QuickLines October 31

October 31, 2020

Mini-tsunami sweeps into resorts after powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake sends people fleeing from their homes on Greek islands

What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness

Why Did Ancient Egyptian Scribes Use Lead-Based Ink?

Macron is selling out French sovereignty to the EU with a second total lockdown

Read the piece The Intercept refused to run: Glen Greenwald’s blistering attack on the US media’s conspiracy of silence

Twitter’s censorship ‘poses threat to national security

After mass bans, Facebook is losing users faster than it’s gaining them

UK National lockdown next week

Anti-lockdown protesters are becoming ‘Terrorrists’

A New World Monetary Order Is Coming

Trump’s ‘unbelievable’ drug treatment uses complex process and the Chinese hamster

CNN, Kirstie Alley Clash After Actor Bashes COVID-19 Coverage as ‘Chronic Fear Mongering’

Van Morrison – No More Lockdown


Pandemic Stress Takes Its Toll

Video: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int’l. Message for Freedom and Hope

Tens of thousands flee Paris before lockdown

Videos: Hurricane Zeta Leaves Over 2 Million Without Power in US Gulf Coast

Melania finally campaigns at rally alongside Donald

Walmart removes guns & ammo from floor displays

DOJ Official Confirms Hunter Biden and Associates Are Under FBI Criminal Investigation

FBI agents quiz Hunter Biden’s former business partner for hours amid claims agency has ‘open money laundering probe’

Intercept Co-Founder Glenn Greenwald Resigns Over ‘Censorship’ of Anti-Biden Content

Here’s The ‘Censored’ Biden Story That Forced Glenn Greenwald To Quit The Firm He Founded

UPS Suddenly Locates “Lost” Biden Evidence, Returning Docs To Tucker Carlson

79% of Americans think the news media is politically biased

The World’s Most Popular OTC Painkiller Is Increasingly Causing Poisonings

New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia but not cannabis

These bizarre ancient species are rewriting animal evolution

Gray wolves taken off U.S. endangered species list in controversial move

Chinese Company Comes Under Fire for Installing Timers in Employee Toilets


Le Petit Macaron announces second French national lockdown

27 pharma execs involved in the hunt for COVID-19 vaccines have raked in more than $1 billion by selling stock this year

The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics

The hysteria is worse than coronavirus’: Top scientists

‘Cities burn regardless of who wins’: Police gearing up for widespread violence after election

Philadelphia Imposes Curfew Tonight to Contain Violent Protests

‘Psychos’ fueled by ‘blood lust,’ Australian special forces tortured and executed prisoners in Afghanistan

‘Who the hell elected YOU?’ Ted Cruz tears into Twitter’s Jack Dorsey

Twitter, Facebook CEOs Say There Is No Evidence of ‘Russian Disinformation’ on Biden Emails

“God Of Chaos” Accelerates Towards Earth With 2068 Impact Date 


‘Fireball’ that fell to Earth is full of pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds, scientists say

NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere, 60, says he has ‘no remorse’ as he’s sentenced to 120-year

‘Diet’ Beverages Found to be Associated With Heart Complications – Study

Diabetes drug found to slow, or in some cases prevent, Parkinson’s

A rare Blue Blood Moon rises on Halloween

The forgotten story of the US’ black cowboys

Mass Looting Engulfs Philadelphia

Retired Supreme Court judge Calls Draconian Coronavirus Measures ‘Tyrannical’

Rare October ice storm hits Oklahoma, leaving more than 300 000 customers without power

Professor warns space exploration will give rise to totalitarian societies equipped with nuclear weapons

Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain

China’s Top Censor Orders Another Crackdown On Dissent

Facebook backtracks after Christian group was flagged as “dangerous conspiracy movement”

YouTubers sue Google after platform censors “conspiracy theories”

What Religion Gets Wrong About Masturbation


Higher Doses of Vitamin D Slows Frailty

What happens when touch becomes taboo?

Dosa: India’s wholesome fast food obsession

Scientists baffled at disappearance of influenza… but is it really gone, or just masked by Covid-19?

