QuickLines February 28

February 28, 2021

Rachel Levine, Joe Biden’s Nominee for Assistant Secretary for Health avoids Dr. Rand Paul’s Question

What is the truth about Covid deaths? Grieving relatives along with MPs and top medics demand inquiry as families reveal more loved ones they believe were wrongly certified as virus victims

The Covid Outbreak: “Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century.” Report by 1500 Health Professionals

Report: Facebook a ‘Hotbed of Child Sexual Abuse Material’ with 20M Incidents

Decline in Sperm Counts Caused by Chemicals Threatens Humanity’s Existence

As Telegram and Parler gain traction, Twitter tries to keep users by introducing paid Super Followers

The Wee Dictator of Scotland ‘could be gone within weeks’

Flying Syringes – Sct. Gates Wants To Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Inject You With Vaccines

China Emits More Carbon In 2 Weeks Than Australia Does In One Year: Think Tank

Turtles Caught in Disastrous Oil Spill Treated With Mayonnaise

Australian Woman Photographs Moth Larger Than Her Hand

More than 7 700 households without water supply as record snow hits Hokkaido, Japan

This New Image of Venus Shouldn’t Actually Exist

How a Powerful Dust Storm Made Mars ‘Disappear’ In 2018


Vaccine passports ‘Will be here by summer’ say EU ‘leaders’

UK Health Secretary Sociopath Matt Hancock and NHS Sued Over £23.5 Mln Contract With US Data Firm Linked to CIA

Danish PM ‘Vaccinations Will be Needed ‘Over and Over Again

‘Stop this child abuse now!’: Washington high school band practice in anti-Covid Tents

Not A Single Case Of Flu Detected By UK Health Authorities This Year

Human guinea pigs for Big Pharma and rotten states. The sickening experiments fuelling vaccine scepticism among people of colour

Breathtaking Pic From Hawaii Shows Not One, But Two Rare Sky Phenomena

From Telegram to elections: Leaked documents expose sinister workings of UK government’s anti-Russian ‘troll factory’

The War machine is back: Biden Carries Out Air Strikes In Syria Targeting “Iranian-Backed” Militia

Biden’s transgender assistant health secretary nominee refuses questions on child sex changes in confirmation hearing

California Collapsing

What about student loans, water or the homeless? Outrage follows report $1.7 trillion F-35 program is now considered a failure

‘Reach Out to FBI’: American Airlines Tight-Lipped About Possible UFO Sighting by One of Its Planes

Sex Tapes, Hush Money, and Hollywood’s Economy of Secrets

Can the Mighty Bankhar Dogs of Mongolia Save the Steppe?


The Uphill Battle to Stop Peru From Building a New Airport Near Machu Picchu

60 Percent of Americans Will Be Obese by 2030

Five Oregon counties to vote on leaving state, escaping to ‘Greater Idaho’

1 in 6 Americans under 23 say they’re LGBTQ, as more people in the US than ever identify as non-heterosexual

How Societies Are Imprisoned: The Whole World Will One Day Be Like Hollywood?

Australia Passes Law Requiring Google, Facebook Pay For News

Latest massive whales and dolphin die-off are signs of solar storm, magnetic pole shift and waning magnetosphere

Pfizer Demanding Bank Reserves, Military Bases And Embassy Buildings As Collateral For COVID-19 Vaccines

Dictator of Germany warns Germany could face ANOTHER lockdown even before current one ends

Dictator of Scotland’s storm troops turned Scotland into a banana republic without the bananas

The Push: Vaccine certificates are the only way to get UK running again and boost jabs


Japan Appoints “Minister Of Loneliness” After Disturbing Rise In ‘Social Distancing Era’ Suicides

Choosing Compassion: ‘A Tear for a Drop of Water’

Why Music Reminds Us We Are Human, Even in the Darkest Places

France okays dumbest ideas from the left, bans dumbest from the right – and complains US wokeness threatens its values

‘Blacklist’ site asks people to report everyone who voted for Trump to ‘unmask’ them

Media Silent as Biden Illegally Holds Unaccompanied Migrant Children

Biden Cancels Trump Program That Targeted Child Sex Traffickers in the US Illegally

Naomi Wolf joins Tucker Carlson to warn we’ve become a Covid-19 police state. Guess which one liberals think is the bigger crime?

