QuickLines October 26

October 26, 2021

Dan Andrews power grab: Victorians could be fined up to $90,000 and jailed for 2 years just for not wearing a mask or protesting lockdown under law that allows him to invoke pandemic restrictions at will

‘Mad scientists playing God’: Florida’s DeSantis calls for Fauci to be fired for ‘dangerous & cruel’ experiments on dogs

Teens struggling with gender identity don’t just need affirmation, but to be made aware of the consequences too

The Secret Excavation of Jerusalem

New York, New Jersey declare emergencies as California ‘bomb cyclone’ storms move east

Giant lava fountains, very violent activity after partial cone collapse at Cumbre Vieja, La Palma

Signs of first planet found outside our galaxy


Signs of Burnout & How to Prevent It

Ancient Tales of Wisdom: Death of an Old Tree

Psychedelics Show Religion isn’t the Only Route to Spirituality

Terrifying Visions of the Apocalypse Revealed the Fears of Medieval Spain


How to support someone who is self-harming

Meet Dr. Fauci: The Dog Torturing Psychopath

Spanish Secret Service Injected King Juan Carlos With Female Hormones Claiming His Sex Drive Was Danger To State

The World According To Vladimir Putin

Astonishing moment The NZ Fascist Tooth Monster barges a sign language interpreter out of the way during a Covid press conference

Masks Being Taped To Students Faces In American Schools. Investigation Opened

Biden becomes most disappointing American president since World War II, poll reveals

Physician And Ex Medical Journal Editor: 8 Ways Covid Masks Are harmful

Florida Governor DeSantis to offer $5,000 hiring bonus for police who lose jobs due to vaccine mandates in other states

Lockdowns’ High Costs and Murky Benefits

Cannabis products may help treat symptoms of depression, improve sleep, and increase quality of life, study suggests

Luxembourg first in Europe to legalise growing and using cannabis

Is internet addiction a growing problem?

The Haunted California Toys “R” Us That Hosted a Séance

Archons And The Gnostics: Exposing The Alien Intrusion

Northern California Swamped With “Historic Rain” Amid Rare Atmospheric River Event 

Two rare fall nor’easters, tornadic thunderstorms, flooding rainfall to target millions across central, eastern US as Halloween looms

3,500-Year-Old Babylonian Tablet May Contain Earliest Known Depiction of a Ghost

A mega-tomb uncovered in the Saqqara region of Cairo is the largest concentration of burial sites ever found in Egypt


Latest video as volcano experts fear magnitude 6 earthquakes on La Palma

‘It’s absolutely appalling’: Unvaccinated Canadians become social outcasts and the new persecuted minority

‘Simply monstrous’: Putin says teaching young children they can easily swap genders is a ‘borderline crime against humanity’

COVID Authoritarians Are The Cause Of America’s Problems, Not The Unvaccinated

Spokane sheriff sparks outcry by offering jobs to cops who refuse to get jab

Fauci Received Big Pay Increase To Prevent Pandemics

New Zealand Covid: Māori party likens new ‘traffic light’ system to ‘Squid Game’

End of capitalism, transgender kids, NATO, reverse racism, WWII, censorship and more: what Putin spoke about at Valdai

The History and Mystery of Yemen’s ‘Well of Hell’

Dave Chappelle Doubles Down, Planning U.S. Tour If Netflix Cancels ‘The Closer’

Poaching Has Caused ‘Rapid Evolution’ of Tuskless Elephants

Ancient solar storm pinpoints Viking settlement in Americas exactly 1,000 years ago

Ancient Stone Ram Heads Unearthed on Egypt’s ‘Avenue of the Sphinxes’

Multiple landfalling atmospheric rivers aim U.S. West Coast

World’s Oldest Rubies Are Linked To Ancient Life


Humiliation for Daniel Andrews as the ‘world first’ study Victoria held up as proof its mask policy crushed Covid is labelled ‘Crap’

