QuickLines December 31

December 31, 2021

5 key takeaways from Putin-Biden call

Russia Needs Legally Binding Agreements on Security Guarantees, Kremlin Says After Putin-Biden Call

One small, plucky animal has an outsized ability to transform its environment, helping to replenish river ecosystems even in the desert.

Colorado wildfires: Tens of thousands evacuated as blazes spread

Top 10 Richest People on Earth Got Wealthier by Over $400 Bln in 2021, Bloomberg Index Shows

Fraudci: Not vaccinating kids ‘doesn’t make any sense’

Joe Rogan: “I’m Not Vaccinated, I’m Not Going To Get Vaccinated, I have Antibodies, It Doesn’t Make Any Sense”

The COVID Narrative Is Insane & Illogical… And Maybe That’s No Accident

Face Masks Become Mandatory in Paris

NHS boss says there is NO need for any new lockdown measures to tackle Omicron

Cruise Ships Exposed COVID Fearmongering Deception In 2020 And Expose Vaccine Efficacy Deception Now

Omicron-fuelled fourth Covid wave has passed, says South Africa, as it eases restrictions

‘I Dare Not Go Out of My House’: A Rampaging Squirrel Attacked 18 Residents of a Welsh Village


A Neuroscientist Prepares for Death

How to Calm Your Inner Storm

Being Alone With Your Thoughts is a Skill You Can Practise


Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty on 5 Out of 6 Counts in Sex Trafficking Trial

Prince Andrew ‘Should Be Quaking in His Boots’

More women than men feel uncomfortably cold at the office

Report: CIA Tortured 311 Danish Orphans For Two Decades, Violating The Nuremberg Code

NASA Hires Top Priest To Prepare Humanity for Major ‘Life-Changing’ Announcement

After Thousands Of Parents Refused To Comply, California School District Reverses Child Jab Mandate

The best optical illusions of the year 2021

Easy Paleo Chili Recipe — With or Without Meat!

This Insect Has The Only Mechanical Gears Ever Found in Nature

‘Alien megastructure’ star may not be alone

3,600-year-old tsunami ‘time capsule’ sheds light on one of humanity’s greatest disasters

Covid vax developer gets lobbyist with Biden connection

Massive changes coming to Aussies’ international travel

Scott Morrison announces major changes to close contact, isolation and testing rules

Western Australia introduces even tougher border restrictions

Chinese lockdown rule-breakers are publicly shamed and paraded through the streets

Fauci Floats Never-Ending COVID-19 Testing, Fourth Jabs & No New Year Revels


Danish Orphans Used in Secret Basement Experiments Backed by CIA,

Watch: Fauci Admits Mandates Are “Just A Mechanism” To Get More People Vaccinated

Zuckerberg continues to ‘colonize’ Hawaii

Brits face ‘cost of living catastrophe’

Russia explains why it publicly revealed US/NATO proposals

Study finds the animal kingdom’s heaviest drinker

The face of Sydney’s Covid testing crisis: Cancer patient is left in tears as she battles to get a PCR test in time for her next life-saving treatment

Cats could be banned from going outside under new rules in Australia

How COVID Lockdown Fanatics Took Over The World


‘Lilliputian Hallucinations’: A Rare Hallucination?

What Animals Think of Death


Australia asked not to turn New Zealand into ‘penal colony’

The 12 most intriguing animal discoveries of 2021

Spain’s untapped ‘liquid gold’

Where Corruption Is Rampant

Death-Bringing ‘Brain Tsunamis’ Have Been Observed in Humans

Doctor breaks down incredible MRI of baby at 27 weeks gestation

Egyptian pharaoh’s mummified body gives up its secrets after 3,500 years

Healthy, Homemade Pulled Beef Sliders Recipe

The Most Hellacious Weather of 2021, As Seen From Space

Prepping Your Home For Winter: The Importance of Wrapping Your Pipes


Canada’s Public Health Agency spied on millions during Covid lockdowns

Your $1.7 billion of gold is now ours, UK tells starving Venezuelans

Video shows man directly hit by thunderbolt

The Top 10 Woke Tweets Of 2021

Researchers develop AI that can ‘prosecute’ criminals – media

Stress is contagious in relationships

The Myth of Sex Addiction

Incredibly Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Found Inside 72-Million-Year-Old Egg