Amateur Treasure Hunter Finds Trove of 1,000-Year-Old Viking Jewelry


Flesh-eating skin infection found in inner Melbourne for the first time

The Flesh-Eating Disease Spreading in Australia

The solar wind is here and a CME incoming 

Ancient tree tells chaotic tale of Earth’s magnetic field reversal

Video – Who Is Bill Gates?


Australian Open crowd boos at mention of coronavirus vaccines and Victorian government

Banned Documentary – Why Bill Gates Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines

Russian Scientists Figure Out How to Fight Salmonella With Probiotics

Biden’s White House ‘working directly’ with Big Tech to censor content causing ‘vaccine hesitancy’

Forget the real science, Harvard researchers say racism causes Covid

Americans’ Lust To ‘Cancel’ One Another Should Spark Soul Searching

Dark secret at some of Sydney’s most elite schools

NASA warns of Stadium-Sized asteroid headed towards Earth

MDMA proves a promising alcoholism treatment in world-first trial

‘Incredibly powerful’ paroxysm at Etna, lava fountains exceeding 1 000 m (3 300 feet) in height

Three volcanoes simultaneously erupt in Guatemala


Texas reels under dire water shortage crisis: 14M struggle to get clean water as residents are forced to scrape snow off walls to boil and experts warn of a health catastrophe

Insane pictures and videos of Texas Big Freeze

Extreme Cold Killed Texans in Their Bedrooms, Vehicles and Backyards

Alligators in Oklahoma Stick Their Mugs Out of Ice Amid Abnormal Freezing Temperatures

Mad Merkel: Pandemic will be with us until everyone on earth given Covid-19 vaccine

Dutch curfew extended by emergency bill as government shuns court ruling of Covid lockdown ‘illegality’

Video – How Big Tech Betrayed Us

Yosemite’s ‘Firefall’ Natural Wonder Illuminates El Capitan Through the End of February

A black-footed ferret has been cloned, a first for a U.S. endangered species

Will the Real Goulash Please Stand Up?


Let the poor have no food – Portland Police Guard Dumpsters Full of Food at Grocery Store

Revealed: In heartbreaking pictures, the consequence  of Covid hysteria that is now threatening 100,000 cancer patients

How Zuckerberg that rivals governments for power left a trail of scandals, privacy breaches and censorship in its wake before declaring war on Australia

With 300k still without power, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott launches probe into grid manager, says ERCOT lied about winter storm prep

Pfizer, BioNTech launch global trials of their Covid-19 vaccine in pregnant women

Indonesia Moves To Punish Citizens Who Refuse COVID Vaccine

5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp in 2021

Brand India – How a country used myth and mystique to tempt global investors

At least 2 400 cold temperature records broken or tied in the U.S. from February 12 to 16, 2021

NASA’s Perseverance rover has landed on Mars

2,000-Year-Old Figurine of Roman Love God Cupid Found in England

The Great Kenyan Giraffe Rescue

A Potato Battery Can Light Up a Room For Over a Month


New York City waitress is fired from job for saying she wanted to wait to get COVID-19 vaccine over concerns of its effects on pregnancy

German Nursing Home Whistleblower: ‘Elderly Dying After COVID Vaccine’

FBI and US Attorney in Brooklyn are investigating Gov. Cuomo and his COVID task force

Leaked Video Shows Facebook CEO Questioning “Long-Term Side Effects Of Modifying DNA” In COVID Vaccine

Collateral damage? Facebook’s purge of Australian news ‘inadvertently’ hits charities, health organizations & government pages

An Absurd Look At The Marxist, Ultra-Woke “Education” System In 2021

Most People Want Trump to Run in 2024, Poll Shows

Israeli Company Gets US Patent for Drone-Based Facial Recognition Technology

Historic snowstorm leaves 3 dead in Greece

The Quiet Disappearance of Australia’s Urban Platypuses

This Cactus Opens Its Petals Only One Night a Year


Canadians, if you aren’t furious at the politicians flagrantly flouting the Covid safety measures they imposed, you should be