Candace Owens: Australians are an ‘oppressed people suffering under a totalitarian regime’ – and asks: ‘when do we invade to spread democracy? (Vid)

New York City’s Largest Police Union Sues Over New COVID Vaccine Mandate

Washington State Patrol faces staff shortages & multimillion replacement costs as officers quit over Covid vaccine mandate

Musk Set to Become World’s First Trillionaire

Norwegian Fertiliser Giant Warns of Famine Due to High Gas Prices in Europe

Trump announces launch of new media group & social network to ‘stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech’

Some Vatican Ghoul calls on social media platforms to censor more “misinformation”

The Empire Of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths The Deep State Wants To Keep Hidden

Netflix CEO Apologizes for Having Principles

Breakthrough Discovery Shows Vikings Were Active in North America 1,000 Years Ago

Inside the Experiment to Create Mars on Earth

10 things I’ve learned during my 10-year relationship with weed

October’s full Hunter’s Moon of 2021 rises tonight!


Ancient Tales of Wisdom: The Stone Cutter

Pfizer has Secret Government Contracts for COVID Vaccines


Mother, may I? Americans have lost their spines if they need Fauci’s blessing to gather for the holidays

La Niña Is Here and Could Worsen the West’s Drought This Winter

‘Double-dip La Niña’ is here

Flu Vaccine Mandate Leaves University of California Students and Staff With Mixed Feelings

More Than 180 San Francisco City Officials, Including Police And Sheriff Employees, Placed On Leave For Not Being Vaccinated

Ireland: Two Counties With 99.7% And 98%+ ‘Fully Vaccinated’ See Massive Covid ‘Outbreaks’

Is Aspirin The New Horse Dewormer?

China Is Watching You

After being accused of ‘buying’ the 2020 election, Facebook announces it’s getting even more involved in US state elections

China’s take-over in America’s back yard: How Beijing has spent $140BILLION on ports, roads, and power plants in Latin America

Some Vatican Ghoul calls on social media platforms to censor more “misinformation”

Archaeologists in Israel Unearth Only Known Crusader Encampment

Mysterious jaguar deaths now under investigation in Brazil

Giant hailstones pummel Queensland, likely the largest seen in Australia since records began


Ancient Tales of Wisdom: The Stone Cutter

Pfizer has Secret Government Contracts for COVID Vaccines


Stunning Visuals Show Solar Storm Auroras Taking Over The Night Sky

US TV interviewer ‘positioned herself as a sex object’ to distract Putin when she quizzed the President about Europe gas crisis

Wild New Paper Claims Earth May Be Surrounded by a Giant Magnetic Tunnel

Diver finds 900-year-old crusader sword off Israel’s coast

While Bush & Biden praise the late Colin Powell, ‘war criminal’ trends on Twitter

Top 10% of Richest Americans Own About 90% of Stocks on US Markets

Thousands of California Parents Protest Newsom’s Vaccine Mandate for Students

Fraternal Uprising: College Students Reject ‘Surveillance State’ Coronavirus Restrictions

Miami private school that charges $30k-a-year orders students who’ve had COVID vaccine to stay home for 30 days

Microsoft Knew Bill Gates Was Inappropriate With Female Staff as Early as 2008

Apple’s “privacy” crackdown on Facebook, tripled Apple’s ad revenue

Four Benefits of Goldenseal Just in Time for Fall

Photographer shares stunning images of abandoned lecture halls, stately homes and theme parks reclaimed by trees, sand and water

China’s energy crisis deepens, coal prices hit record high as cold weather sweeps in from the north

La Nina Sparks Early Freeze In China As Coal Supplies Languish


The Silent Treatment

The Aphrodisiacs that Spiced Up Sex Lives in the Ancient World

Music and Sex


Already one month on, and no signs La Palma volcanic eruption will end soon

Weird Dreams Train Our Brains to Be Better Learners

Washington State Trooper Gives ‘Final Sign Off’ After Refusing To Take Vaccine; Tells Governor To Kiss His A**

