QuickLines January 19

January 19, 2022

Fraudci reports back to Davos that the US has a Covid “disinformation” problem

Facemasks Caused A Massive 364% Spike In Children With Speech Delays

Rand Paul Wonders If YouTube Will “Kiss My… And Apologize” After CDC Admits Cloth Masks Aren’t Effective

‘Paedo Home’: British Royal Residence in Scotland Decorated

Kremlin ‘Concerned’ by ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Prospect of Delivery of Stingers to Ukraine

Israel police uses NSO’s Pegasus to spy on citizens

Tonga races to clear runway for volcano aid flights

The secret of Arctic ‘survival parenting’

15 Places Improbably Frozen in Time

The chocolate route

Ancient Highways & Prehistoric Funerary Monuments Found in Saudi Arabia

Photos: Snow Covers Sahara Desert in Rare Event as Temperatures Drop Below Freezing


Covid outbreaks now shrinking in 96% of England’s neighbourhoods

Don’t Underestimate How Badly The Powerful Need Control Of Online Speech

‘270 Doctors’ Called Out Joe Rogan – But Vast Majority Of Authors, Signatories Are Not Medical Doctors

Tonga cut off from the rest of the world after massive volcanic eruption and tsunami

As a former US intelligence officer, I see a red flag in the CIA’s latest anti-Russia playbook

NATO unveils ‘space policy’

Apple browser bug could lead to personal data leak

Dimming The Sun Is a Dangerous Gamble And Should Be Banned, Scientists Warn

Metal plate implanted into head of Peruvian warrior 2,000 years ago is thought to be the world’s first skull surgery and the patient survived 

1st bioengineered hybrid animals discovered — in ancient Mesopotamia

New Study Confirms Problem With Common Food Additive

Mars rover detects carbon signature that hints at past life source


In Australia, the Clowns Are in Charge – And It’s No Laughing Matter


Priorities? NYPD arrests multiple vaccine mandate protesters in Times Square Olive Garden but failed to stop convicted felon shoving woman, 40, to her death just yards away in subway station

Poland Plans To Add DNA Test To Covid Screening

Greek Seniors to be fined for violating vaccine mandate

Hundreds of Thousands Protest ‘New World Order’ in France as COVID Narrative Crumbles

Tonga -‘Once in a thousand years explosion’

The Tonga eruption explained, from tsunami warnings to sonic booms

Massive shockwave from Tonga volcano was felt around the world as it circled the globe at 830mph (1340 km/h) – Sonic boom heard in Canada and Alaska

Metal plate implanted into head of Peruvian warrior 2,000 years ago is thought to be the world’s first skull surgery

Suing doctors for allowing people to have been born sets a very dangerous precedent

Why India’s fossil wealth has remained hidden

12 Intervention Trials Show Vitamin C Works for COVID-19

Why You Should Never Quit Fruit During a Low-Carb Diet

Thousands of Flights Cancelled, Power Out Across US Amid Snow Storm


N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC): Could this Amino Acid Change Your Life?

Full Moon January 17, 2022 – Dark Secrets


How Fauci profits from the pandemic

Fully Vaccinated Australians In Hospital For COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated

There’s no spinning it – Australian officials should be ashamed of Novak Djokovic treatment

Thousands take to the street in Sydney to rally against jabs for kids

Singapore bans unvaccinated from offices

Anger as US School Allows Satan Club to Distribute Flyers in Its Lobby

Land of the free? Liberty has dwindled for most Americans over past 20 years

Which US States Are the Freest?