Putin Reportedly “Interested” In Elon Musk’s Proposal For The Two Men To Speak

The US cannabis industry now supports 321,000 full-time jobs

At Least 30 Reportedly Injured Amid Protests in Catalonia

Hague Court of Appeal Reinstates Curfew in Netherlands With Immediate Effect

COVID-19 Antibodies Stay For at Least Nine Months, Risk of Re-Infection Low – Swedish Study

Biden Falsely Says There Was No COVID-19 Vaccine When He Entered White House

Earth’s mountains may have mysteriously stopped growing for a billion years

To Help a Rare Brazilian Parrot, Start With a Crossbow and Rappelling Beekeepers

Intense explosive activity at Etna volcano, Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Italy

Widespread disruption after heaviest snowfall in 12 years hits Greece

Severe snowstorm hits northern Japan, JMA warns it could become the strongest in years

Snow turns blood red and green in Antarctica

23-Year-Old Mother of 11 Has No Plans to Stop Growing Her Family


‘There’s no anonymity anymore – don’t kid yourself’: Natalya Kaspersky

Conspiracy theories are caused by government secrecy

New Zealand: Tyrannical PM Puts Entire City Of Auckland On Lockdown After Only 3 Cases Of Covid

Czech Microbiologist Soňa Peková Claims 2nd And 3rd Wave Coronavirus Strain Was Artificially Engineered

Bill Gates Goes Full Captain Planet, Wants To Change ‘Every Aspect Of Economy’ While We Dine On Fake Meat

Ex-Belgian PM Accuses Von Der Leyen of ‘Prolonging Drastically’ COVID Pandemic with Vaccine ‘Fiasco’

Danish Police Investigating Businesses for Reopening in ‘Shop Uproar’ Against Lockdown Rules

Amazon Recruiting 26 Former FBI Agents To Smash Workers Unions

Single on Valentine’s Day and happily so

Why Is Romantic Love So Different From Our Other Experiences?

Power Outage in Northern Mexico Hits 400,000 Users

Raphael’s Divine ‘Acts of the Apostles’ Drawings


How Early Megacities Emerged From the Jungles of Cambodia

Chinese New Year and the Legend of Nian

What would a truly wild Ireland look like?

A Peculiar Side Effect of Prozac: Fish Swimming in Our Waste Lose Their Individuality

One Man’s Terrorist Is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter

Paying the Price for Lockdown: UK Economy Suffers Biggest Drop in 300+ Years

Coronavirus Medical Bills: America’s Next Financial Crisis?

Biden suggests Americans will have to wear face masks next year

Tucker Carlson: George Soros Is Trying To Take My Show off Air

AI Can Now Learn to Manipulate Human Behavior

Videos: Texas Ice Storm Leads to Widespread Power Outages, Fatal Car Crashes

Why 14 million Spaniards are at risk from earthquakes

6.0-Magnitude Quake Strikes Tajikistan-China Border Causing Aftershocks in the Region

Man And Swan Have Been Best Friends for the Last 37 Years

Milan: Italy’s lost city of canals


Great Reset? Putin Says, “Not So Fast”

‘Western Elites Want a World Without Religion and History’

Norway Ponders Recommending Double Masking

UK – Social distancing and mask rules will have to last until at least autumn

Instagram Bans Robert F Kennedy Jr Over ‘Misleading’ Covid Vaccine Posts

New Research Review Says HCQ Plus Zinc Reduces COVID-19 Deaths

As Lunar New Year approaches, many Asians worry about future journeys

Mass disruption after ‘extreme freeze’ hits the U.K

Moscow braces for major winter storm and record snow, Russia

Bill Gate’s Sun-Dimming Project Is Getting Closer To Reality

NZ – Earthquake under the sea shakes upper South Island and lower North


Dozens of people develop rare blood disorder after taking coronavirus vaccines

Struggling Airlines Abandon Business Hubs And Reroute Flights To Tropical Areas 

Graves, Strange Enclosure Found Near Stonehenge

The Dome of San Lorenzo

New Zealand’s parliament has backed down in a dispute with a Maori MP who refused to wear a tie