Australian Doctors Are Complicit In Experimentation On The Population

40% Of California State Workers Are Unvaccinated Despite Newsom’s Order 

Fukushima: Japan’s new PM won’t delay release of contaminated water into ocean

Chinese state media celebrates new nuclear-capable 21,000mph missile that can circle Earth in low orbit before striking anywhere from space in minutes

Ten Breathtaking Images From the 2021 Nature Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

The Prepper Shopping List: 5 Deals To Look For in October


‘Coffee cup Gestapo’: Australian cops slammed for checking man’s beverage to verify his excuse for not wearing Covid-19 mask

School board group in Pennsylvania quits national association for suggesting angry parents are ‘domestic terrorists’

German State Allows Food Stores To Ban The Unvaccinated

Chemicals in plastic containers, cosmetics linked to risk for earlier death

Italy Mandates All Workers to Show COVID-19 ‘Green Pass,’ Prompting Protests

New Navy Order: Unvaccinated Sailors to be Discharged, Could Face Financial Penalties

These Are The World’s Most Interesting Neighborhoods

The 49 coolest neighbourhoods in the world

NASA’s Lucy mission blasts off to unlock mysteries of the solar system

Sufi love poetry is in vogue, but few grasp its radical meaning


Pandemonium Looms for the World as the ‘Everything Shortage’ Meets a ‘Dark Winter’

Ancient Tales of Wisdom: Old Tiger and a Greedy Traveler

The Curious Case of Norway’s Disturbing Demon Wall


Netflix Staff Apparently Unaware That Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Special Would Include Jokes

‘Australia has fallen’: Major move to fine the unvaccinated $5,000 if they turn up to work without the jab sparks furious international reaction online

This is some of the damage you’ve done, Dan: Melbourne suffers under the world’s longest lockdown with Covid cases at record highs – and 123,000 lose their jobs in four weeks

2020 election was ‘bought by Zuckerberg’

Tucker, Pilots Rise Up Against Fascist Mask Mandates – Media Blackout

Hundreds of Unvaccinated Los Angeles Firefighters Plan to Keep Showing Up for Work

They’re lying at your network’: Joe Rogan gets Dr. Sanjay Gupta to admit CNN should never have called his Ivermectin COVID treatment ‘horse-dewormer’

Oh Great, They’re Putting Guns On Robodogs Now

Biden has let 160,000 illegal immigrants into the US in the past few months. When will he level with Americans as to why?

The True History Behind ‘The Last Duel’


More US soldiers killed themselves in a few months than died from Covid-19 since start of pandemic, Pentagon reveals

Overdoses soar by nearly 30 percent in US, breaking record for second year in a row – CDC

United firing 232 employees as US airlines grapple with vaccine mandates

100-200 Members of Congress, Families and Staff Treated with Ivermectin. No Hospitalizations

Two of Australia’s biggest companies force their 75,000 staff to get a Covid vaccine

Putin Blasts Accusations Russia Is Weaponizing Natural Gas As “Politically Motivated Blather” 

See the winning images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year

One woman’s six-word mantra that has helped to calm millions

Psychedelic use associated with lower odds of heart disease and diabetes, study finds

More than 1,000 firefighters battle blaze spreading along California coast

Huge swathes of Australia are set to be lashed with ‘absolute monster’ storms


Don’t Let Them Steal Your Friction

The Southwest Incident Most Certainly Related to Vaccine Mandates


Advice shifting on aspirin use for preventing heart attacks

The Government’s Secret ‘Google Search’ Warrant Trap

Which War Is Beijing Preparing For?