Magnitude 6 Quake Rattles Greece’s Crete


UK Activates The Bots

Putin – Russia needs more people

Human-like robot’s reaction ‘freaks out’ creators (Vid)

Poll – Over 60% of Unvaccinated Americans Have No Plans of Ever Getting Covid Shot

Eruption of La Palma Volcano Declared Officially Over After Three Months

“Alexa, You’re Fired” – A Quarter Of Users Abandon Spying Devices Within 2 Weeks

The Manly Art of Hospitality

James Webb Space Telescope lifts off on historic mission

2022 will start with a bus-sized asteroid approaching Earth


FDA Authorization of Merck COVID Pill Called “Worst Decision in its History”

How to Connect With Your Grandchildren

Top 15 Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits

Guidance Audio: Contemplating Sex and Sensuality

Bookings For Readings


Malaga’s flamenco priest, in a polka dot stole, dances his way into Christmas

What If the Biggest Solar Storm on Record Happened Today?

Millions left without power amid European energy crunch

By design:

Rail passengers are stranded as staff go sick and CrossCountry strike cancels a raft of services while travellers are stuck in queues at the UK’s biggest airports

United, Delta and other airlines cancel hundreds of flights scheduled for Friday across US because of crew shortages due to Omicron surge 

Sydney Airport says 80 flights cancelled as COVID-19 puts strain on airline staff


Russia fines Google some pocket money 

New York threatens prison time for faking vaccination

In the Land of ‘Jaws’ : Locked-out New Zealanders outraged as visa scheme for rich foreigners resumes

Why Scientists Waited 50 Years to Study This Moon Dust

How to Make Sure No One Is Tracking You With an AirTag

Australia’s new Online Safety Act will fine platforms that don’t remove content when ordered

FDA authorization of Merck COVID pill called “worst decision in its history”


Austria hiring people-hunters to pursue and fine the unvaxxed
(They have activated the bots)

Poor oral health linked to wide variety of diseases and mental illness

Medical marijuana and autism: ‘I’m getting my boy back,’ mom says

Addictive ‘Brain Hijacking’ Methods Of Social Media Platforms Harmful To Users, Especially Children: Insider

This is how you get an actual civil war, America

World Economic Forum Using New Zealand As ‘Guinea Pig’ for ‘New World Order’ State

Women who feel worse about their looks tend to think their partners are less attracted to them, and in turn, have less satisfying relationships

Psychedelic users are less prone to diabetes and heart disease

Scientists Found a Cradle of Life Under Antarctica

Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede Sounds Like Dial-Up Internet

Physics professor at City College in Harlem discovers box stuffed with $180,000 cash donation

For the Third Time This Year, a Deep-Ocean ‘Football’ Fish Has Washed Ashore California’s Beaches

Lorde – Oceanic Feeling


The Twelve Holy Nights


Against Faucism

Americans wait in long lines at crowded airports and struggle to get Covid tests before their fights as an estimated 110 million people take to the roads and skies

Doomsday prediction that Omicron could overwhelm NHS ‘is flawed’ – half of patients in London hospitals ‘with Covid’ were only diagnosed after arriving with another ailment

Omicron cases will hit 200,000 a day by the end of  January unless restrictions are brought in – but top doctor doesn’t buy it: ‘Can’t be true’

‘America’s dirty secret’ is a public health nightmare for Alabama residents

Twitter Begins banning Accounts Exposing CNN Pedophiles

Dr. Sanjay Gupta adds to chorus of cannabis research on autism in 2021

Electricity prices in Europe surge to record highs

Strong M6.2 earthquake hits off Northern California at the Mendocino Triple Junction

The best space photos of 2021

Finally, a Millipede That Actually Has 1,000 Legs


Emotional Stabilizators


Heart inflammation cases confirmed in kids after Pfizer jabs

New Zealand links 3 deaths (Heart) to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

What’s the Winter Solstice, Anyway?