Grizzlies are coming back

Polar Vortex Blasts All of Canada Into Frigid, Subfreezing Temperatures

U.S. sees the deadliest week of avalanches in over a century

Shallow M7.7 earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

China’s first Mars mission, Tianwen-1, successfully enters orbit around Red Planet

Facebook to ban claims about ‘man-made’ Covid-19 & ‘unsafe’ vaccines as it launches election-like campaign to promote vaccination

Germany Hired Scientists To Develop Fake Coronavirus Model To Justify Strict Lockdown

WHO Chief Says ‘Concerning News’ COVID Vaccines May Not Work Against Novel Strains
(as planned – more vaccines – more lockdowns)

Widespread COVID Vaccinations in U.S. May Not Mean an End to Travel Restrictions

UK: The ‘more elaborate’ your summer holiday plans, the more likely that you will have to cancel them

Ontario is building a web portal for mass COVID vaccination

Doctor With Bioweapons Expertise Calls COVID-19 Injections ‘Weaponized Medicine’

Survey: More Than Half Of Americans Don’t Want COVID-19 Injections

Telegram scores top spot as most-downloaded app in the world for January, founder reveals

Major snowstorm hits Netherlands, Germany and UK


The Journey to Understand Love Can Begin Young

Global food prices soar to 6-year high, UN agency says

Saharan dust plume with high values moving over Europe

WhatsHerFaceAOC’s harrowing experience at the Capitol

Mouse apocalypse on the march across NSW, Qld, SA and Victoria, Australia

Hundreds march through Copenhagen to protest Covid-19 lockdown & plans for vaccination passports

Covid ‘is a gift that keeps on giving’: Labour shadow attorney general is caught on tape saying


Dutch Govt Promises To Return All Stolen Colonial Era Objects To Their Countries Of Origin

Famous Journal Gives Up Science for Wokeness

Somalia declares state of emergency over new locust invasion

Greek City Kalamata Blocks 5G Pilot Program Due To Risk Of Infertility

Jill Biden Says “We Owe It To Our Dogs To Keep Wearing Masks”

What Is The Purpose Of Injected With MRNA Technology? World Will Not Reopen And You Will Still Wear A Mask And Social Distance

It will take 7 years to end the coronavirus pandemic

AOC Demands Mass Censorship After Being Caught in a Lie

In confronting Russian ‘aggression’, Biden forgets he is the problem, not the solution

The Curious Case Of The Hedge Fund That Made $700 Million On GameStop

Man Gets 7-Inch-Long Fish Stuck in His Throat in Bizarre Fishing Accident

Mount St. Helens rumbles again

The True History Behind Netflix’s ‘The Dig’


3 Judge Court In Peru Rules COVID-19 Pandemic Started By Bill Gates, George Soros And Rockefeller

The Search for Aboriginal History Off the Coast of Australia

Italian Mafia Tells Ambulances to Stop Using Sirens as They Scare Off Drug Dealers

Horrified dog food factory worker ‘saw 7ft telepathic alien mantis’ while cycling home

Weather Phenomenon Triggers Nightmarish Spider Infestations in Australian Homes

Americans Are Buying Guns At “Blistering Pace”

German nuns ‘rented’ orphaned boys to businessmen for ‘gang bangs & orgies’

Child abuse in the Spanish Catholic Church: ‘In Spain, no one does anything’

Baseball stadiums turn into vaccine ‘mega sites’

United Airlines CEO: Mandatory Vaccines ‘Will Become What Most Companies Do

Sweden to Shut Borders for Arrivals Without Negative COVID-19 Test… Except Asylum Migrants

Virginia’s on the Verge of Legalizing Marijuana

Putin says freedom of speech online must be defended against social media companies intent on making ‘profit at any cost’

26 Proven Tactics to Get Promoted at Work

Europe braces for significant continent-wide cold outbreak

Major bushfire destroys at least 71 homes in Perth Hills, threatening 2 more suburbs, Australia


