QuickLines August 31

August 31, 2021

High winds push California wildfire within 20 miles of smoke-drenched Lake Tahoe: Hospital evacuated and tourists and residents flee ahead of Labor Day weekend

Videos: Anti-Looting Squads Deployed in New Orleans as City Left Devastated by Hurricane Ida

Power outages in Louisiana to last A MONTH after Hurricane Ida

Australia passes sweeping internet surveillance bill

How to know when it’s time to quit your job – and how to do it right

NZ State Insurance tells woman floods not included in ‘natural disaster’ cover for her car

Ancient Ceremony May Unravel Mysteries of Dead Sea Scrolls Archaeological Site, Study Claims

California is growing more legal cannabis than it can sell

Researchers In Russia Find Dozens Of Strange Disc-Shaped Objects Containing Tungsten

Rape and murder rates can wait! Met police are now on the case of the most important issue of all… gender-neutral uniforms

A single dose of ayahuasca improves self-perception of speech performance in socially anxious people, study finds

Sequenced DNA Sheds Light on Origins of First Scandinavians

Centuries old Vicuna Shearing Tradition Lives on in the Peruvian Andes

This Old Russian Monastery Was carved Into a Chalk Mountain


Major flare warning! Sunspot AR2860 is big, angry, and facing Earth…

A Bad Solar Storm Could Cause an “Internet Apocalypse”

Hurricane Ida knocks out power to 1 million including all of New Orleans and leaves hundreds trapped in flood waters on the anniversary of Katrina

Videos: 100% Power Outage Reported in New Orleans Due to Hurricane Ida

No cash or gas to run from Ida: ‘We can’t afford to leave’

Radioactive Snakes Could Help Scientists Track Fallout From The Fukushima Disaster

Report: Amazon Increasing Surveillance of Delivery Drivers

US: Families Are Fleeing Government-Run Schools

Life was simpler once, and it can be again if we stop overcomplicating it

Female octopuses throw shells at males annoying them, scientists learn
(My Octopus Teacher II ?)

Ancient monument linked to King Arthur is older than Stonehenge, research finds

Mountain lion: US mother fights off animal attacking her son

Brazilian President Bolsonaro: ‘Everybody Buy a Gun – Armed People Cannot Be Enslaved by the Elites’

The Epic Landscape Art of Tiny Inakadate, Japan


‘Extremely Dangerous’ Ida Set to Make Landfall in Louisiana on 16th Anniversary of Katrina Disaster

Mystery Of The 100 Ton ‘Boxes’ At The Serapeum Of Saqqara

Online Trolls Actually Just Assholes All the Time, Study Finds

People low in self-esteem may be less vulnerable to the impact of romantic breakups than previously thought

Video of Mysterious Object Spotted in Louisiana Sky Goes Viral, Sparking UFO Theories

Private search engines

Assassinations and invasions – how the US and France shaped Haiti’s long history of political turmoil

UK Government to ban single-use plastic cutlery

Mystery of Grand Canyon’s missing rocks may finally be solved

Why it took us thousands of years to see the color Violet

When the Directions Come From Inside: Pay Attention
Related: That Little Big Voice Inside

Hollywood Celebrities Who Endorsed Biden Ignore Afghanistan Suicide Bombings that Killed 13 U.S. Service Members

Giant hail smashes cars and covers streets with ice in Brazil and China

Eric Clapton – This Has Gotta Stop (Official Music Video)


Apple chief executive Tim Cook gets $750m payout

Reddit rejects calls to censor “coronavirus misinformation,” vows to allow debate and dissent

Fukushima to release 1 million tons of ‘radioactive water’ directly into the ocean via undersea tunnel

The legendary Yucatan Hall of Records found at Yaxchilan? Strange Labyrinths and Edgar Cayce

China’s Alliance With Mexican Cartels Continues to Fuel Deadly Fentanyl Crisis in US: Former DEA Official

Stockpiling vs. Hoarder. Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

The Congo rainforest makes its own spring rain

Bombs, lows and other cyclones

YouTube to remove videos that recommend “prayer” for covid healing without medical treatment

Lost Monastery Run by Early Medieval Queen Discovered in England

How will El Niño and La Niña events change with the climate?