Scottish Witches Executed 300 Years Ago to Be Pardoned

The Healing History of Appalachian Christmas Sweets

Why Don’t People “Trust The Science?” Because Scientists Are Often Caught Lying

California’s snow drought ends thanks to two weeks of bad weather

We Could Harness White Noise to Save The Lives of Millions of Birds

China & Russia are ready to end US dominance of global finance

Retired generals warn of ‘lethal chaos’ in US military after 2024 vote

How Mathematicians Cracked the Zodiac Killer’s Cipher

Watch This Colossal Ocean Sunfish Swim With Paddle Boarders Off the California Coast


The Beautiful Astronomy of Winter Solstice


Earth’s Tilted Magnetic Field 41,000 Years Ago Pushed The Auroras to Unexpected Places

How to know what you really want

The Law of Attraction Needs Your Help

Explore Evolution on Earth in The Most Comprehensive Tree of Life Ever Created

Remote, beautiful, lacking in plumbing: New Zealand’s beloved loos with views

‘There needs to be a quick and devastating take down’: Emails show how Fauci and head of NIH worked to discredit three experts


Biblical Stories of Jesus’ Birth Reveal Intriguing Clues about His Times


New Zealand: Protesters in 90% vaccinated nation demonstrate against Covid-19 curbs

The 5 signs you don’t have “Omicron”…you have a cold & a PCR test

How Britons queued for miles to try and get into France

‘UK needs a two-week lockdown and ban on household mixing ‘very soon’ to stop Omicron Covid hospitalisations peaking at 3,000 a day’

Queensland rushes in new restrictions

Leading cause of death among 18-45yo Americans revealed, and it is not Covid-19

Switzerland likely to hold vote on compulsory vaccination

It’s Clearer Than Ever – The Active Compound in Ecstasy Can Safely Assist PTSD Therapy

Remembering the Remarkable Queens Who Ruled Ancient Nubia

Why This Ancient Civilization Fell Out of Love With Gold for 700 Years

Costa Rica’s pristine ‘Shark Island’ now a massive marine reserve

California votes to drop 3,000 pounds of poison from helicopters

California pot companies warn of impending industry collapse

The Harry Potter stars and Hollywood studio who owe their fortunes to JK Rowling’s genius have turned on her

Anomalous and historic December derecho hits U.S.

See the bright Comet Leonard near Venus in the night sky tonight

The magnificent history of the maligned and misunderstood fruitcake


The Year Of The New Normal Fascist

100+ Marines kicked out of force for defying vaccine mandate

French hackers create 54,000 fake vaccine passports

‘We never seen this before’: Omicron fears spark huge testing lines across NYC

UK: Welcome to I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lockdown

Around 3,000 COVID-19 Fines Handed to Children in NSW, Australia

The industry creating a third of the world’s waste

Russia Compares West’s Treatment Of Assange To Cannibalism

Archaeologists Find 2,000-Year-Old Lesson on Sea Level Changes Destroying Societies

California Exodus: Study Shows Alarming Rate of Migration From Golden State to Somewhere Else

‘Expert’ Says ‘Hardcore Anti-Vaxxers’ May Need ‘Deradicalising’ Like Terrorists

Prison Island Australia: MDMA and psilocybin will not be rescheduled

The Longest Full Moon of 2021 Is About to Occur

5 Christmas Costs You Can Do Without and 5 That You Need

Over 400,000 US Households Suffer Power Outage Caused by Storm

Huntsman spider interrupts Australian Covid press briefing


Wall Street to share Covid-era profits with its bankers

You Will Never Be “Fully Vaccinated”

