QuickLines September 30

September 30, 2020

Is a New Wave of Covid-Fascism Invading Europe?

Musk says neither he nor his family will take Covid-19 vaccine, blasts Bill Gates as ‘knucklehead’

Curing the epidemic of dehydration that is leaving us prone to illness takes more than water

Fisetin: A Senolytic Antioxidant for Healthy Aging & More

The return of Europe’s largest beasts

A Quarter of All Reptile Species, Many of Them Endangered, Are Sold Online

La Niña forms off Australia’s coast

Cuts in policing have ‘led to 710 murders and more than 2,800 gunshot victims’ across the US

NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces For Next Wave 

Texas officials say it could take 2-3 months to make water safe after brain-eating amoeba kills 6-year-old

The ancient trade holding back the Sahara Desert


Stolen lives: The harrowing story of two girls sold into sexual slavery

Narcissism Can Masquerade as Forgiveness

30-Year-Old Man Allegedly Reports Mother for Kicking Him Out of Her House

Statue of Liberty-sized space rock among FIVE headed towards Earth warns NASA

The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics

NYC braces for new lockdowns

Glasgow police officer faces investigation after anti-lockdown Instagram post

Wildfires Rip Through California, Forcing Tens of Thousands to Flee And Evacuate

Videos: ‘Dangerous’ Heat Wave Strikes Fire-Ravaged California as New Wildfires Erupt

Meet The Mastermind Behind JPMorgan’s Gold And Silver Manipulation “Crime Ring”

Severe weather hits SE Europe, leaving at least 5 people dead


The Ancient Art of Harvesting Fruit in the Desert

The Rise of Ultra-Processed Foods and Why They’re Really Bad for Our Health

How a Canadian Mining Company Infiltrated the Guatemalan State

Texas City Is Dealing With a Brain-Eating Amoeba in Its Water System

As heat wave brings ‘critical risks’ of wildfires, California contends with two new blazes

Total social lockdown for London and the North?

Police State UK: London police slam woman to the ground during anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square – Video

Nine neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens could face new lockdowns

From Pistol-Dollar To Petro-Dollar To Pharma-Dollar…

The Most & Least Expensive US Cities For Cannabis Amid COVID-19

Chinese Farmers Seek Help as Rice Crops Ruined by Flooding



‘Discrepancies’ in Accounts of AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Trial Participants’ Illnesses Spark Questions

Is the covid curfew doing more HARM than good? Social distancing goes out the window as London streets and stations are mobbed by revellers

More than 60% of Wales’ population will be in lockdown from tomorrow

BLM Leader Caught Stealing $200K From Non-Profit — Spent On Tailored Suits, Furniture, Property

Shocking moment BLM organizer plows her car into crowd of Trump supporters in California and injures two

NYPD clash with BLM protesters standing among diners in Manhattan as Seattle descends into chaos and Portland erupts on the fourth night

The importance of urban trees

Inside the Arctic Greenhouses Where the Summer Sun Never Sets

Creepy Boston Dynamics robot dog spotted out on city street

These weird, unsettling photos show that AI is getting smarter

Clinton Foundation Now Being CRIMINALLY Investigated by US Attorney John Durham

Will A Military Coup Undo The November Elections, Donald Trump, & The Republic Itself?

In The Midst Of A Pandemic, Blanketed In Wildfire Smoke, The City Of Berkeley Is Focused On Banning Candy Bars

‘So many are fighting for their very survival’: How coronavirus has pushed charities to the brink

Cure worse than the disease? Study says UK lockdown linked to thousands of excess deaths

New Struggle for Independence? Poll Suggests 36% of Western Cape Voters Want Out of South Africa

COVID Exodus Fills Vacation Towns With New Medical Pressures

Antarctic blast brings rare September snowfall, unusually cold temperatures to parts of Australia


Lockdown ‘may kill 75,000’ – that’s the OFFICIAL projection of the deadly toll of Covid restrictions including missed cancer diagnoses, cancelled operations and health impacts of a recession. The virus death toll? 42,000

Melbourne man arrested for anti-lockdown Facebook posts pleads not-guilty, plans to fight charges

How beavers became North America’s best firefighter

Linden Tea Benefits for the Body and Mind

Creek Fire becomes largest single blaze in California, spawning 2 rare fire tornadoes