Widely Used Chemical Linked to 100,000 American Deaths Every Year

Unvaccinated new mom is denied a lung transplant because Nevada Medicaid refuses to cover it

Hundreds of Thousands of Italians Fight Back Against ‘New World Order’ Vax Mandates

Federal Judge Blocks United Airlines From Imposing Employee Vaccine Mandate

Pentagon archbishop says troops can’t be forced to get Covid vaccine against their conscience

Daily Express retracts story on Russia ‘stealing’ Sputnik V vaccine recipe

The Sniffer Dog In Chief and The Crack Joint

Humans’ Earliest Evidence of Tobacco Use Uncovered in Utah

Potent western storm shifts into the 4-corners and Plains, U.S.

Mystery boom and unexplained rumblings freak out people in New Hampshire

Strange Radio Signal From Galactic Center Has Astronomers Flummoxed

Netflix stands by Dave Chappelle after calls for censorship

Rolling Stones are forced to retire ‘Brown Sugar’

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Crete, Greece


Even If Requiring People Who Have Recovered From COVID-19 To Be Vaccinated Is Legal, That Doesn’t Mean It Makes Sense

Devastating UK report by MPs into Covid pandemic lays bare Government blunders, the £37bn test and trace fiasco… and the shocking decisions that left thousands to die in care homes

New Zealand makes Covid vaccines mandatory for health workers, teachers

Australian Police Abuse Resident for Criticizing Lockdown ‘Six Months Ago’

Police in Australia turn up on doorsteps with print-outs of citizens’ anti-lockdown Facebook posts

Hundreds Of Thousands Of US Troops Remain Unvaccinated As Deadlines Approach

Seattle PD May Lose 40% Of Officers Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

VP Kamala Harris starred in NASA space video with child actors who had to audition for the part despite being presented as normal kids

Texas Governor Issues Executive Order Banning Vaccine Mandates by Any Entity

Global food prices hit their highest level in a decade, with US seeing prices of meat, poultry, fish and eggs rocketing by 15.7% in two years

UK Steel Warns of Imminent Crisis Due to ‘Extraordinary’ Electricity Prices

US Gas Prices Rise to New 7-Year-High With No Drop in Sight

Chinese army practices beach landing amid mounting tensions with Taiwan (Vid)

Critics love Fauci’s new documentary, but audience hate it & accuse Rotten Tomatoes of trying to ‘hide’ low score

Black smoke over La Palma, lava destroys an industrial plant

The Universe May Have Never Begun, Physicists Say

Mars scientists now know where to look for life

6 Just-Add-Water Meals That Belong In Your Prepper Pantry


Nearly 2,000 Unknown Chemicals Found in Vape Liquids and e-cig Aerosols

In Search of Nímbulos, Guardians of Costa Rica’s Mountain of Death


Surprise!!: ‘No Further Action’: Scotland Yard Reportedly Drops Probe Into Prince Andrew’s Alleged Sex Crimes 

Southwest Cancels 1,800 Flights Days After Pilots Fight Vaccine Mandates; Airline Claims ‘Bad Weather’

Merck charging US government an ‘outrageous’ $700 for $17 Covid pills

Some Ontario towns won’t let couples get a marriage license without a vaccine passport

Fake, woke & authoritarian: Why does Canada continue to take the insultingly insincere Justin Trudeau seriously?

Bill Gates Urged The US To Reject Govt Regulators Over Covid In Favor Of Big Pharma Vaccine Developers

‘We have to show courage’: the Philippines mothers taking Duterte and his ‘war on drugs’ to court

Why the Water You’re Drinking May Be Thousands of Years Old

Is Toxic Poop A Myth or Reality?

Doing the ‘Right Thing’: Sheriff in Florida Wants to Return ‘Lost’ $2m-Worth Marijuana to Its Owner

What The Heck Was This Blue ‘Luminous Event’ Photographed From The Space Station?

