to take your life back?

Tucker Carlson: ‘Kids can’t drink beer but they can be chemically castrated?’ 

Increases in Coronavirus Cases Are Happening Mainly in States With Stricter COVID-19 Rules

Big Pharma Offers Veiled Threats as US Lawmakers Defend COVID-19 Vaccine Patent-Breaking Law

AstraZeneca Trial Involving Minors Halted As EMA Officials Admit Link Between Jab And Deadly Blood Clots

Glenn Greenwald: Lockdowns drive people to this level of desperation’

Dr. Smirky Can’t Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening

Ron Paul Says Americans Must ‘Wake Up’ & Reject Vaccine Passports

“The Great Reset” Is Here: Follow the Money. “Insane Lockdown” of the Global Economy, “The Green Agenda”

Tech Overlord wants governments to put voting in the hands of tech companies

NASA staff now asked to help care for migrant children amid surge at US-Mexico border

How India’s ‘Mango Man’ Grew a Tree With 300 Flavors

Volcano tourism is booming

What We Can Learn From the African Hadza Tribe

Listen to the First Song Ever Recorded on This Ancient, Harp-Like Instrument

Deadly downpour triggers severe flooding in Queensland, Australia

Spanish astrophysicists discover new region of Milky Way


The Schumann Resonance is a low-frequency hum created from lightnings and is influencing human behavior

The enduring allure of lost cities

Medical Journal Australia study finds paracetamol/tylenol ineffective for most pain conditions

Why toxic workplace cultures follow you home

4 Good Reasons to Kick the Credit Card Habit

‘Wokeism is the new fascism’

Not just the UK: ‘Hellish demi-lockdown where we have to be tested all the time, carry a vaccine passport everywhere and are under the constant threat of being locked down’

So much for getting out of jail… we are on parole and wearing electronic ankle tags

State of Fear: How UK Govt. ‘Used Covert Tactics’ to Unnecessarily Terrify Public

UK mulls emergency education plan as 200,000+ primary school students lack basic reading skills after Covid-19 lockdowns

Chinese Officials Trying to Dodge COVID-19 Vaccinations, Citing Health Reasons: Leaked Documents

China’s Secret Human Animal Hybrid Experiments

The Space Telescope That Could Find a Second Earth


Parade of the pharaohs: Egypt holds spectacular ceremony transporting 22 mummies to new resting place at museum

Video: Mysterious giant craters in Siberia: Sinkholes or underground explosions? RT’s special report explores the phenomenon

If we don’t resist the biosecurity state, we’ll be living with face masks – and fear – for years to come

Florida declares state of emergency over toxic wastewater leak

Netherlands halts use of AstraZeneca vaccine for people under 60

The Strange Sinovac Vaccine Phenomenon: Countries Report Increased Cases After Using Vaccine

Bill Gates’ Web Of Dark Money And Influence

AOC is branded ‘one of the least effective members of Congress’

Massive database of 533 Million Facebook users with phones leaked online

March temperature records tumble across Europe ahead of new widespread cold blast

Easter Traditions: Bunnies, Eggs, Whippings, and Crucifixion


The conspiracy theory that still won’t rest in peace: Think it’s only cranks who believe the Twin Towers attack was a U.S. government plot?

Medieval Europeans were fanatical about a strange fruit that could only be eaten rotten

We Have Many More Than Five Senses

‘We’re losing the freedom to disagree’

Shocking data reveals the true surge in migrants coming to the US under Biden

Florida Governor DeSantis bans ‘vaccine passports’ with executive order to prevent having ‘two classes of citizens’

Italy begins strict Easter Incarceration of Its Citizens

Overlord celebrities like J.Lo, Lady Gaga and Deepak Chopra are using Covid-19 to promote meaningless ‘health seal’ that could run you $12,000

UK Vaccine passports ‘will last less than a year’ – (Sure)

Discovery of 17th Century Arabian Coins in US

Thanks to a Genetic Mutation, These French Rabbits Prefer Handstands to Bunny Hops

The 13 Best Survival Water Filters on the Market

Crystals Found in Kalahari Desert Challenge Assumptions About Where in Africa Human Culture Arose


Sunlight Inactivates Coronavirus 8 Times Faster Than Predicted

and: Sweden Aborts Bill Gates-Funded Experiment Aiming to Blot Out the Sun

UK to unveil vaccine passport

Belgium must lift ‘all Covid-19 measures’ within 30 days, Brussels court rules

and then: Belgian mounted police trample revelers with their horses and use water cannons in violent clashes

Xenobots 2.0? Scientists create improved biological robots from frog cells capable of ‘swarm’ behavior

Infectious disease experts say coronavirus mutations will make vaccines useless within a year

Thousands of Australian companies to fail within three months

Apple knowingly sold defective Macs, says judge

Why Hawaiʻi Is Perfect for Rainbows

‘A forest on caffeine’? How coffee can help forests grow faster

AstraZeneca Changes Its COVID-19 Vaccine Name From CoviShield To Vaxzevria Due To Blood Clots Controversy

Bird is lead singer with his human performing AC/DC “Whole Lotta Rosie”

April Temperature Anomalies Spike In Central US As Farmers Prepare For Early Spring Planting

More than 130 earthquakes hit beneath the northwest flank of Mauna Loa, Hawaii

17th paroxysmal eruptive episode at Etna forces closure of Catania International Airport, Italy


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