What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is it Tested? How is It Measured? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

Trump unveils his $500B economic ‘Platinum Plan’ for black Americans that will designate the KKK and Antifa as ‘terrorist organizations’

Massive fire breaks out in Huawei 5G research facility in China

Facebook Pays $650 Million to Settle Illinois Facial Recognition Lawsuit

Study Solves The Mysterious Origins of The Birds Ancient Egyptians Gifted Their Gods


Always Stressed? Here Are 8 Natural Stress Relievers to Try Now

Birds in San Francisco Started Singing Differently in The Silence of COVID-19 Lockdown

The fine detail of a healthy heart

Boris has no plan, no credibility and yet he dares blame the voters for the mess we’re in. Thank goodness most people will decide for themselves where we go from here – and sod his police state

Shocking moment police officers drag passenger off busy London train for refusing to wear face mask

UK NHS coronavirus contact tracing app could be falsely telling up to 30% of users to self-isolate

“I Was Never An ‘Evil Monster’ Until You Decided That I Was…”

BLM protesters storm Florida dining patio and threaten to ‘knock out’ man protecting his wife

Gun Sales Soar in States That May Prove Critical in 2020 Election

California’s largest-ever fire threatens cannabis farms worth millions. Many won’t evacuate

Canadian cannabis companies are setting their sights on Israel

Magawa the mine-detecting rat wins PDSA Gold Medal


COVID World… Resist!

Teenage Girl Allegedly Cries Blood And Doctors Have No Idea Why

Colossal crater found in Siberia. What made it?

NASA shares symphony of the stars by turning telescope data into beautiful, haunting music

Fires Turn Brazil’s Tropical Wetlands Into Wildlife Death Traps

George Soros Is Actively Working to ‘Undermine The American Political System’

George Soros Is Dividing Society to Steal Power Away From Citizens

Sanbokan: Japan’s rare, sour citrus fruit

Beautiful Mountain Bluebirds on the Rise


British Dictator makes TROOPS available to support police enforcing tough new Covid restrictions – with massive fines for businesses, £200 for not wearing a mask, 10pm pub curfews, tighter Rule of Six

Scottish Dictator BANS Scots from visiting each other in their own homes from TOMORROW as she reintroduces a tougher lockdown than Boris Johnson has put in place in England


A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021

Melbourne Police Surround & Arrest 2 Elderly Women Resting On Park Bench For ‘COVID Violation’

Second AstraZeneca volunteer reportedly suffers rare neurological condition, but UK company says it’s not related to vaccine  – Sure…..

Johnson to Tell Brits to Return to Home Working, Add New Limitations Amid COVID-19 Surge

Surveillance in an Era of Pandemic and Protest

Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – The Deadly Danger of False Positives

The EU wants to give itself greater powers to punish tech companies that don’t censor enough

2019–20 bushfires cost Australia in so many ways

Scores of temperature records smashed as cold blast sweeps through Eastern U.S.

‘Vertical Forest’ in Chinese Residential Complex Becomes Mosquito-Infested Jungle

VIP Pedophiles Panic as ALL Passengers on Epstein Logs to Be Named

Australia whales: 90 dead in mass stranding off Tasmania

Snowden Reportedly Agrees to Pay United States $5 Million From Book, Speeches

America’s Debt Will be Twice the Size of the Economy by 2050


AG Barr Calls Coronavirus Lockdowns ‘Greatest Intrusion Of Civil Liberties In American History’

Smoke from US wildfires spreads across country and into Europe

Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state in 2021

New York student who insisted on attending high school in person arrested and suspended for entire year

Australia: Washington Post headline declares ‘Dictator Dan’ has enforced ‘drastic lockdown’ ( Really? Gosh)

Californian fires are mirroring Australia’s Black Summer

Tucker Carlson slams Facebook and Instagram for censoring his Dr. Li-Meng Yan interview

Personal Data of Some 46,000 US Veterans Exposed Due to Data Breach

Hong Kong Is a Troubling Case Study in the Death of Democracy


New Moon September 17, 2020 – Problem Solved

New Finding May Lead to Discovering Holy Grail, Archeologists Claim

How To Naturally Prepare Your Body For Cold & Flu Season in 4 Easy Steps

Self-Censorship Soars In The US

Chairman Dan’s Great Wall of Facism: Checkpoints, number-plate technology and police stationed in holiday towns will ensure Melburnians don’t escape their city prison