6 Healthy Alternatives to White Pasta

Start Your Morning Right With Berry Chia Pudding


“So Deeply, Deeply Wrong” – Lithuanian Without Vaccine Pass Describes Life Under Medical Tyranny

How Australia could be forced to go to war as tensions between China and Taiwan reach fever-pitch

La Palma eruption update: New lava delta could suddenly collapse underwater generating large waves

Entire School in Wyoming put on lockdown after one student refuses to wear face mask – and she gets arrested & fined over it

Dave Chappelle Un-Cancels Himself: “F**k Big Tech, F**k Hollywood, F**k the Deep State’

Ahh, get a fucking life

NYT issues embarrassing correction after reporting 900,000 children have been hospitalized in US with Covid

Meteorite crashes through a roof and lands just next to a sleeping woman in British Columbia, Canada

Firefox starts monitoring keystrokes

“First Big Winter Storm” Of Season To Bring “Feet Of Snow” To Western US

10 Essential Skills Every Outdoor Adventurer Needs


Being Alone With Your Thoughts is a Skill You Can Practise


Now scientists have confirmed that natural immunity is more effective than vaxxed immunity, why can’t I have my freedoms back?

A Mass of Hot Water Called ‘The Blob’ Ravaged Oceans in 2015. Will It Happen Again?

Senior Aussie cop sensationally quits after explosive interview slamming heavy-handed lockdown enforcement

Pfizer admits to using aborted fetal tissue in developing its vaccines. So can Christians sign up for a jab exemption now?

France Seeks To Mandate Covid Vaccines For Everyone By Next Year

“Catastrophic” Property Sales Mean China’s Worst Case Scenario Is Now In Play

A Message To Fauci: You Are In No Position To Dictate The “Greater Good”

America Is Running Out of Everything

Draconid meteor shower peaks tonight! Here’s how to see it

How Historians of Modern Tattooing Explore a Long-Hidden Past

Strong M6.1 earthquake hits near Tokyo, Japan




 A Peer-Reviewed Portrait of Suffering

This Unusual Plant From The Amazon Rainforest Has Baffled Scientists For 50 Years

Witness the majesty of moths taking flight at 6,000 frames per second

Tony Abbott warns war with China could break out ‘quite soon’

Land acknowledgments meant to honor Indigenous people too often do the opposite – erasing American Indians and sanitizing history instead

Why India is on the brink of an unprecedented power crisis

Archaeologists Find a Rare 2,700-Year-Old ‘Luxury’ Toilet in Jerusalem

Musk announces Tesla HQ is moving from Silicon Valley to Texas

Major Explosion of Stromboli volcano in Italy

Is This an Erupting Volcano or the Eye of Sauron?

Sweden, Denmark Pause Moderna’s COVID Vaccine for Younger Age Groups Citing Reports of Myocarditis

FDA Alert: Popular Hand Sanitizer ‘Likely’ To Give You Cancer

Los Angeles sheriff refuses to enforce vaccine mandate, says ‘politicized’ order would cause him to lose up to 10% of workforce

Dan The Tyrant fined $400 for failing to wear mask, breaching Covid rules

Biden Doesn’t Know That Vaccinated Individuals Can Still Spread Covid

Dead silence? Halloween is on in Canada’s most populous province, but officials say no ‘singing or shouting’ for trick-or-treaters

New Covid-19 vaccine mandate from company with 45,000 workers across Australia

How Apple Can Read Your Encrypted Messages

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Are Perfect for a Cool Fall Weekend


How Mozart’s Music Treats Epilepsy

The Surprising Benefits of Baby Massage

Hidden Forest Has Been ‘Trapped in Time’ For 100,000 Years


Unvaccinated Colorado woman pulled from Kidney Transplant waiting list, as hospital says Covid-19 jab is required

Australia, Obey Your Corrupt PM´s: Why Dan Andrews isn’t  stepping down over corruption watchdog probe – The scandal engulfing the Victorian Premier