Sri Lanka: World’s largest star sapphire cluster found in backyard

How to Turn Off Location Tracking for Your Google Account

9 Candida Symptoms and 3 Steps to Treat Them

Antitrust report says tech is headed the same way as Big Pharma and Big Oil


Set yourself free by developing a growth mindset toward anxiety

Sean Penn told the unvaccinated to not see his new film. Unfortunately for him, the vaccinated don’t seem interested, either

Tropics Heat Up As New Storm Likely To Form In Caribbean With Sights On US Gulf Coast

The Stealthy iPhone Hacks That Apple Still Can’t Stop

The Fascinating Health Benefits of Hot Peppers

Man dies after using glue as condom

Extreme drought conditions impact US and worldwide crop productions – price surges ahead

The Secret Lives of Mosquitoes, the World’s Most Hated Insects

More than 8 000 homes destroyed as severe floods and landslides hit Venezuela


Interesting 2020 interview with Charlie Watts – Proper Charlie

Caldor fire: fear as raging blaze ‘knocks on the door’ of Lake Tahoe

Aztec Pyramids in Wisconsin? Welcome to Aztalan State Park

‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ can lead to rape? That’s it, will the last person to leave Planet Woke please turn out the lights?

Self – compassion Is Not Self-indulgence 

Wildfire smoke is transforming clouds, making rainfall less likely

You are a network

The Importance Of Storing Salt For Survival

How to Hack Brain Chemicals to Boost Happiness

Interstellar comets are more common than thought

Strange animal behavior: Coyote attacks increase dramatically in Stanley Park, Vancouver – Animals bite their own tail, and biologists don’t understand why

2021 Jab cup | Melbourne, Australia


Catastrophic flooding hits Tennessee after record rainfall, leaving at least 22 people dead and dozens missing

Evacuation launched after Greece’s Evia island is hit by second wildfire in two weeks

Why Breaking Up Is So Hard to Do

Study suggests that feeling sexually desired by one’s partner is more important for men than we think

The fertility industry is poorly regulated – and would-be parents can lose out on having children as a result

John Cleese documentary will explore the rise of cancel culture

The subtle influence of the Moon on Earth’s weather

Wildfire Evacuations By Vehicle: What To Do and What Not To Do

‘World’s Worst Invasive Weed’ Sold at Many U.S. Garden Centers

A major earthquake and tsunami could destroy Andalusia in Spain, scientists say

Why Your Sleeping Brain Replays New Rewarding Experiences

The Downside of Solitude

Bank of America reportedly forces employees to embrace woke ideology – Now, that is a serious threat to democracy

The Fentanyl Flood Into The US: Why Can’t We Make It Stop?

Giant Centipedes Caught Eating Thousands of Baby Birds on an Australian Island

Baldwin Street Houses – Dunedin, New Zealand

Anemia Cases Are on the Rise in the United States

The fall of the Roman Empire wasn’t a tragedy for civilisation. It was a lucky break for humanity as a whole

The Healthiest Yogurts You Can Buy


Some Key Mental Abilities Seem to Improve as We Get Older, Proving Aging Isn’t All Bad

Tick bites: Every year is a bad tick year

More Than 40 Million Acres of Land Have Burned in Siberia

The hand gestures that last longer than spoken languages

8 Ancient Herbs & Spices To Naturally Heat Up Your Sex Drive

New Round of Winds Fuel Fury of Northern California Wildfire

Dramatic Satellite Imagery Shows Intense Wildfires Ravaging Western US

6 Dangers of Conventional Cookware + 4 Best Types of Nontoxic Cookware


Flash flooding breaks out across New York as heavy rain from Hurricane Henri hits hours before 80mph storm reaches land

State of Emergency Declared for Parts of New York Ahead of Hurricane Henri

An immense mystery older than Stonehenge

Fast changes between the solar seasons resolved by new sun clock

What a baker from ancient Pompeii can teach us about happiness

Should You Go Gluten Free If You Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Only 5% of children’s yoghurts contain ‘healthy’ sugar levels

Emotional intelligence is more important for being a successful entrepreneur than mental ability, meta-analysis finds

How to Stop From Spinning Into Meltdown

Drunk Man Gets in Bar Fight, Sues Bar for Getting Him Drunk, Wins $5.5 Million

How to overcome the loneliness of youth

Extinct ‘Hobbit’ Creature Found in Wyoming Emerged in The Wake of The Dinosaurs

Is there Truth to the Bedouin Legend of the Great River in the Desert?