North East England faces Covid curfew tomorrow

How Jacinda Ardern’s lockdowns have caused an even WORSE recession than feared – with the New Zealand economy plunging by 12.2% in just three months

Bill Gates doubts FDA & CDC can be trusted on Covid & vaccines. Sure, let’s trust a non-doctor billionaire who pays media instead

Huge Anti-Bill Gates Mural Appears in Melbourne as Crowds Chant ‘Arrest Bill Gates’ at Protests

Hurricane Sally lashes Gulf coast

“Where Are The Police?” After Voting To Defund Cops, Minneapolis City Council Baffled Over Recent Crime Wave

Witness California’s record blazes through the eyes of frontline firefighters

Oregonians tell of dramatic escape from wildfire that devastated their community

Twitter suspends account of Chinese virologist who claims COVID-19 was developed in a Wuhan lab

World’s Oldest Sperm Cells Found Trapped in Amber


“I Am The Target”: Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To ‘Disappear’ Her

Experts say increase in Covid cases is ‘normal’, new treatments and local lockdowns will keep it controlled and tough restrictions would make people suffer more than the disease

Global health group says online vaccine skeptics “promote violence”

Masks and Greek Know-How

Snowden warns Assange extradition will lead free press to slaughterhouse as publisher’s critics blinded by partisanship

Oregon Woman Catches Arsonist on Her Property – Holds Him at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

Man taking a nap by his pool is startled awake by a bear

Mysterious, Sudden Mass Die-Off in The US Could Be Killing Millions of Birds

The worst fire season ever. Again.

Hurricane Sally threatens Gulf Coast with “life threatening” and “historic” flooding

Trump Approves Oregon Disaster Declaration as Wildfires Ravaging State

America’s Largest Landlord To Make $550 Million Bet On Trailer Parks

‘Too many f***ing liberties taken away from us’: former Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher rejects UK mask mandate

Melinda Gates warns social media platforms are due a “reckoning” for not censoring enough

Three huge asteroids headed towards Earth, after amateur astronomer spots massive space rock our planetary defenses missed

The sun has begun a new solar weather cycle. It should be pretty quiet


Possible sign of life on Venus stirs up heated debate

Life on Venus? Major announcement reveals something might be living in the clouds on Earth’s neighbor

China: dystopian digital “civilization code” evaluates citizens’ daily lives to “promote” good behavior

5th Grade Dropout Works as a Doctor for Four Years Before Being Exposed as a Fraud

The Overlooked Necessity of Self Care

Sally rapidly strengthens into a Category 2 hurricane, extremely dangerous storm surge expected, U.S.

What is a hurricane storm surge, and why is it so dangerous?

UK faces a ‘looming addiction crisis’ because of lockdown with number of Brits drinking at high risk levels having doubled to 8.5million since February

Footage of Biden Touching Young Girls on C-Span Flagged as ‘Child Sexual Exploitation’ by Twitter

More than 3.2 million acres have burned across California this year

Over 1,000 National Guardsmen to be Deployed to Oregon to Help Battle Wildfires

This senseless sheriff-shooting by a cowardly black criminal is just as horrific as George Floyd’s death at the knee of a cowardly white cop

Bystander mocks shooting of two LA deputies while filming enormous police response

NFL fans express their anger at the ‘politicization’ of the league as teams kneel for the anthem or stay in locker rooms to support BLM

Japan’s Defence Minister Instructs Armed Forces How to Act During Encounter With UFOs

Two ‘spooky apparitions are spotted running across the road in front of petrified driver’ at Gettysburg Civil War site


Snowden Responds to POTUS’ ‘Pardon’ Comment, Urges to End ‘War on Whistleblowers’

Thick clouds of mosquitoes from Hurricane Laura kill cows, deer and other livestock in Louisiana

The weird space that lies outside our Solar System

“It’s Like Using A Hammer To Kill A Fly” – Architect Of Sweden’s COVID-19 Anti-Lockdown Strategy Finally Vindicated