WHO Whistleblower: ‘We’re Living in a Pandemic of LIES – Bill Gates Is in Charge’

New York Is Trying To Punish Its Way to 100% Vaccine Compliance

Watch: Medics Refuse to Enter Care Center to Help Man in Cardiac Arrest Due to ‘Some COVID-19 Law’

Airline CEO says masks ‘do little if anything’ to stop Covid-19 on flights

Millions of Britons cancel Christmas plans

Judge Holds Hospital In Contempt: Give Ivermectin To Dying Woman Or Pay $10,000-A-Day Fine

US, Australia Police to Access Each Other’s Residents’ Messaging Data

Indian Millennials Are Flocking To Farms—and Traditional Ingredients

Amazon created 599 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2020, 23.5 million pounds of which ended up in the world’s oceans, watchdog report says

First FDA-approved eye drops to replace reading glasses go on sale

‘Life-threatening’ weather wreaks havoc for 100 MILLION people across the heartlands

Severe thunderstorms hit Eastern Cape, South Africa

Bird songs bump stars off Australian music chart

Hidden water reserves discovered on Mars

Watch This Giant Phantom Jellyfish With 33-Foot-Long Arms Float Through the Deep Ocean


Study: Cannabis Treatment Can Reduce Kids’ Epileptic Seizures by 86%

Why is This Cancer Treatment Giving People Night Vision?


What Would It Take To Bring The COVID Conspirators To Justice?

COVID-19 Vaccines Induce Lower Antibodies Against Omicron Variant: Study

NYC mayor-elect Eric Adams to appoint first ever female police commissioner in the 176-year history of the NYPD

Kentucky candle factory bosses threatened to fire those who fled tornado

Mainstream media moves against “misinformation” in email

J.K. Rowling has been miscast as a modern-day witch for challenging the trans dogma

Putin Returns to YouGov Top 10 List of World’s Most Admired Men

First EU country moves to legalize cannabis for personal use

San Francisco Suspends Cannabis Tax To Help Dispensaries Compete With Drug-Dealers

Waiting 60 Seconds Before Cutting The Umbilical Cord Can Save Lives, Study Finds

Parker Solar Probe makes historic pass through Sun’s atmosphere


Stop Feeding the Virus Addiction – Go Live Your Life

4 Key Insights From the Bhagavad Gita

The Ancient History of UFOs and the Oppenheimer-Einstein Report


The real dangers of deepfake, explored

Brazilian City Cuts Hospitalizations And Mortality Rates In Half After Implementing Ivermectin As Prophylaxis For COVID

Vaccine mandates for workers met with mass protests in Australia (Vid)

Hundreds of Thousands of Australian Workers Rise Up and Reject ‘New World Order’ – Media Blackout

Mass protests against Covid-19 restrictions hit eastern Germany

First US soldiers get the boot for refusing Covid vax

Did Britain’s ‘first Omicron death’ die from the Covid variant or with it?

Dan Andrews is ordered to front court for ‘concealing treason and fraud’ in an extraordinary win by anti-lockdown campaigners

Questions Linger as to Why Workers Stayed at Kentucky Candle Factory After Tornado Warning Came

Scottish government under fire for asking kids about ‘anal sex’

Pedophile CNN producer, 44, boasted that he’d sexually trained girls as young as SEVEN, unsealed indictment reveals

Why it’s so hard for US workers to ask for time off

Why the southern US is prone to December tornadoes

How to Keep Your Windshield From Fogging Up

Stunning New Images Reveal The Chaotic Glory of The Sun in Mind-Blowing Detail

The Very Real Effort to Track Killer Asteroids and Comets

Long-duration storm system to produce heavy snow across much of the U.S. West

7.3-magnitude quake triggers tsunami alert in Indonesia


My Visit With the Spiritual Voice of the Hidden Serengeti

Could Mushrooms Be the Key to Improving Immunity?


