QuickLines January 16

January 16, 2021

Who is controlling food in the US? Bill Gates is now America’s biggest owner of farmland

China delivers new threat to Australia

Big Tech Coalition Is Developing a Digital COVID Vaccination Passport

WHO Calls Into Question Ability Of PCR Test To Detect COVID-19 (False Positives)

Scientists at Wuhan Virology Lab Had CCP Virus-Like Sickness in Autumn 2019, State Department Says

A New Film Details the FBI’s Relentless Pursuit of Martin Luther King Jr.

Woman lifts the lid on her ‘internship from hell’ at Goldman Sachs

Gaga To Sing National Anthem at Joe Biden’s Inauguration

WhatsApp Pushes Back Deadline For Users to Agree on New Terms Amid User Backlash

Rare Wolverine Spotted in Yellowstone for the First Time in Years


Norway Links 13 Deaths to Pfizer Vaccine’s Side Effects

Dreaming Is Like Taking LSD

Insane Australia hunts Joe the racing pigeon who made epic 8,000-mile journey from Oregon to Sydney

No, AOC, It’s Not the Government’s Job to ‘Rein in Our Media’

AOC’s suggestion for federal commission to ‘rein in’ the press is slammed as ‘wholly un-American’ plan to create 1984-style ‘Ministry of Truth’

Canadian government to introduce online “hate speech” regulations in early 2021

‘They act as a Spanish Inquisition’: Mexico’s president vows to lead international push against social media censorship

Denmark’s Hardline Former Immigration Minister Facing Impeachment Trial Over Child Brides

Google’s burying of news in a pandemic ‘grossly irresponsible’, experts say

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hints at future crackdowns in leaked video

Encrypted email provider Tutanota reports more than double usual signups

Enormous pigeon-eating catfish wreaking havoc on Europe’s ecosystems

Preparing for Armed Protests in Your City

Animal magnetism is real

Astronomers may have detected background ripples in spacetime itself

Tsunami Feared After Major Quake in Indonesia

Deadly windstorm rolls through Pacific Northwest, more than 600 000 customers without power

3 Ways to Love Cauliflower


High Blood Pressure Symptoms You Can Reverse Naturally

Depression has a strategy 

If Big Tech Can Ban Political Views So Easily, Why Is Child Porn Rife On Their Platforms?

Goodbye, Big Tech? People are losing trust in social media platforms, economist tells

No mask, no money?

Ten Things You Need to Know about the Experimental COVID Vaccines

International travellers may be sent to quarantine in Queensland’s regional mining camps

Jogger is stopped by Covid marshal for ‘breathing heavily’

Mysterious Helicopters Believed to Be Associated With Secretive US Aviation Unit Spotted in LA

Video: 83 Global Brands Tied to Forced Labor in China

Mexico is moving to legalize cannabis in 2021. What does that mean for the US?

Life on skid row: Photographer shares his most powerful images

Near power grid blackout in Europe before Nationwide electricity collapse in Pakistan – What’s plunging millions of people in the dark around the world?

Pesticides Slowly Killing Bees, Study Says

Spectacular ‘tree of life’ found in lake

Astronomers Find an Astonishing ‘Super-Earth’ That’s Nearly as Old as The Universe

Category 5 atmospheric river brings flooding rain and strong winds to Oregon and Washington, U.S.

Programmer Loses Password to Wallet Containing $220 Million in Bitcoin

How to Read a Road Map – 6 Easy Steps


One Pissed off Doctor – Masks Are Killing You

9,000 children died in Ireland’s brutal homes for unmarried mothers and babies run by the Catholic Church

Big Brother gets even bigger: Moscow to create database with residents’ salaries, vehicle information & even school results

Medical study suggests iPhone 12 with MagSafe can deactivate pacemakers

The truth is in there? ‘All ?’ of the CIA’s files on UFOs are now available for download

How Mexico is reclaiming spirulina

Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Strikes Off Irian Jaya, Indonesia