Ditch Your ‘Plus One’: Residents of Town Forced to Have Appendix Removed Before Moving In

9 Ways To Prepare To Live Off-Grid

Eucalyptus Oil Benefits, Plus 15 Ways to Use

More evidence a common virus is primary cause of multiple sclerosis

Netflix Is About to Cost You More Money

US: What You Need To Know Ahead Of Weekend Winter Storm

Take a Look at The Largest And Most Detailed 3D Map of The Universe Ever Made


Reading the Strings and Knots that Keep the Secrets of the Inka Empire


Epstein brought eight young women with him on his trips to see Bill Clinton at the White House

The real lesson of Partygate is not that Boris is a lying hypocrite (we knew that already) but that lockdown laws are an ass and always have been

Two Parties Reportedly Held at 10 Downing Street as UK Quarantined

Australia cancels Djokovic visa for second time

Contact tracing app data misused by German police after restaurant death

Germany considers attempting to ban Telegram

‘Women are annoying!’: How Japanese society fights for gender equality and loses to traditions


The spirits of our lost children came back to bring us comfort

60 Million Fish Nests in Antarctica Found in Single Largest Breeding Colony to Date

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Hormone That Fights Cancer

Fast-moving winter storm to bring heavy snow and gusty winds to Central U.S.

Stuffed Mushrooms With a Mediterranean Accent


Elderly Couple Dies Within Seconds of Each Other After They Were Able to Hold Hands

Probiotics for Vaginal Health? (Plus Other Steps to A Healthy Vagina)

Mercury Retrograde January 14, 2022 – Risky Business


“We Failed”: Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them

The Digital Dehumanisation Of Mankind

What War With Russia Would Look Like

Denmark to 4th Covid vaccine dose

Prince Andrew to face civil sex assault case after US ruling

The Age Of Intolerance: Cancel Culture’s War On Free Speech


Cannabis Compounds Block COVID-19 From Entering Body, Study Finds

Your ‘Olive Oil’ Bottle Is Lying to You

Under a moon spell: Shark attacks related to lunar phases

Man Learns About Cockroach Living in His Head After Complaining of Water in Ear

Discovering the Unexpected Wonder of Mumbai’s Coastal Wildlife

Archaeologists Discover—and Start to Decode—Rare Medieval Runes

Major power outage affects 743 000 homes in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents

Northeast faces coldest air in three years amid warnings of frostbite ‘in as little as 10 minutes’

BoJo Pressured to ‘Come Clean’ Or ‘Resign’ After Latest Revelations in ‘Partygate’ Row

UK Government Caught Breaching Their Own Lockdown Rules

Unvaccinated to face special tax in Canada

Twitter Bans Project Veritas within Minutes of Exposing Fauci’s Crimes

The rhinos bringing peace in India

Wari Culture Used Alcohol and Drugs to Maintain Political Control

Infamous ‘Gates of Hell’ Crater, Blazing For Decades, Set to Be Extinguished

Mafia Member on the Run for 20 Years Arrested After Being Spotted on Google Maps

Vid: A Vervet Monkey Befriends Some Hostile Dogs


How Australia Exposed its Flawed Immigration System to the World

Cubans Turn to Natural Remedies in Midst of Prescription Drugs Shortage

The Forgotten Medieval Habit of ‘Two Sleeps’


Covid is now like a bad flu year as experts say pandemic will be on the brink of becoming ‘endemic’ after Omicron wave subsides

T Cells From Common Colds Cross-Protect Against Infection With COVID-19: Study

Nicola Sturgeon tells Scots they may have to wear masks for years

Most Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in New Jersey Admitted for Non-COVID Reasons: Officials

Suicide Attempts Among Minors Increased Fourfold Amid Lockdown Reveals German Study

6 Ways to Delete Yourself From the Internet

Aboriginal police officer speaks out about the shocking act of racism as a cop in Western Australia

The benefits of intermittent fasting the right way

Deep freeze from Upper Midwest, U.S. to Atlantic Canada

Strong Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Cyprus Region

Yes, there is really ‘diamond rain’ on Uranus and Neptune


Novak Djokovic wins blockbuster court case against Australian  government and is free to stay in the country and compete in the Australian Open

California Folds; Says Asymptomatic COVID-Positive Health Workers Can Get Back To Work Amid Shortages