Kentucky Wakes Up To Devastation After “Mass Casualty” Storm Rips Through State

Austria: Thousands march against vaccine mandate (Vids)

Got Zoom fatigue? Out-of-sync brainwaves could be another reason videoconferencing is such a drag

Powerful tornadoes rip through swath of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois

Supermarkets, Groceries Can Exclude Unvaccinated in Queensland  : Official

What Awaits Assange in the US

Prominent US billionaire forecasts new economic world order

What’s Next? ‘Bidenflation’ Hits 40-Year High With POTUS’ Approval Rating on Economy Falling

First-of-a-kind study shows plastic’s toxic effects on human cells

Australia fights bushfires in west, floods in east

Unearthing David’s city

The Art of Brewing Historical Beers

Curious bear cub ‘attacks’ inflatable reindeer decoration on front lawn

And Just Like That . . . Sex and the City died of wokeness

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Kali Yuga, The Age Of Darkness, Will End In 2025

How to Prepare for a Solar Flare Hitting Earth

Quantum Physics and Number 137

How to be a Good Friend to an Autistic Person

Guidance Audio: Storms of Conformity


Russia slams British verdict on Assange extradition as ‘shameful’

How even your deleted messages can be secretly accessed by US intelligence agencies

South Korea cuts human interaction in push to build ‘untact’ society

Australian Health Advisory Board Distances Itself From Vaccine Mandates

Pfizer Vaccine Batch Suspended After 120 Children Hospitalized In Vietnam

German Chemist, Dr. Andreas Noack, Found Dead After Exposing Graphene Hydroxide In Covid ‘Vaccines’

Public Health Scotland tells people to cancel Christmas and New Year

Scott Morrison predicts as he vows Australia is never going back to lockdowns and border closures

LA School Board Fires 496 Employees For Not Getting Covid Jabs

Russia-Ukraine maritime row: Here’s what you need to know

US “Successfully” Upgrades Nuclear Gravity Bomb For Modern Battlefield

Largest US city grants non-citizens voting rights

Alec Baldwin Disappears After His Name Appears in Epstein’s Little Black Book of Pedophiles

Jussie Smollett Guilty Of Faking Race-Baiting, Homophobic Attack

Dogs Understand an Average of 89 Unique Words And Phrases, New Research Shows

Margaret River bushfires: Blazes force evacuations in Australia tourist region

National Geographic’s best animal photos of 2021


Tucker Carlson Warns of Danger of ‘Hot War’ Between US and Russia Over Ukraine

Senator Urges Biden Not to Rule Out ‘First Use Nuclear Action’ Against Russia Over Ukraine

Disclosing Pfizer vaccine data ‘may take until 2096’

Gates predicts pandemic end date
(When Yearly Vaccines are mandatory)

UK: Now that we know this government doesn’t even believe in its own Covid rules we have the right to treat Boris’s Plan BS with the contempt it deserves

Boris Johnson he must RESIGN if he misled the Parliament over No10 party

New Zealand PM Proves Again She’s A Tyrant: ‘There’s Not Going To Be An End Point To This Vaccination Program’

New Zealand to ban smoking for next generation in bid to outlaw habit by 2025

Growing wave of mutant Omicron variant in Sydney as Covid-19 cases spike again among vaccinated Aussies

A huge number of Australian workplaces have been forced to sack their own workers due to strict vaccine mandates

Increasing Number of Nurses Quitting Hospital System in Massachusetts

Musk: Government Is ‘the Biggest Corporation, With a Monopoly on Violence, Where You Have No Recourse’

America’s deadly year: Philadelphia now has more murders than NYC and LA and a dozen major US cities smash annual homicide records

Are the Cascade volcanoes about to wake up soon? Strong earthquake swarm of more than 51 quakes on Blanco Fracture Zone off Oregon

Explore the palaces and tombs of these ‘lost cities’ across the Americas


Photographer captures astonishing picture of the Sun using 150,000 individual shots

Apple’s ‘secret’ $275 billion deal with China exposed

California mom blasts school for bribing her son, 13, into having COVID vaccine with free pizza then warning him not to tell her

Vaccine ‘side-effects’ might actually be Covid, study warns (Err, sure!)