The breathtaking wide-angle winners of the 2020 Pano Awards

Controversy Over Oxford-AstraZeneca Trials

Thousands Protest Covid ‘New Normal’ In London

How Malaria parasite hides in human blood

100,000 in Southern California to Evacuate After Blaze Grows

Orange County under siege by wildfires

Texas prepares to send 1,000 troops to five major cities, as the US braces for post-election violence

Protests erupt in Philadelphia

3 Things Americans Are Doing Amid Election Angst, COVID Chaos, & Economic Entropy

Ticking Time Bomb In Aussie House Marked 

Tropical Storm “Zeta” forms in the Caribbean Sea, moving toward Yucatan and U.S. Gulf Coas

NASA’s Big Moon News: There’s Water All Over the Place

The Yakutian Horses That Can Withstand Temperatures of Under -70 Degrees Celsius


Workplace Happiness is Declining. What’s Going On?

Boy, 9, is forced to sit on concrete outside his closed elementary school with his laptop on a cardboard box because his family can’t afford WiFi for online classes

Video: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: International Message for Freedom and Hope

Intensifying hurricanes are helping invasive species spread across the U.S.

12 Flu Natural Remedies

Eerie Witches’ Marks Found Among Ruins of Medieval English Church

The Strangest Amber Fossils Ever Discovered

L.A.’s coast was once a DDT dumping ground

Over 2,000 law enforcement agencies have iPhone encryption-breaking tools

New evidence links gut bacteria alterations to autism

Sacha Baron Cohen gets stung by the same social media censorship he called for

Putin: Hunter Biden ‘made very good money’ in Ukraine

Surveillance and Facial Recognition Tricks Monitor, Threaten People in China

Over half of Europe’s smaller firms may be bankrupt within a year

Older Covid patients ‘were denied intensive care during height of crisis’: Fury as it is claimed over 60s were ‘not given potentially life-saving treatment’

Tesco shopper is charged with criminal damage and breaching coronavirus regulations after tearing away plastic sheets covering ‘non-essential’ items in Welsh supermarkets

Tesco shopper is charged with criminal damage and breaching coronavirus regulations after tearing away plastic sheets covering ‘non-essential’ items in Welsh supermarkets

Anti-lockdown and pro-choice protesters descend on Warsaw, traffic blockade & women’s strike planned next

Anti-lockdown protesters smash police cars in Naples after new Covid-19 restrictions announced

Britain is infected… by a bad case of madness

Spain imposes national night-time curfew to curb infections

Fauci (Bill Gates): ‘Safe and effective’ vaccine could be ready by the end of November

Russia to open world’s largest gold mine in Siberia


Why Regret Is So Often a Waste of Time

We aren’t family: the Aussie adults ‘divorcing’ their parents

Revolt brewing against UK lockdown rules

Protestors clash with police in Naples over curfew

Big Tech’s plundered the world like some money-grabbing mafia-style monopoly. At last, action is underway to thwart it

Whose Great Reset? The Fight For Our Future – Technocracy Vs. The Republic

Obama Mocks Trump for Believing ‘Secret Cabals Run the World’

Police Are Preparing for an Election Day ‘Unlike Any Other’

Fauci (Bill Gates) calls for a nationwide mask mandate

How ‘Expert’ Worship Is Ruining Science

How to delete your home from Google Street View

America’s first murder hornet nest found by scientists in Washington State

Decomposing Bodies in the 1720s Gave Birth to the First Vampire Panic

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson to resume COVID-19 vaccine trials

A new way of looking at the Earth’s interior

The African lake with explosive power

These Exquisite Stone-Cut Wonders Take Years to Complete, Cost Up to $1 Million

Now Is Not the Time to Quit Prepping


Impressive Water Purifcation System Found at Ancient Maya City

Most detailed and complete record yet of Earth’s last magnetic reversal

Why living with and tending plants is good for you

Ageing chimps value old friends

Previously Unknown Organs Discovered Inside Human Head

Huge 2,000-Year-Old ‘Relaxing Cat’ Geoglyph Found Etched into Peruvian Hillside

Detecting Sexual Grooming

Restaurant owner punished for opening door on a hot day speaks out on ‘Tucker’

Edward Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia

Oxford coronavirus vaccine works ‘perfectly’ and builds ‘strong immunity to virus, researchers find -(absofuckinglutely!)

Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison Morphs Into Santa ( Very kind of him)

Brave 83-year-old who said she ‘doesn’t give a sod’ about UK lockdown

Cure worse than disease? Some Covid-19 vaccines may increase HIV risk, scientists warn

Human rights group shows how pandemic has caused a severe drop in internet freedoms

Sociopathic Welsh first minister orders supermarkets to sell only ‘essential goods

US gives full approval for antiviral remdesivir drug

Sorry Bro, I’m a bit confused

The Friday Zen


How gum disease can influence heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s

The Chrysanthemum: Symbol of Strength and Resilience

Why the FDA is warning pregnant women not to use over-the-counter pain relievers

The Lab Saving the World From Snake Bites

Why Do People Get Payday Loans? A Breakdown By Income, Age And Location

Colorectal Cancer Rates Increasing Among Young People

John Shipton: ‘Don’t Underestimate the Consequence of the Bravery of My Son Julian Assange’

Danish Minister Who Apologised for ‘Drunk and Stupid’ Sex With 15-Year-Old Girl Reported for Rape

Google insider explains how Google creates echo chambers

Volunteer in Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Dies in Brazil

Human Rights Watchdog Says Governments Using Pandemic To Crack Down On Online Dissent

Why The 2020 Election Could Come Down To The Courts

US Approves $1 Billion in New Arms Sales to Taiwan

M5.6 earthquake hits Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland

Early-season winter storm hits northern U.S., breaking scores of snowfall records

Hunter Biden’s Alleged Laptop Reportedly Linked to 2019 FBI Money Laundering Investigation

Inside the court of King Bling: He’s got £30bn, has had four wives and orders courtiers to crawl on their knees. Oh, and he made his pet poodle a chief of the air force. No wonder the Thai people are rebelling against him


Blue Moon October 31, 2020

How to See the Orionids Meteor Shower Peak Tonight

Why happiness at work could be big business in India

China is now the world’s largest economy – that should be no surprise

How sickening that the dragon is roaring back: China’s economy is booming

Antipsychotics for Depression May Come With Higher Death Risk

Trump threatens to release raw ‘fake & biased’ interview with ‘60 minutes’

Watch: Atlanta Police Use Drone To Arrest Murder Suspect

The Aching Blue: Trauma, Stress, and Invisible Wounds Among Those in Law Enforcement

Bruce Springsteen & other celebs are being whiny teenagers, threatening to run away if Trump wins

Spacecraft Successfully Touches Down on Asteroid Bennu in Historic Sample Attempt

Want to Know About Google’s Anti-Competitive Behavior?

US takes aim at Google with antitrust lawsuit as the screws tighten on big tech

Big Tech goes all in: Silicon Valley launches $100 million anti-Trump ad blitz

The Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Has Grown Much Deeper And Wider in 2020

Parents Name Daughter After Internet Provider to Get Free Wi-Fi for 18 Years

Neil deGrasse Tyson Warns Asteroid Could Hit U.S. Day Before November Election

The Wednesday Zen

The Fall Of Biden Crime Inc.:

Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter’s Hard Drive To Delaware Police

FBI Has Hunter Biden Laptop, Does Not Believe Emails Tied to Russia

Secret Service Travel Logs Match Details in Alleged Hunter Biden Emails

Hunter Biden email story successfully strangled by Facebook, but Twitter’s ham-handed censorship backfired

Piers Morgan slams Joe Biden’s ‘tantrums’ and lack of denial over son Hunter’s emails as he blasts ‘big tech’ and mainstream media for trying to cover up the scandal


Cannabis to the rescue? New research suggests CBD oil may protect against Covid-19 lung damage

Ireland Incarcerates Its Citizens

26,000 more people than usual died in private homes in England and Wales between March and September – but only 3% of them from Covid

Will Your FBI Entrap You?