‘3,500 kids are in hospital, not 100,000’: CDC Director Wallensky corrects  Justice Sotomayor’s wildly false claim that ‘over 100,000 children are seriously ill with COVID, many on ventilators’

France: Massive Crowds Take To The Streets Vowing To ‘Piss Off’ Macron

Australia: Thousands rally against vaccination of children (Vids)

“I Do Not Want To Have A Vaccination”: NHS Doctor Tells UK Health Secretary On Camera

‘Inconceivable’ Scandal as Illegal Immigrant Hired to Clean Swedish Prime Minister’s Villa

The Fall Of The Mainstream Media And The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021

‘After 900 nuclear tests on our land, US wants to ethnically cleanse us’: meet the most bombed nation in the world

How ‘Flower Power’ Quite Literally Transformed Earth Millions of Years Ago

Mind-Blowing New Fossil Site Found in The ‘Dead’ Heart of Australia

What Are Minerals in Food? Benefits, Sources & Why We Need Them

Tropical Cyclone “Tiffany” to make landfall over the far north Queensland, Australia

Supernovae and life on Earth appears closely connected

Watch: Buffalo smashes into restaurant, sends customer flying


Fungi: The Secret Kingdom


‘I’m stuck in Australia’s refugee hotel with Novak Djokovic – and it’s hell’ 

Thousands of vaccine skeptic protesters take to the streets across Melbourne to rally against restrictions

‘Risk of conflict is real’ – NATO chief

Man bursts into flames after being tasered

Winter Weather Wreaks Havoc Across US, With Over 90 Million People Affected by Snowstorms

This Wonder of the Ancient World shone brightly for more than a thousand years

The Medieval Queens Whose Daring, Murderous Reigns Were Quickly Forgotten


Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ineffective

How to Make a Difficult Decision

Essential Oils For The Winter Season


5 Soccer Players Die From Heart Attacks Believed To Be From Vaccine Side Effects

France suspends debates after Macron admitted he wants to “piss off” those without a vaccine passport

What Does the Maxwell Verdict Mean for Prince Andrew & Other Alleged High-Profile Sex Abusers?

Leaked: ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Admittedly Used By Governments As Tool Of Population Control

Philippines President threatens unvaccinated with prison time

Specialty Clinic Fires 700 Employees Over Vaccine Mandate

Fraudci Urges Term ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Be Replaced With ‘Up-to-Date’ Shots

Beverly Hills Residents Panic-Buy Guns Amid Crime-Wave

Australian supermarkets are running out of food

Internet switched off in Kazakhstan amid unrest

Google & Facebook fined for spying on users

USA: The Northeast Is About to Face a Gnarly Winter Storm

China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Just Broke a Major World Record For Plasma Fusion

Progress Isn’t Linear

The Bug That Saved California

How these Japanese prayer plaques became symbols of hope

The Devil Walks Among Us: The Legend of The Jersey Devil

Why Did Ancient Scots Prepare ‘Frankenstein’ Mummies?

Experts baffled by continuing South Carolina earthquakes

Tuscan White Bean Soup Recipe

Lemon, Herbs, and Butter Flavor This Fancy Fish Dinner


Moderna’s Financial Projections

Rise Lazarus, Rise – Time To Join The Living


How $3billion worth of food on Australian supermarket shelves is fake and made with cheaper, lower quality ingredients than it claims

These Ants Can ‘Heal’ Wounded Trees in a Fascinating Symbiotic Relationship

Scottish Newspaper pitches Covid-19 ‘internment camps’

Truth Needs to Come Out’: BoJo Urged to Release Secret Docs on Wars Under Tony Blair

India concerned by Merck Covid pill side effects

Expansive, prolonged period of winter weather across northwestern U.S.