How to Start Your Own Survival Garden

August full moon will be a blue moon and a sturgeon moon. Here’s when to see it

Cowboy Junkies – Blue Moon Revisited




Tucker Carlson: Biden’s officials are turning on him, and it’s about more than Afghanistan

Tropical Storm Henri upgraded to hurricane as it bears down on US Northeast

Chaos in Melbourne as thousands of anti-lockdown protestors flood the central city

Big-Money Investors Like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Show Growing Appetite for ‘Safe Asset’: US Farmland

FBI Reportedly Has Little Evidence US Capitol Riot Coordinated, No Proof Trump Was Involved

Literally fascism’: Australian man sentenced to maximum of 8 months in prison for organizing ‘unauthorized’ anti-lockdown protest

Hundreds of diehard anti-lockdown protesters flood Melbourne’s CBD in ’10 seconds’ and risk $5,500 fines EACH as police officers struggle to keep the jeering crowd in line

Anti-lockdown protests: Violent scuffles in Victoria, arrests in NSW

Weather chaos: It’s August and it’s snowing in Colorado and Utah

Is this man fit for office? Doctors say they would be concerned about ‘anyone’ with Joe Biden’s symptoms at age 78 after two brain aneurysms

Tucker Carlson: The New World Order Controls Biden – Afghan Collapse Was an Inside Job

Pentagon contradicts Biden minutes after his fumbling speech

It’s Time To Purge The “Experts”

Video: Does the Virus Exist? Has SARS-CoV-2 Been Isolated?

Giant sculpture of Aztec god makes a big statement about Mexican identity

Hurricane “Grace” strengthening on its way toward mainland Mexico


Newscast on Australian TV interrupted by devil-worshipping ceremony (Vid)
( Accident? Sure….)

Most mental health patients support further research into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin, study finds

Tucker Carlson: The New World Order Controls Biden – Afghan Collapse Was an Inside Job

CNN Turns on Biden Over Afghanistan Mess, Says He ‘No Longer Gets Credit Simply for Not Being Trump’

Ancient Lava Reveals Earth’s Magnetic Field Really Does Have a Cycle of 200M Years

How to Change Browsers on Windows 11 Even Though They Don’t Want You To

The Blue Ridge Honey Made ‘by Bees and Angels’

Record rainfall hits burn scar areas in Flagstaff, Arizona


Lithium, Gold & Rare Earths: How China May Open the Door to New Business Opportunities for Taliban

Huge Python Slithers Out of Spice Rack in Sydney Grocery Store, Shocks Shoppers – Video

Is The Sun, Rather than CO2, Behind Global Warming? Hint: Yes

How to Stop Apple From Scanning Your iPhone Photos Before iOS 15 Arrives

‘Unprecedented Fire Behavior’ Seen as California Blazes Grow to Endanger Major Towns

Thousands evacuated as Northern California blaze triples in size in 24 hours, destroys dozens of homes (Vids)

New Zealand’s Tyrannical PM Tells Kiwis To ‘Blame Australia’ For COVID Lockdowns

Biden; ‘A bald-faced lie’

There’s A ‘Cackling Imbecile On Deck’ If Biden Resigns’ Over Afghanistan

Joe Rogan slams flip-flopping Fauci for causing mistrust in COVID vaccines after his multiple U-turns and mistakes on the virus and brands him ‘100 per cent wrong’

Did The NY Fed Confiscate $1.3 Billion In Afghan Gold: Striking Revelations From Afghanistan’s Central Bank Chief

The August 2021 full moon is, somehow, a Blue Moon. Here’s why

Why Spanish colonial officials feared the power of clothing


Woke Hollywood is trying to boycott Johnny Depp, but he’ll never be canceled in the court of public opinion

Crash! France’s repeated health pass system fails are leaving citizens without the QR codes needed for daily life

The speech that shamed America: Its contemptible dishonesty would have made Donald Trump blush – how can Joe Biden ever recover?

‘Prepare for the worst’: Like Bin Laden, Taliban is another ‘American project’ & ‘US scam against Muslims’

The Dictator of Scotland want to make emergency pandemic laws permanent so they can impose lockdowns, shut schools and release prisoners in event of new ‘health crisis’

“There Will Be No More Drinking Alcohol With Your Mask Off” – Melbourne, LA Compete For “Least-Scientific” COVID Masking Rules

New World Order and former adviser to War Criminal Tony Blair, Jacinda Ardern shuts all of New Zealand over just 1 case 

Jacinda Ardern Is Not Your Friend

No shot, no proof, no service: New York becomes first major US city to impose vaccine passport to get into restaurants, bars, museums and gyms