What Antarctic Meteorites Tell Us About Earth’s Origins


Over 40 million people flock to Gab after Big Tech censorship spree

Millions of WhatsApp users abandon the app and switch to rivals Telegram or Signal ahead of privacy policy update that will force them to share their personal data with Facebook

Over Half a Million Americans Reportedly Download Telegram After Trump Social Media Blackout

The Great Purge: Twitter Has Suspended More Than 70,000 Accounts Since Friday

Lockdown ‘ineffective’ against spread of COVID-19, may even increase risk to vulnerable populations, research claims

Plunging global birth rate shows long-term effects of Covid on society will be devastating

FBI bulletin claims threat of ‘armed protests’ and ‘huge uprising’ if Trump is removed – reports

Bill Gates Accused Of Hypocrisy For Joining Bid To Buy Private Jet Firm While Preaching About Climate Change

For The First Time, Astronomers May Have Heard The Background ‘Hum’ of The Universe

The now disrupting polar vortex is set to release arctic blasts and extreme winter weather across the United States and Europe

Powerful winter stom hits southern U.S., leaving more than 150 000 customers without power

Intense cold waves bring rare snowfall to Taiwan

Powerful winter storm slams Japan with record snow

Historic snow engulfs capital Madrid just 2 days after Spain registered its coldest temperature on record

Italy Plunged Into Its Worst Blackout In A Decade

Invasive Brown Tree Snakes Stun Scientists With Amazing New Climbing Tactic

Home Fortification Tips That Can Save Your Life

The poet Wendell Berry reflects on the sublime peace of escaping into wilderness


The Great Reset’s Official Launch Date Is Jan. 25-29 In Davos, Switzerland

The Big Tech censorship alliance just ran a masterclass in media control for dictators around the world

Mozilla Says “More Must Be Done” To Rid Internet “Bad Actors”

Food Price Inflation Accelerates For Seventh Consecutive Month

Insane Pope labels opposition to jabs ‘suicidal denial’

Denmark to Roll Out Coronavirus ‘Vaccine Passports’ Early This Year

The Origins Of America’s Secret Police

Evidence Mounts of a Capitol Hill False Flag

Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury shine in a triple-conjunction this weekend

These pharaohs’ private letters expose how politics worked 3,300 years ago

Bacteria can tell the time

Powerful 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Argentina


Maintenance sex is better than no sex

The top cannabis research studies of 2020

Boeing Charged With $2.5 Billion For Criminal Conspiracy To Coverup 737 Max Aircraft Crashes

‘The Truman Show’: A Fascinating Look at Privacy and Reality 

One Of The Oldest Conspiracies Proven True: Project Echelon

Glenn Greenwald Blasts Big Tech for Censoring ‘Unilaterally, with No Standard, Accountability or Appeal’

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: MSM, Tech Giants Using DC Riots To Push For Censorship

Denmark Limits Travel From All Countries

The Resilience of ’21: Californians Are Revolting Against the Lockdown

Now fascist UK police ban snowballs

Children’s Hospitals Grapple With Wave Of Mental Illness

The World’s Most Expensive Liquid Sells for Up to $39 Million A Gallon

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Fresh Pasta

Who Invented the Alphabet?


The Pictures Of Stonehenge They Don’t Want You To See

Birds Have a ‘Quantum Sense’. For The First Time, Scientists Saw It in Action
As do we

Consciousness and Kinesiology

After traumatic childhoods, two sisters dedicate their golden years to fun

How Does Your Narcissistic Mother Impact Your Children?