NYC judge halts Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate that has forced city workers including NYPD officers to have COVID vaccine or face termination

COVID-19 Is A Pandemic Of Fear Manufactured By Authorities Says Yale Epidemiologist

Musk tells why ‘civilization is going to crumble’

Australia’s fertility rate falls to record low in 2020

New evidence builds on emerging link between depression and inflammation

This plant no longer exists. But you can still smell it

Historic cold spell hits Scandinavia, Sweden records its coldest December day in 35 years

The Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Next Week: Here’s When and Where to See It


“Post Pandemic Stress Disorder”…seriously?

Why Do I Always Wake Around 3 a.m.?

The Mysterious 1561 Nuremberg Event ‘UFO Battle’


New Type of Earthquake Caused by Fracking
(So, not a Conspiracy Theory any more? – Thanks)

Rover Sent To Investigate Cube-Shaped ‘Mystery House’ On The Dark Side Of The Moon

German Study Finds Zero Healthy Children Between 5 and 18 Died from COVID

Canadian Province allows grocers to ban unvaccinated food shoppers

Greece To Fine Elderly $114 For Every Month They Remain Unvaccinated

Pfizer accused of ‘sabotaging’ AstraZeneca jab

The Rothschild Dynasty Is The Head Of The NWO Beast

Top Archbishop: Those Who Fight the ‘New World Order’ Are ‘Protected by God’

Fury as transgender UPenn swimmer who used to compete as a man smashes TWO US women’s records

Drinking This Much Coffee Raises Dementia Risk by 53 Percent, Study Says

Is Your Cat a Psychopath? Probably, Researchers Say

Monster Hail Bomb strikes Australia’s east coast

Antarctica’s Total Solar Eclipse Looks Stunning in These Phenomenal Photos

Watch the moon shine near Venus tonight on its way toward Saturn and Jupiter

Meet Leonard, the Brightest Comet of the Year


They are now blaming all the deaths after vaccination on Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder (PPSD)

Millions Facing Heart-Related Illnesses Due to ‘Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder’ – Experts Warn
(It’s the Vaccine)

COVID-19 a Pandemic of Fear ‘Manufactured’ by Authorities: Yale Epidemiologist

Fraudci assesses Omicron strain’s ‘degree of severity’

Kamala Harris is branded a ‘bully’ and accused of inflicting ‘constant, soul-destroying criticism’ on staff

How to Quiet a Racing Mind to Get Better Sleep

Advent is a season of candlelight, reflection

It’s not necessarily deluded to feel in control when you’re not

‘Snow Drought’ Is Threatening The Western US, And That Could Become a Massive Problem

5 Preparedness Items To Stock Up On In December

Scientists Create Robots Capable of Replicating Themselves


Thousands of Honeybees Stared Down Spain’s Cumbre Vieja Volcano. They Won

People Often Have Mysterious Dreams Before They Die


Majority of England’s Omicron cases are double-vaccinated

PETA Lambasts Anthony Fraudci Over Failed HIV Experiments Involving Monkeys

Thousands of protesters swarm Melbourne marching for ‘freedom of choice’ after Dan Andrews’ pandemic power-grab bill passed

Europe hits the fear porn button: Un-vaxxed lockdowns, jab mandates and travel bans rushed in

Singapore: Homeless Man Given Jail Sentence For Breaching ‘Stay At Home’ Order

Well, 10 points for creativity

World Health Organization Says “No Evidence” Booster Jabs Would Offer “Greater Protection” To The Healthy