Hundreds of firefighters battle wildfire in southern France


Prison Island Australia: Decision that shows the Victorian Government is heartless

Prison Island Australia: Qld Premier hopes Sydney ‘out of lockdown by Christmas’

Report: ‘Confidential’ Documents Reveal Pfizer Does Not Mandate Vaccines for Employees

The Lies Behind the ‘Pandemic of Unvaxxed’. Grossly Misleading Data Manipulation

Fauci Downplays New COVID-19 Vaccine Study

The War on Terror has ended as it began on 9/11, 20 years ago – with bodies falling from the sky, the Taliban cheering in Kabul and mighty America humbled. And for that, Joe Biden should hang his head in shame

Pinkerton: The 1970s Are Calling Joe Biden Again: Is This Saigon 1975? Or Tehran 1979?

Water cuts are coming to Arizona and Nevada after the US declared the first-ever Colorado River water shortage

Chemical Analysis Reveals Why Stonehenge’s Rocks Are Virtually Indestructible

The Looming Water wars 

Why You Get Tired After Eating: Causes, Concerns & How to Stop

New island discovered after major submarine eruption at Fukutoku-Oka-no-Ba, Japan

Sepsis: The Killer Nobody Talks About

In All of Human History, Have Any Societies Truly Lived Underground?


Biden’s statement ‘washing hands’ of Afghanistan ‘is one of most shameful in US history’

Panic in Kabul: Three stowaways ‘fall to their deaths from plane’ and five others are killed at airport

Heatwave hell in Europe: Heat dome sweeps continent with record 120F highs

Why Sydney and Melbourne could be locked down until November with tough new restrictions

US news anchor mocks Australia over its ‘insane’ lockdown restrictions – asking why Sydney is shut down over a ‘0.004 per cent case to population ratio’

‘Fully vaccinated’ Southwest flight attendant, 36, dies from COVID-19

Protesting vaccine passports for cafés and restaurants, French protesters create a feast in the streets

France: Protesters March Against Macron’s ‘Health Pass’ For Fifth Week In A Row

By cracking down on Covid-19 protesters at home, the West has lost all credibility in preaching about ‘human rights’ to Russia

‘Era-Defining Catastrophe’: Edward Snowden Weighs In on Afghanistan

Biden Remains Hiding at Camp David After Afghanistan Collapses

Former CIA Officer: “The Most Infamous & Devastating Press Conference Ever Held By An American President”

Spain launches inquiry after dams drained for profit during drought

The epic adventures of China’s wandering elephants

Friends Turn Into Lovers More Often Than People Think

Magic Mushroom Stores Are Open in Canada — But They’re Still Illegal

A Chunk From The Sunken Continent of Zealandia Is Twice as Old as We Thought

Why King Khufu’s Solar Boat Is on the Move After 4,600 Years

Astronaut Gordon Cooper: I Witnessed A UFO Landing In 1957

Texas State Capitol is flooded after storms dumped more than four inches of rain per hour over Austin

Tropics Awaken With Three Storms In Focus

Rare Natural Event in Alaska Sees 3 Volcanoes Erupting at The Same Time


7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Haiti – Photos, Videos

Tens of thousands of protestors take to the streets of Paris in opposition to controversial vaccine passport

Stretched to the limit: U.S. Forest Service is running out of firefighters amid West Coast wildfire chaos: At least 21,000 federal workers are battling 100 blazes ravaging 14 states – with no end in sight

Woke Nonsense Is Warping Everyday Life

Is Queen of Woke Jacinda Ardern the world’s most oppressive leader?

More Concerning Sunscreen News: Potential Carcinogen Could Lurk in 2,000+ Products

Mayors of two French cities tell police to stand down on vaccine passport enforcement

Prison Island Australia: The entire state of NSW will be plunged into a strict lockdown 

Canada to require Covid vaccinations on almost all public transport

Bill Gates Pledges $1.5 Billion for Climate Change Initiatives – as He Prepares to Mine Greenland

Over 60 People Reportedly Test Positive For COVID-19 in Martha’s Vineyard After Obama Birthday Party

Inside the murky world of dolphin therapy

Russian Scientist Claimed To Find Extraterrestrial Life On Venus

Severe thunderstorms cause historic power outage across Michigan, U.S.