The Eternal Beauty of Divine Truth and Love: ‘Aurora Taking Leave of Tithonus

IMF Sent $350 Million in Cash to Myanmar Days Before Military Takeover, Report Says

UN Claims: ‘Staggering Rise In Climate Related Disasters’ — Reality: Downward Trend In Disasters

Florida Governor DeSantis to Penalize Big Tech Companies for Unlawful Practices

Big Tech behaves as if they’re the new rulers of the world, and they need to be stopped. At last, the pushback has begun

What Facebook’s Privacy Policies Don’t Tell You

China Cracks Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Ring, Confiscates 3000 Fake Doses

Has Joe Biden Lost His Mind?

7 Dead And All Residents Infected In Spanish Nursing Home After The Experimental Pfizer MRNA Shots

Merkel vaccine agenda: “OK, if you don’t want the shot, you may not be able to do certain things”

Bill Gates calls for global alert system and ‘pandemic fire squads’ for post-Covid-19 world

Australia’s big move to take part of China’s ‘monopoly’

Criticism Pours in as Norway Confirms Historic Deployment of US Bombers

Perth bushfire: Evacuations as dozens of homes destroyed

Captive orcas are tormented by boredom and family separation

How the world’s largest rhino population dropped by 70 percent—in a decade


Isle of Man lifts all lockdown rules as pubs, schools and shops reopen with social distancing and face masks scrapped after 25-day circuit breaker

Carlson: ‘American Establishment is Now at War Against Its Own Population’

UK Gestapo Arrest Man For Handing Out Free Soup To Those In Need

Thousands of Aussies desert capital cities

Myanmar’s military reverts to its old strong-arm behaviour — and the country takes a major step backwards

Shootings in Sweden Spike 10 Percent, Reach Record High

Sweden to Teach Migrants That Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, and Child Marriage are Wrong

Massive Chinese Buying Spree Sends Corn Prices To Highest Since 2013

Swastikas painted on Belgian PM’s house, authorities blame anti-lockdown protesters

A Fleet of Air Taxis Is Coming to Central Florida by 2025

Electric cars, fewer cows in New Zealand’s ‘climate change’ plan

Establishment Players Strike Back Against Gamestop Investors

Ultrasound Blasts ‘Jumpstarted’ The Brains of 2 People in Coma-Like State

Twisted light from the beginning of time could reveal brand-new physics

Orlena has already dumped two feet of snow and is still going: 2,000 flights are cancelled, cities are flooded

AU: Warning of ‘dangerous storm outbreak’ for south east; cyclones in west and north

Severe storms hit Chile with hail and record rainfall


America’s Trust In The Mainstream Media Hits An All-Time-Low (And “Journalists” Are Shocked)

“As Long As Not Everybody Is Vaccinated, Nobody Will Be Safe” Says Globalist Klaus Schwab

329 Deaths and 9,516 “Other Injuries” in U.S. Reported Following Covid Vaccine

Massachusetts congressman tests positive for Covid-19 after getting 2 shots of Pfizer vaccine

UK terror police: online privacy is “putting lives at risk”

UK – Social distancing may remain in place all year

Anti-lockdown protesters stage torch-lit march in Denmark

Coronavirus Australia: Moron Scott Morrison issues chilling warning for the coming year

‘You got conned’: Regretful Democrat volunteers cope with disappointment after Biden turns out to have misled about $2,000 checks

The Only Way To Win Is Not To Play

Women Proved to Be Exceptional Pilots During WWII

Human-hippo conflicts are exploding in this pristine patch of Kenya

Feast on This Guide to Modern Māori Cooking

The Human Thumb Suddenly Got 500,000 Years Older

NYC, New Jersey and Philadelphia declare state of emergencies and cancel thousands of flights as winter storm Orlena starts dumping up to 2 feet of snow

‘Monumental’ winter storm Orlena bears down on Chicago as it steamrolls toward the East Coast

Part of California’s Iconic Highway 1 Collapses Into Ocean After Storm


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