Kim Jung Andrews: Plan to scrap Melbourne’s ‘ring of steel’

Trump calls Fauci ‘an idiot’ who ‘gets more airtime than anybody since Bob Hope’

White House Chief of Staff Warns of a Potential Lawsuit Against Tech Giants

Despite the best, biased efforts of Facebook, Twitter and the overwhelmingly Trump-hating media to kill the story, Biden now has serious questions to answer

Venice’s Controversial Inflatable Floodgates Save City for the Second Time

7.5 magnitude earthquake hits off Alaska coast, triggering tsunami warning

Mysterious ‘Robin Hood’ hackers donating stolen money

How to Flirt Effectively


The Orionid meteor shower peaks this week

A La Niña winter is on the way for the US

Steve Bannon Behind ‘Roll-Out Plan’ For Hunter Biden Emails, Says ‘Multiple Stories From Multiple Media Sources’ About To Hit

‘The Biden meeting happened, the emails are correct and Joe took 10% of equity’

Twitter still censoring the truth about the Biden Crime Syndicate

Twitter removes face diaper guidance from White House Covid-19 adviser, claiming it violated policies on ‘misleading information’

Before The Bidens “Did” Ukraine, There Was Iraq… And Serbia

The $16 TRILLION bug: Fake Pandemic could cost US economy its entire annual output

Britons are being sentenced to slow, agonising deaths

Poll shows lack of trust in Boris Johnson as Britons feel the financial pinch from fake pandemic

Innovation 2020: U.S. Army eyes next-generation vehicle to dominate the battlespace: The drone tank

Elon Musk Destroys The Night Sky – Again

UFO or Blimp? Strange ‘Flying Object’ Caught on Camera Above California

10 newly-discovered asteroids within 1 lunar distance in 10 days

The Spectacular Science of the Great Lakes’ Glowing Rocks

‘I escaped a modern sex cult after spending eight years as their slave’ – harrowing story the subject of new US documentary

Faith and Beauty Meet in Florence’s Cathedral Square


Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters gather in London

UK reintroduces sprawling casual-sex ban amid nationwide lockdown ramp-up

Couple Fined Hundreds Of Euros For Kissing Outside In Italy

Why the public is rising up against the hysterical response to Covid’s second wave

‘Garbage company’: Mother Jones chief lashes out at Facebook for throttling traffic to left-leaning news site

Ruins of Eighth-Century Pagan Temple Found in Norway

The God-Gifted Weapons of Norse Mythology

Estradiol: What You Need to Know About the Strongest Estrogen Hormone

Benefits of Saying Yes to Sexual Advances

Can a Vaccine or Virus Alter People’s Beliefs – Crime Against Humanity?

What’s Behind The WHO’s Lockdown Mixed-Messaging

Paul Craig Roberts: Life Within The Matrix Is Our Future

Japan Expected To Dump Over 1 Million Tons of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into Sea

Coronavirus Australia: Kim Jung Andrews issues new border threat

Sickening Photo’s on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Will ‘Shock the Hell Out of You’

Hunter Biden emails ‘identify Joe Biden as ”the Big Guy” who would receive 10% share in deal with Chinese energy firm’, report says

Twitter Backtracks, Allows Users to Share New York Post’s Controversial Hunter Biden Story

Italy’s Kiwi Plants Are Dying And No One Can Figure Out Why

Are Europe’s night trains back in fashion?

Ask the Vet: Xylitol Artificial Sweetener Is Toxic to Dogs


Exposure to man-made chemicals influences genes controlling aging, immune system and metabolism

The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics

Video: The “Smoking Guns” of a Manufactured Pandemic

Twitter locks Trump’s campaign account for posting Biden Ukraine story

Republicans say they will subpoena Jack Dorsey over Twitter locking Trump campaign account and blocking users tweeting links to Biden-Ukraine stories

Tucker Carlson: Twitter CEO speaks out after tech giant suppresses NY Post’s Hunter Biden story

New leaked email revealed by Tucker Carlson shows that Joe Biden visited Ukraine

Biden won’t rule out mandatory Covid-19 vaccination

Spain issues warning as child hand sanitizer poisoning cases spike

‘Cancel Thanksgiving’: Dr Fauci Demands Americans ‘Sacrifice That Social Gathering’

Boris Johnson losing grip on strategy as top medical adviser tells local leaders it will not work

Facebook deletes page of lockdown-skeptic NZ political party days before election

Cameron Peak Fire grows to largest in Colorado’s history

What an Asteroid Could Tell Us About Ancient Earth

Oxenberg’s daughter breaks her silence on the hell of being branded naked with hot metal, starved and forced to sleep with a predatory monster in NXIVM cult


Ancient Egyptian Coffin Opened for the First Time in 2,600 Years

Joe Biden denies meeting his son’s Ukrainian business partner despite ‘thank you for opportunity to meet your father’ email found on laptop