10 non-alcoholic drinks to help you through Dry January

Featured :

Rise Lazarus, Rise – Time To Join The Living

Love The Love

Finding The Path Of The Mystic

Finding Our Way…


Ancient Toilet Reveals Dangerous Parasites Once Plagued Jerusalem’s Elite

Governments Admit Using ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ As Tool of Population Control

Macron vows to ‘piss off’ the unvaxxed into submission

Unvaccinated to be banned from booze and marijuana in Canada


Your Attention Didn’t Collapse. It Was Stolen

Why Ginger Is the Ultimate Winter Ingredient


One million Brits in Covid isolation as back-to-work chaos looms

COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions When Used With Many Common Meds: FDA

Elizabeth Holmes convicted of fraud & conspiracy

The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life…All Thanks To Joe Rogan

Massive US Snowstorm – Hundreds of Thousands Without Power

Why ‘mood shame’ is bad for you

The Hydraulic Telegraph of Aeneas – Long-Distance Communication of Antiquity

Why ‘mood shame’ is bad for you

20 Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Brain, Heart, Joints

Leaky Gut Syndrome: 7 Signs You May Have It

Stunning, Otherworldly Images of Mars Captured by China’s Mars Orbiter


Dutch anti-lockdown protester is mauled by police dogs and hit with batons as riot cops battle to break up thousands-strong march in Amsterdam against Holland’s strict Covid measures

2022 Will Mirror 2021 Unless We Openly Disobey Unscientific Tyranny

Mystery Neurological Illness Causing Swift Cognitive Decline Reportedly Spreads in Canadian Province

3 people missing, 991 homes destroyed and 127 damaged by catastrophic Marshall Fire in Colorado

In Indonesia, orangutan killings often go unpunished

The 10 Worst Helicopter Parenting Stories of 2021

How to Keep an Outdoor Faucet or Spigot From Freezing

Monster crab attacks Australian golfers on Christmas Island

The Weirdest Eyes in The Animal Kingdom See a World We Can’t Imagine


There’s Something About Eating Mushrooms That Seems to Lower Depression Risk

This Mysterious Fire in Australia Has Been Burning For at Least 6,000 Years

AOC Toxic Narcissist Much?

How to Know When Your iPhone Could Be Recording You

The story of how a single mum has toured the world carrying her disabled son on her back

Over 100,000 People Sign Petition Against Tony Blair’s Knighthood

How to Delete Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

Watch police descend on massive party over Covid-19 rules

More Than 10,000 Australians Want $600,000 Compensation For Vaccine Side Effects

COVID, Ivermectin, And ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’: Dr. Robert Malone Gives Blistering Interview To Joe Rogan

Thousands Learn That Extra Money in Their Account Is No Christmas Gift, It’s a $176 Million Bank Error

France tells 6yo kids to mask up

US to Clear Pfizer’s COVID-19 Booster Vaccine for 12-15 Year Old Adolescents


Soren Dreier’s Healing Work Creates Immediate and Real Results

Parental Estrangement

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Self-Care and Stronger Relationships


Vid: !0 Amazing New Years Traditions From Around The World

Marking The Days: The Convoluted History of The Modern Western Calendar

The new year once started in March—here’s why

Russia Is the Last Remaining Christian Country

Outrage Over Queen’s Knighthood For ‘Mass-Murdering War Criminal’ Ex-PM Tony Blair

‘Six Witnesses’ Reportedly Ready ‘To Place’ Prince Andrew Together With His Sex Abuse Accuser

Fraudci Goes There: Finally Admits Kids Not Being Hospitalized From COVID

Colorado fire: Up to 1,000 homes burned to ground as inferno declared most destructive ever

China Pursues “Brain Control” Weaponry In Bid To Command Future Of Warfare

Countries accelerate shift away from US dollar

2021 Year In Review: Madness, Mayhem, & Tyranny

Alaska faces ‘Icemageddon’ as temperatures swing wildly

9 must-see stargazing events to watch in 2022

Spirited Cooking: A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking With Alcohol


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