‘Angel’ hovering over burning home in Poland

Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Modern Epidemic

Kamala Harris (Deep State) Called Riots “A Movement” Last Summer, Said “They Should Not” Stop

How An Austrian And British Malthusian Brainwashed A Generation Of Americans

Homeland Security Committee wants all ‘domestic terrorists’ who besieged US Capitol placed on FBI no-fly list

Video: Trump Concedes US Election, Says Capitol Rioters ‘Defiled the Seat of American Democracy’

Big Mike asks Big Tech giants to permanently ban President Trump

Dystopian UK:

100,000 Britons abroad face scramble to find a covid test or risk being stranded

‘Clap for Carers’ salute returns

BBC Says People Should Wear Face Masks & Avoid Kissing During Sex

Spain sets new all-time record low, Storm Filomena to drop historic snow over capital Madrid

Sudden stratospheric warming could mean wild winter storms ahead

Ten Celestial Events to Look Forward to in 2021


Tucker Carlson – What Happened on Capitol Hill

Tensions Subside in DC After Protesters Stormed US Capitol, Clashed With Police – Videos

National Guard, Federal Protective Services Deployed Amid Chaos at U.S. Capitol

‘You have to go home now’: Trump urges supporters who breached capitol to leave, says ‘I know how you feel’

Russiagate Democrats blame Putin for crowd that stormed US Capitol protesting ‘stolen’ US election

Trump Cabinet Members Discussing Invoking 25th Amendment to Remove President From Power

Protesters Flood Statehouses in 17 States

Senate reconvenes for Electoral College vote count with heavily armed guards after US Capitol siege

The U.S. Capitol’s turbulent history of bombings, assassination attempts, and violence

As a headmaster, I see children suffering mental health issues unlike anything before. This new shutdown of schools is disastrous

BLM And MAGA Come Together To Oppose Forced Vaccination Bill In New York

Is Forever Mass-Vaxxing the “New Abnormal”?

What To Expect In 2021: Madness, Mayhem, Manipulation, & More Tyranny

We, the common people, are at war against an ever more authoritarian and tyrannical elitist Globalist system

Study: Bill Gates DTP Vaccine Killed 10 Times More African Girls Than The Disease Itself

Bad Air Raises Your Chance of Dementia

Archaeologists in Turkey Unearth 2,500-Year-Old Temple of Aphrodite

Powerful winter storms bring severe winds and snow to Alaska, Pacific Northwest and Canada


UK Police COVID crackdown begins: Brave Masked cops handcuff pensioners and protesters ‘breaking lockdown rules’

Epidemiologist Says Influenza Cases Are Being Counted As COVID-19

Moderna Admits: MRNA Jabs Are An ‘Operating System’ Designed To Program Humans

Merkel extends German national lockdown until at least end January

Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine

UK’s Labour Leader Calls For Legislation To ‘Deal With’ Anti-Vax Campaigners

No one gets a second childhood. Why must they pay the price for the virus?

‘Risk for future generations’? Peru clashes with Pfizer over Big Pharma’s legal immunity for Covid-19 vaccine side effects

Catastrophe Is All Around Us

Assange’s Lawyers to Seek Bail After UK Judge Ruled Against Extradition to US

New York Times runs opinion piece praising China’s version of “freedom”

The Lost History of Yellowstone

Hundreds of Birds Mysteriously Drop Dead During New Year’s Eve Celebration

Mysterious energy source melts Tel Aviv sidewalks

Scientists Warn of an ‘Imminent’ Stratospheric Warming Event Around The North Pole

American Airlines Is Grounding Emotional-Support Animals

Prepper Resolutions – 8 Tips for How to Make 2021 a Better Year


Americans’ Distrust of Media Reaches New High, Gallup Says

Google Is The ‘Most Dangerous Company On The Face Of The Planet’ Says Ted Cruz

Georgia State Senators Call on Pence to Delay Jan. 6 Electoral Vote

Putin opens door to ‘vaccine passports’ for international travel as growing number of Russians get Covid-19 jab

UK Police Force Elderly Grandma to Stop Feeding Pigeons ‘Because of Coronavirus’

Two Decades Of Airline Passenger Traffic Wiped Out In 2020 

Living in Dark Times: I Revolt, Therefore I Am!