Photo Leaked of Hunter Biden Sleeping With His Crack Pipe Like a Baby’s Pacifier

Outrage Ensues After Facebook, Twitter Block Sharing of New York Post’s Hunter Biden Story

Jack Dorsey apologizes after Trump threatened to remove Facebook and Twitter protections for blocking story about Joe Biden

How rock star Roger Waters was hung out to dry by Amnesty and Bellingcat for his views on Syrian ‘chemical attack’

Australia’s North Korean Style travel prison with NZ opens: How border rules will change

Moment armed police serve Liverpool gym owner with £1,000 fine as he REFUSES to bow to Covid closedown order

Desperate man resorts to pulling his own teeth out with a set of pliers after being unable to get a dentist appointment due to coronavirus

Experts Watch in Horror as 2 Dead Satellites Are on Track For a Potential Collision

‘Extremely rare’ red auroras seen for two nights in a row over Finland

Hollywood Is Dying, And The Elites Don’t Care…

Utah jogger on six-minute encounter with a mountain lion

Mezcal is more popular than ever—why that’s bad news for bats

The Body’s Need for Movement


Mercury Retrograde October 13, 2020 – Changing Plans

Improve Your Health With Bite-Sized Fasts

World Bank approves $12 bn for Covid-19 vaccines

Bill Gates on Track to Grow His Fortune Through Foundation’s Ties to Vaccine Makers

German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’

Nancy Pelosi goes beserk

Is War With China Becoming Inevitable?

The private language of Venice


It’s Not Your Imagination: Divorce Rates Are Surging

New Scientific Method Poised to Crack Great Pyramid’s ‘Big Void’ Mystery

Chalk Drawing of Virgin Mary on Pavement Inexplicably Reappears 13 Years Later

Australian Media Finally Calls Out Davos “Great Reset” Agenda

The push for the cashless society is on!

NYC’s Covid-19 failure – How to kill a thriving metropolis in 7 months

Pfizer expands coronavirus vaccine trial to include children as young as 12

Bill Gates says life will return to normal only after SECOND generation of Covid vaccines rolled out and virus eliminated globally

Billionaire Bonanza 2020: Wealth Windfalls, Tumbling Taxes, and Pandemic Profiteers

UK: Millions plunged further into lockdown 

Lawyers Prepare to Sue WHO for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Over COVID Lockdowns

Carrot Top Pesto: A Garden Harvest Sauce For All Seasons

Can Cannabis Cure Your Child’s Diarrhea?

Peru opens Machu Picchu for single tourist stranded by Covid


5 Relationship Partners You Need to Avoid

Carlos Santana – Follow your own light’

Carlos Santana – Put Your Lights On

15 Shelf Stable Foods To Stock Up On Now

What Is the Oral Microbiome? How to Balance It to Improve Overall Health

Evolution arms us with an extra artery

Covid-19 will push as many as 150 Million people into extreme poverty by 2021 – World Bank

Corona In Police State Victoria

UK Mayors on ‘Warpath’, Warn New COVID-19 Clampdown will Turn North into ‘Permanent Open Prison’

Watch Pedophile Monster Biden forces obviously horrified Little Girl’s hand to rub his crotch

A thousand migrants land in Spain’s Canary Islands

Trump joins ‘Tucker’ for first on-camera interview since COVID-19 diagnosis

Drone footage captures devastation caused by back-to-back hurricanes Delta and Laura as 370,000 are left without power

Visualizing The State Of 5G Networks Worldwide

Why Tree-Killing Epidemics Are on the Rise


The Tao of Emotions

The Gift of Hardship

Iceland’s Most Active Volcano Looks Like It’s Getting Ready to Erupt Again

The Average American Is Recorded 238 Times A Week

Pentagon to dish out $600mn in contracts for ‘5G dual-use Experimentation’ at 5 US military sites, including to ‘aid lethality’

Global Food Prices Rise As Famine Threat Emerges

Covid-19 masks are a crime against Humanity and child abuse

‘This season has been relentless.’ Still reeling, Louisiana braces for Hurricane Delta

Ancient Roman Villa Discovered Beneath Italian Apartment Complex

NASA Finds Billion-Year-Old Sand Dunes Preserved on Mars, And They Look Familiar

That Little Green Dot: Your iPhone Camera Is Spying On You

Trappers capture state record 18.9ft Burmese python from waist-deep canal in Florida Everglades