Japan issues highest emergency alert for over 1mn people as heavy rain ‘like never before’ triggers evacuations


Son forced to farewell his dying mother in Perth via a video call in Melbourne says he’s disgusted to be an Australian

French anti-health pass protesters double in number in a month, at least 250,000 expected to hit streets this weekend

More Than Wear & Tear: The Mystery Behind Why Many Egyptian Statues Have Broken Noses


200 Million Americans Roast In Two Massive “Heat Domes”  

“Wakeup Call”: Pfizer Vax Only 42% Effective Against Infection In July

Video: Graphene Oxide: A Toxic Substance in the Vial of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine

‘We know who you are…we will find you’: Furious anti-maskers threaten Tennessee school board official over decision to reinstate face masks

Why the increasingly hysterical push for a harder Sydney lockdown is not only wrong but not based on evidence…

Covid: Germany fears thousands got saline, not vaccine from nurse

Māori women on edge after escalating threats

Nobody Wants to Name Their Kid ‘Karen’ Anymore

US Kids Are Eating More Ultra-Processed Food Than Ever Before, Startling Data Reveals

Hunter Biden Confesses on Camera That Russians Have ‘Sickening Videos’ of Him Committing ‘Unspeakable Sex Acts’

Four Ways to Protect Yourself From Harmful Air Pollution Caused by Wildfires

What is the Islamic New Year?

How your phone battery creates striking alien landscapes

This asteroid is one of the most likely to hit Earth

Extremely heavy rain over parts of southwestern Japan


Alicante is flooded by ‘meteo-tsunami’ after severe changes in atmospheric pressure as the Meditaranien faces severe heatwave

Intense and long-lasting heatwave expected over Europe

Powerful heat wave to cause 100-degree temperatures for 25 million in the U.S. this week

Grid emergency declared in New Zealand, cities plunge into darkness as polar blast brings nationwide all-time power demand

Vaccine Police Begin Patrolling The Streets Of Paris Slapping Fine As High As 9000 Euros

Elon Musk Wants To Put Advertisements In Space – Really?

Does the Virus Exist? The SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Isolated? “Biggest Fraud in Medical History”

How Flawed WHO Vaccination Policies Led To Polio Paralysis In India In 1970s

Vaccine passports hit The Vatican

Italy to introduce vaccine passports for public transport

Here’s where New York’s next governor stands on marijuana legalization

Lawsuit by Epstein Sex Victim Could Be ‘Devastating’ For Embattled Prince Andrew

The word ‘curry’ proves too spicy for woke warriors who want it cancelled for connotations of British Colonialism

Shocking moment police officer punches grandmother, 50, in the face in front of her grandchildren’


Number of Wealthy Americans Who Renounced Citizenship in 2020 Hits Record High

One law for bikers, another for Obama: Fury as Fauci scolds Sturgis rally as a potential super-spreader event but says nothing about ex-President’s birthday bash 

‘The Obama variant’: Video of maskless former president at ‘scaled-back’ birthday bash causes outrage

African Faith Leaders Call On The Psychopathic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation To Drop African Green Revolution

Almost a quarter of a million people took to the streets across France on Saturday

Disturbing before and after photos show how Dixie fire – the second largest ever recorded in California – has destroyed homes, businesses and an entire historic town

Dixie Fire Races to Over 463,000 Acres in California, Full Containment Still Weeks Away

Drone footage of Greece’s second-largest island shows path of destruction wrought by massive wildfires

Thousands flee Greek island as wildfires raze forest and homes

Videos: Scuffle Reported Between Antifa and Proud Boys in Portland, Oregon as Police Do Nothing

Vaccine Passports likely to arrive on Prison Island before the end of the year

An Epidemic Of Mandatory

Earth’s Magnetosphere: Protecting Our Planet from Harmful Space Energy

Electrons May Very Well Be Conscious

A New Study Finds That Reducing Pain Medication Is Associated With an Increased Risk of Overdose and Suicide


‘Conspiracy Theory’ Over Aborted Babies For Organ Harvesting Leads To Be True And Government-Funded

3 wildfire lessons for forest towns as Dixie Fire destroys historic Greenville, California

The Unvaccinated: The New COVID Scapegoats

Snowden joins battle against iPhone photo-scanning plan as Apple insults privacy activists as ‘screeching voices of the minority’

New World Order’s Jacinda Ardern Under Fire for Letting New World Order Billionaire Into NZ

Mysterious dimming of bright star Betelgeuse may be from ‘sunspots’ and temperature changes