A powerful and underappreciated ally in the climate crisis? Fungi

Frankincense and Myrrh: Useful Spices for Women After Giving Birth

Hawaii threatened by blizzard


Study: Psychedelics Promote Positive Mental Health Through Increased Spirituality and Emotion Regulation


Belgian Court Declares COVID Vaccine Passports Illegal & Threatened To Fine Region Who Impose It

Spanish inter-regional COVID committee says vaccine passports do not reduce infections

Austrians Who Refuse COVID Vaccine Could Face Prison, Health Officials Warn

Oklahoma sues Biden & Pentagon over vaccine mandate

Senile US Civil Servant reveals plan to ‘vaccinate the world’

Millions of Australians are at risk of a $125 fine this weekend due to a little-known election rule

Australia’s supply chain is at risk of collapse 

The Hidden, Magnificent History of Chop Suey

Deal reached to reduce Yellowstone’s bison herd

Plants And Animals Have Started Living on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Barbados Breaks With Elizabeth II to Become the World’s Newest Republic


How to Rest Well

Introduction to “The Real Anthony Fauci”: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Germany locks down the unvaccinated: Angela Merkel says parliament will debate making shots mandatory as she bars the un-jabbed from non-essential shops and leisure facilities

Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital To Administer Ivermectin

Not only do I not trust Boris to ‘save’ Christmas but I don’t understand why, where, how or who I spend December 25th with is any business of his or his army fear-mongering little helpers

Dr Fraudci warns Americans might have to receive COVID vaccine booster every year

Out of Africa on Black Friday: A Boost for Omicron Booster Shots?

Big Pharma unites Americans in disdain

Greece Imposes Monthly Fine Of 100 euros On Unjabbed People Over The Age Of 60

1 Out of Every 15 Lights in The Sky Could Soon Be a Satellite, an Astronomer Warns

These Truffle-Eating Marsupials in Australia Are ‘Ecosystem Engineers’

How the Hindu myth of Annapurna, goddess of food, connects sustenance with spirituality

The U.S. Returns More Than 900 Stolen Artifacts to Mali

Musk takes dig at new Twitter CEO with Stalin comparison


Whatever Makes Your Heart Sing

When Cold Yin Energy Peaks – Protect Your Heart

Outdoor Pet Cats Are Spreading a Brain Parasite to Wildlife


What’s all the fuss about? Most Omicron cases are ‘mild’ or show no symptoms


EU must consider mandatory Covid jabs, says Von der Leyen

Unvaccinated Canadians banned from planes and trains beginning today

Flip-Flop Fauci’s partisan political point-scoring shows he’s more interested in promoting himself than saving lives – he should park his gigantic ego

Switzerland (citizens) votes to keep vaccine passports

Judge Halts Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers Nationwide

Biden administration is considering forcing all travelers returning to the US to quarantine for seven days

Pentagon spells out penalties for National Guard members who refuse vaccination

France sends military police to Caribbean island amid vaccine mandate protests (Again)

Mother hits out after her four-year-old son was put in freezing cold school Covid ‘isolation shed’ because he had a runny nose

So-Called Pandemic Pushes Hunger in Latin America, Caribbean to 15-Year High, UN Says

Epstein’s Pilot Names Names, Recalls Shuttling Clinton, Trump, Spacey And Prince Andrew

Pedophile Elites panic As FAA Leaks Additional 700 Top Secret VIP Epstein Flights

Furious doctor tells vaccine skeptics to get a life as it’s revealed fully-vaxxed nurse died after battle with Covid

How we became weekly

The Benefits of Constant Job-Hunting 

Kevin Hart Defends Dave Chappelle: ‘Enough of This Cancel Culture BS

NASA rocket to study mysterious area above the North Pole

The urgent need to protect the Serengeti’s intricate web of life

Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Prepping for Beginners

Ten Winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Another atmospheric river hits flood-stricken British Columbia, Canada

Why Vulture Bees Prefer Rotting Flesh Over Pollen

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