Your chances of dying from Covid-19?
If you’re healthy & under 65, a 40-mile daily commute by car is more likely to kill you

Covid-19 Roadmap

British Dictator will plunge 10 million northerners into tough ‘Tier Three’ lockdown on Monday

Anger as Scottish Dictator imposes two-week alcohol ban inside pubs and restaurants across Scotland

Billionaires’ wealth tops $10.2 TRILLION as millions struggle amid pandemic

2020 Antarctic ozone hole one of the largest and deepest in recent years

Microplastics problem worse than thought

Clever dog uses a rope chew toy to pull his sister out of swimming pool

Furry caterpillars covered in venomous spines invade Virginia and leave residents vomiting and full of fever

41-Year-Old Qualified Lawyer Sues Parents for Not Supporting Him Enough Financially

The Real-Life Origins of 15 Urban Legends


Netflix Indicted By Grand Jury In Texas Over ‘Lewd’ Depiction of Children in ‘Cuties’

Church of England Forgave Pedophiles & Allowed Them To Continue Working With Children

New Research Discovers Link Between Stress And Depression

Billionaires’ Media: The Smearing of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Trump Authorizes Declassification of All Docs on ‘Russia Hoax’, ‘Hillary Clinton Email Scandal’

UK: What kind of country are we when a son can’t hug his mother at a funeral… but can travel there on a packed train?

UK may need ‘stringent’ new measures, government adviser warns

Round up the ‘anti-vaxxers’? Enlist religious leaders? Bill Gates warns US needs to brainstorm ways to reduce ‘vaccine hesitancy

Top Epidemiologists Launch Petition to End Fascist Lockdowns

Australia: Grim forecast about when you can travel overseas

‘Creepy Uncle Joe Strikes Again’: Biden Raises Eyebrows With Remark on ‘Beautiful Young Ladies’

Silicon Valley Opens Its Wallet for Joe Biden

Mars is at its closest to Earth until 2035. Here’s how to see it

10 Facts About NXIVM and The Vow, HBO’s True Crime Docuseries


Benefits of Gratitude for the Body & Mind (Plus How to Practice It)

Newly Documented Aboriginal Rock Art Is ‘Unlike Anything Seen Before’

How a Secret Map Brought Down a Pirate Alliance on the Irish Coast

Five asteroids en route to Earth in just four days

Devastating wildfires prompt state of emergency in Paraguay

Fascist Australian Police Bravely Tackles a Young Girl

UK: Why are cancer patients still being left in limbo? It’s become the untold scandal of the Covid crisis — how as many as 36,000 lives could be lost because of delays in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

‘Don’t Let it Dominate You’: Trump Posts Video on COVID-19 Back at White House After Hospital Stay

Irate bus passenger kicks teenage girl Iin the face for not wearing mask, gets swift justice

Venezuela Orders 71 Tons of Paper To Print New Banknotes Worth 23 Cents Each

Venezuela’s Oil industry May Never Recover

How JFK’s Clever TV Strategies Helped Him Win the Election

The UK’s rumoured subterranean network


Military will be involved in distributing Covid-19 vaccine, UK health secretary confirms

UK Government accused of sparing wealthy, areas from local lockdowns

New York Governor announces ‘aggressive enforcement’ of Covid-19 protocols, will close non-compliant businesses

Thousands protest anti-coronavirus restrictions in Germany over weekend

Paris Placed on Top Coronavirus Alert

Young Australians to take huge hit to salaries due to COVID-19 crisis

Military Bases On The Moon: US Plans To Weaponize The Earth’s Satellite

‘Secret Tunnels’ Beneath the Sphinx Stir Hopes for ‘Undiscovered Treasures’

Tasmanian devils return to mainland Australia for first time in 3,000 years

New evidence links age-related cognitive decline & the gut microbiome

U.S. Archaeological Sites Tell Stories, Leave Mysteries

Storm Alex – France sends in the army while rescue teams hunt for survivors in Italy 

NATO Disrupt Whales In Scottish Loch

Resistance To Immigration Is A ‘Primal’ Reaction Says Globalist Pope Francis


‘Inhumane, degrading, inexplicable’: Britain’s Covid care home policies ‘violated the fundamental human rights of vulnerable elderly residents’

Acoustic signatures linked to blue whale migration

Half a Million Sharks Could Be Killed to Make Vaccine

Why Astronomers Want to Build a SETI Observatory on the Moon

No News Is Good News: Media Willfully Ignore Hunter Biden Scandal

California wildfires on the cusp of burning 4 million acres so far this year

Is Worrying About Not Falling Asleep Keeping You Awake?