Extremely heavy rains hit North Korea

California shuts down their second-largest hydroelectric plant

3 Alaska volcanoes erupt, spitting lava and ash clouds

2,400-Year-Old Baskets Still Filled With Fruit Found in Submerged Egyptian City


‘Our homeland is burning’: Volunteers join Siberia wildfire fight

‘Our lungs are burning’: Turkish mayor issues desperate plea for help as raging wildfires close in on power plant

Wildfires Hit Ancient Olympia in Greece

Greece fires: Monks refuse to leave stricken island

Dixie Fire is now second largest in the US and has burned 322,000 acres

Evidence of Biblical Earthquake Found in Jerusalem

Britons back jabs for children: Almost three-quarters of us support giving Covid vaccines to the over 12s… and millions want it extended to the over-fives

Bloodied St. Vincent PM hospitalized with head injury after rioter hurls rock amid chaotic protest against vaccine mandate (Vid)

Fauci’s institute funded ‘deadly & unnecessary’ experiments on dogs, animal research watchdog says

CNN fires 3 unvaccinated staffers, gets mocked for ‘zero-tolerance’ policies that allow masturbation on Zoom call with colleagues

Aliens Might Use Stars for Clandestine Communications, New Hypothesis Suggests

Data reveals more than 50 Australian citizens have died from COVID-19 while overseas

A 34-year-old NSW woman has become the seventh Australian to die after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine

Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s Top Newspaper Apologizes For Fear Driven COVID Media Coverage

Anti-lockdown protest erupts in Melbourne

Zuckerberg is ‘Enemy of the State’ Who ‘Doesn’t Give a Sh*t About US’, Filmmaker Claims

New Zealand waived strict border controls for Google co-founder Larry Page after the billionaire’s child fell ill

‘I don’t want to hear a blip about Covid from you’: Gov. DeSantis rages at Biden for criticizing Florida’s pandemic response


Advice For Those Mandated To Take The Shots
Your Rights To Fully-Informed Consent

Hundreds of Scandinavian Women Report Menstrual Disorders After Vaccination Against COVID-19

Infernal 2021: 91 wildfires now burning across the US – States of emergency and mass evauations in Turkey, Greece and Italy – Heatwave on the march

Extreme Food Insecurity Is About to Spike in 23 Hotspots Around The World, UN Warns

Clues to healthy aging found in the gut bacteria of centenarians

Dark sky tourism is on the rise across the U.S.


Australian lockdown hell continues: Millions of Queenslanders are ordered to stay home – with Sydney facing five more weeks of tough restrictions

Now police helicopters clear Australians off the beaches

How Much Drinking Bottled Water Impacts The Environment And Our Health

Pfizer, Moderna, hike prices for their Covid jabs by up to a quarter for the EU

The ‘remedies’ that Gates & Soros use to try to offset evils they’ve caused don’t cure the disease, but prolong it

Apple removes dating app for the unvaccinated Unjected for trying to ‘cheat the system,’ as its creators cry ‘Censorship!’

Kamala Harris thrashed as polling shows she’s historically ‘unpopular’ VP

Next 20-30 years will be cold… And that’s worst than global warming, climate scientist warns

Thousands are forced to flee Dixie Fire while firefighters struggle to hold flames back as it races toward Paradise

Here’s What Ancient Climate Tipping Points May Be Able to Reveal About Earth’s Future

UK plans to hand out Uber rides and takeaways, insiders reveal free coffee and cinema tickets

‘Flag worth defending’: Swedish Army places front-page newspaper ad ahead of Stockholm Pride

Etna enters August with a violent paroxysmal eruptive episode

Astronomers discover two unusually red outer solar system bodies in the asteroid belt

Meet the Woman Restoring Native American Peaches to the Southwest


Mexico won’t be ‘hostage’ to Big Pharma, president says, as internet predicts trouble after country rejects Covid jabs for kids

These maps show you which US crops will be wiped out by the current devastating drought

There’s a new divide between those happy to stay in Covid lockdown and the rest of us who want our old lives back

And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry?

Harvard Professor Labelled ‘Transphobic’ After Defending Biological Sex

Dangerous M6.1 earthquake in Peru

Welcome to the Great Reset? Corporate landlords poised to snatch up Americans’ property after eviction moratorium expires

Wildfires destroy entire villages, Turkey

Obesity Is a Far More Complex Question Than a Simple ‘Obesity Gene’, Experts Say

How To Make the Most of Your Tomato Harvest

Ancient Roman Shipwreck Loaded With Wine Amphorae Found Off Sicilian Coast


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