Ivermectin – Truth & Totalitarianism

NSW introduces major changes to roadmap out of COVID-19 lockdown from Monday

Significant discovery shows how exercise can directly slow cancer growth

Don’t Shower During a Thunderstorm, and Other ‘Myths’ That Are Actually True

Seattle, the Largest U.S. City To Approve Quasi-Decriminalization of Natural Psychedelics

San Diego: 5 Medical Marijuana Businesses Get OK to Expand, Sell Recreational Cannabis

The American Bumblebee Has Vanished From Eight States

Another 116 earthquakes hit southern part of La Palma in 48 hours

Italy sets new European 12-hour rainfall record

Best Survival and Prepper Books


Alcohol Is the Breast Cancer Risk No One Wants to Talk About

Wuhan scientists and US researchers planned to create a new coronavirus in 2018

Canada to announce vaccination mandate for all federal public servants

Pygmy pipehorse discovered in New Zealand given Māori name in ‘world first’

China warns World War Three could be triggered ‘at any time’

Mercury build-up in Antarctic animals prompts call for permanent monitoring program


Over 115 earthquakes recorded in the south of La Palma, Something is brewing!

The lava-falls of La Palma: River of molten rock grows larger after volcanic crater collapses and causes spectacular explosions

Veritas Records Pfizer Scientists: “Your Antibodies Probably Better Than Vax” After Infection

Covid-19 NZ: The Tooth Fairy will mandate new vaccine certificates for summer festival attendees

Data of Over 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Reportedly Being Sold on Hacker Forum Amid Worldwide Outage

Australia warns China against ‘threat or use of force’ following Taiwan air incursions

“Perfect Storm” – Global Energy Crisis Spreads To Brazil And India

Massive oil spill hits Orange County beaches, killing birds, marine life, California

Two leading transgender medics warn children should not be given puberty blockers, that too many are being given gender reassignment surgery

‘Who broke the Internet?!’ Major outages hit Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, Zoom, Snapchat & others after FB crash

Pentagon Gives Civilian Employees Until Early November to Get Fully Vaccinated

Enrich your world like never before

3,000-Year-Old Golden Bowl Adorned With Sun Motif Found in Austria

There’s a Strange Paradox in The Way We Want to Connect With Strangers

The ‘small wonders’ unlocking secrets of the solar system

4 Ways To Use Willow Bark and How To Harvest It

What Are the Most Essential Survival Products?


Solar Cycle 25 overperforms: Sunspot counts for Sept. 2021 were the highest in more than 5 years, exceeding the official forecast

Russia Bans Scientology As A Threat To National Security

Psychedelics might reduce internalized shame and complex trauma symptoms in those with a history of childhood abuse

Evolving Yeast Shows How Complex Life May Have Arose

Soros-Funded Group Releases ‘Pandora Papers’ Allegedly Exposing ‘Offshore Secrets’ of World Leaders

Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful

Photos show the Canary Island volcano in the Atlantic, which is becoming ‘much more aggressive’

Why women are more burned out than men

NSW erupts in total political chaos with a flurry of resignations and multiple by-elections looming

‘Freedom without certificates!’ Thousands protest against Covid passports & planned vaccine mandate in Romania (Vids)

New Zealand brings in more lockdowns as Delta outbreak spreads beyond Auckland

‘Most absolute of evils’: Investigation estimates up to 3,200 pedophile priests in French Catholic Church since 1950

Facebook whistleblower unmasked: Frances Haugen comes forward as she reveals she filed at least eight SEC complaints alleging the social media giant lied to investors and played a role in the Capitol riots

Major oil spill hits Orange County coast, California

How to Set up a Smartphone for Elderly Loved Ones

Baffling! Greta, The Child Prophet Of Doom, Is Favourite To Win The Nobel Peace Prize

This Irish activist planted cannabis outside the Prime Minister’s office—and he’s not done yet

A Simple Detox From Technology

6 Just-Add-Water Meals That Belong In Your Prepper Pantry


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