Alcohol and Your Brain: Study Finds Even Moderate Drinking Is Damaging

Orlando motels outside Disney World are packed with people who have lost their jobs after the ‘Disney Dollars’ dried up

Mass Anti-Government Protests Held in Israel in Wake of New COVID19 Restrictions

How past U.S. presidents have battled illness in office

‘Dead Water’ Is a Real Thing

Getting Closer to Solving The Mystery of Glass’s Perplexing Strength

Salty Lake, Ponds May Be Gurgling Beneath South Pole on Mars

City of Ann Arbor decriminalizes psychedelic plants and fungi


Massive ‘Swarm’ of Tremors Rattles California, Raises Concerns of Powerful Quake

Medical Journal Calls For Mandatory COVID Vaccine: “Non-Compliance Should Incur A Penalty”

Covid-19 infecting our dreams, says study (Collective Consciousness)

JFK Faked a Cold to Get Back to Washington During the Cuban Missile Crisis

Eyewitness to the Agony of Julian Assange

Pulses: Are They the Most Undervalued Superfoods?

Sacred Cenotes: Portals to the Maya Underworld

San Francisco Rents Crash Most On Record Amid Mass Exodus

The Emerging Evidence Of Hyperinflation

Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease And Sleep Apnea Discovered in Brain Tissue

Trump hospitalized at Walter Reed

After Climbing 3 Years in a Row, U.S. Pot Busts Fell by 18% Last Year

Members of Indigenous Indonesian Tribe Have Electric Blue Eyes Due to Rare Genetic Condition


Death by Covid Isolation

Breathtaking Discovery of Australian Cave Art Shows Nature And Humans in Harmony

The Ancient Art of Harvesting Fruit in the Desert

The Urban Exodus And How Greatness Goes Bankrupt

Australia opens borders between New Zealand and NSW, Northern Territory as coronavirus restrictions ease

Australian state law empowers officials to forcibly remove underwear to administer vaccine

The Pandemic That Never Was

Threats of house arrest and sacking will not be enough to persuade people to take the Covid vaccine

C0VID Disinfectants May Be Hazardous to Humans (Surprise)

Pandemic Special: “Don’t Pay Rent Until 2021” For NYC Apartments 

Storm Alex to hit France with powerful winds and heavy rain

What is it with New Hampshire and the Devil?

9 Secrets to Get Rid of Hip Bursitis Quickly and Naturally

Let These Photos Take You to Alaska’s Abandoned Mining Towns

Swearing parrots separated after telling folk where to go

150 Human Rights Groups Rally to Oppose Chinese Communist Party’s Ruling

Trump & Melania ‘will begin quarantine process’


Full Moon October 1, 2020 – Outrage

Google Searches for ‘Move to Canada’ Skyrocket After First US Presidential Debate

100 000 evacuate as two massive wildfires explode in Northern California

Civil War 2.0: “The Country Is Now Out Of Its Mind”

Hillary Clinton Manufactured Russia Collusion to Destroy Trump, Obama Docs Show

UK: How close is the NHS to being ‘overwhelmed’? Just 1,800 out of 110,000 occupied beds are taken up by Covid-19 patients as thousands more than normal die at home of other causes

L.A.’s poorest patients endure long delays to see medical specialists. Some die waiting

NYC’s ‘mask patrols’ add insult to injury as city languishes under endless shutdown

The Australian state that may never reopen its borders because its coronavirus targets are ‘unreasonably stringent’

In Mississippi, medical marijuana pits the people vs. the politicians

Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman is jailed for seven years and ordered to pay $500,000 fine for bankrolling Keith Raniere’s NXIVM sex cult

Virtually Blind Mole-Rats Use Their Eyes to ‘See’ Magnetic Fields

The Strange Surface of Ceres

Mars shining bright this fall


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