Anti-maskers storm LA mall

Masks will become a new norm after coronavirus pandemic ends, public officials predict

Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he ‘wants answers’

Watch Bill Gates Admitting That His $10 Billion Investment In Vaccines Brought Him $200 Billions

How Bill Gates Created Bharat Biotech – India’s “Swadeshi” COVID-19 Vaccine COVAXIN Maker

No Laws In India To Protect Victims Of COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects

Dictator of Scotland: It is now ILLEGAL to leave the house

Dictator of Britain Declares Lockdown

UK: What do the new lockdown rules mean

NASA Warns of Asteroid Almost as Big as Eiffel Tower Heading Toward Earth


Georgia Data Shows Over 30,000 of Trump’s Votes Removed, Another 12,173 Switched to Biden: Data Scientists

Human Consciousness and the “Twilight Zone” of Awareness

One year on from horrific fires, Australians struggle to rebuild

Loud booms and rumblings are shaking up neighborhoods around the world

Severe storm warning in place as line of cells lashes Sydney

Iconic Bali beaches are unrecognisable

Himeji Castle: Japan’s Finest Surviving Early 17th-Century Castle

The return of Europe’s largest animals

This is what a supernova sounds like, according to NASA

6.1-Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Aleutian Islands Near Alaska


The PCR Testing Scam: The Technique Cannot Be Used To Detect Viruses, According To Its Inventor

Doctors Around The World Issue Warnings Against The COVID-19 Vaccine

US Govt Paid Over $57 Million For Vaccine Injuries In 2020 As Experimental COVID Vaccine Fast Tracked

Pro-lockdown Pope gets political on Covid-19 again, condemns those who traveled

Israel’s coronavirus surveillance is pushing limits

Physician in Mexico Admitted to Intensive Care Unit After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

Watch: Covid police raid Canadian home, violently arrest occupants after neighbor tattles on ‘illegal’ gathering of 6 people

The Sub-Humans of the Great Reset


Pence says he ‘welcomes’ bid by 12 Republican Senators lead by Ted Cruz to block certifying Biden’s win and ‘shares concerns with millions about voter fraud’

Rep. Louie Gohmert says court rejection of his challenge to Biden’s election win leaves Trump supporters no option except to take direct action

D.C. Officials Slam Pro-Trump Rally Planned to Oppose Biden’s Election

The Great Reset, Part I: Reduced Expectations And Bio-Techno-Feudalism

Lockdown Proponent Bill Gates Quietly Funding Plan To Dim The Sun’s Rays

2018: Bill Gates Wants to Block the Sun

Harvard Professor Claims Alien Object Approached Earth in 2017, ‘Predicts’ Others to Come

2020 M6.4 Croatia earthquake aftershocks migrating north toward capital Zagreb

The Milky Way is probably full of dead civilizations

Medical Prof Explains Devastating Effects Of Lockdown For A Virus With A ‘99.95%’ Survival Rate

Video – Angela Merkel’s Eyes


Hundreds of dead birds fall from the sky in Rome, Italy

​​​​​​​”Oh S***!” – Blue Glowing UFO Startles Hawaiian Residents 

Pentagon, FBI Face Deadline to Come Clean on UFOs

Inscription Leads Archaeologists to Tomb of One of the Last Han Emperors

Prepping 2.0 – What Comes Next?

Residents of St Vincent and the Grenadines told to evacuate as volcanoes begin spewing lava

Night sky, January 2021: What you can see this month [maps]

The Beauty of the Orion Nebula

The best photography of 2020

The Most Wondrous Warm Drinks to Get Through Winter

Rocky start: 2021 will begin with unwelcome, 220-meter wide asteroid visitor

Anti-lockdown activist who walked into hospital and filmed ’empty’ wards is handcuffed in her dressing gown and arrested

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

Many Health Care Workers Are Refusing To Take The Coronavirus Vaccine

Vaccine Won’t Mean End to Social Distancing, Says UK Govt Doctor

Aussie billionaires get 50% richer amid Covid

Canada: The 2009 Killer H1N1 Vaccine

Riot Declared in Portland as Demonstrators Smash Businesses & Set Fires on NY Nigh


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