Australian man forced to hand over laptop and phone passwords after anti-lockdown Facebook posts

Israel to enter full-blown lockdown, shut schools & close most non-essential businesses starting September 18

Sputnik V launched: Russia dispatches first batches of pioneering Covid-19 vaccine to all of its 85 regions

Covid: Oxford vaccine trial resumes after unexplained illness in volunteer

The COVID-19 Death Toll Is Rising Much Faster in the U.S. Than in Sweden, Which Now Has Fewer Deaths Per Capita

Foreboding orange skies cast more than a pall over Northern California

Oregon officials said they are preparing for a ‘mass fatality incident’

Oregon homeowners, neighbors struggle to combat wildfires amid shortage of firefighters

Las Vegas is a ghost town

‘Trans Satanist anarchist’ wins Republican nomination for New Hampshire county sheriff after running unopposed


There’s Something About Mount Shasta

What We Don’t Know About Parasites in Our Changing World Could Be Deadly

What are these mysterious giant radio rings in the sky?

11-year-old girls humping floors, rubbing their groins, and twerking. Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ is irresponsible filmmaking

Obamas, Netflix Board Member Susan Rice Silent Amid Child Sexualization Scandal

Catastrophic Wildfire Response Shows US Must Learn Disaster Relief From Cuba

Largest wildfire in California history grows to 750,000 acres

Air quality nosedives across Southern California

Half A Million Forced To Flee As Wildfires Rage across Oregon

Chinese virologist who fled to the US after claiming Beijing covered up Covid-19 vows to publish evidence proving the virus is manmade – and claims even non-scientists will be able to verify the data

The COVID-19 Pandemic Keeps Proving Deadly to Liberty

Moronic Idiot Andrews says curfew about ‘human life, not human rights’ as story changes again

Trump Again claims Joe Biden is on ‘drugs’

Majority of Oregonians believe Portland protests were ‘mostly violent’ riots, did more harm than good


How the Modern World Breeds Narcissism

Why babies can’t eat honey

Southern Oregon Ashland-Talent-Phoenix Fire Levels Over 600 Homes And Over 100 Businesses Watch Video Recorded Live As Phoenix Burned

‘Unprecedented’ wildfires force evacuations and emergency responses throughout Oregon

US wildfires: San Francisco residents react to orange skies

Beijing Pushes 92 Australian-Based Media Outlets to ‘Tell China’s Story Well’

New Netflix Movie ‘Cuties’ Draws Intense Backlash Over ‘Hypersexualizing’ Underage Girls

Massive List of Democrats Involved in Sex Crimes Against Children Goes Viral

Record-early winter storm brings much below-average temperatures and record snow from Montana to New Mexico, U.S.

The Year 2020 They Cancelled Christmas


World’s most common painkiller increases risk-taking behavior, according to wild new study

Is The Pandemic Over?

‘Nothing nefarious at all’: Backlash as ex-NSA chief, involved in mass surveillance revealed by Snowden, joins Amazon board

America’s Caste System & “Deviating From The Norm”

Gates Foundation is Also Destroying Africa’s Food Economy

UK’s mass COVID testing moonshot ‘to cost £100BILLION’

96 wildfires continue to rage across California, Oregon and Washington after already decimating an area the size of Connecticut

Most L.A. households face serious financial problems amid coronavirus pandemic, poll finds

Massive smoke clouds from wildfires darken San Francisco sky

‘Can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his f**king paintings!’ Kirstie Alley hits out at the Oscars

The Notre-Dame Crypt Reopens for the First Time Since the Fire

COVID-19 Has Nearly Destroyed the Childcare Industry—and It Might Be Too Late to Save It

Man Sucker Punches Random 60-Yr-Old White Woman, NYC Firefighters Take Care of Business


Ancient Egyptian burial shaft with 13 completely sealed wooden coffins dating back 2,500 years is unearthed in the desert necropolis of Saqqara

Australia’s totalitarian-style lockdown has set a precedent other countries may be tempted to follow

MKUltra & The CIA’s War On The Human Mind

Is BLM The Mask Behind Which The Oligarchs Operate?

Inside California’s race to contain its devastating wildfires

Why does California’s power grid keep flirting with disaster?

Aggressive winds feared as California battles biggest wildfire season

After a Long Slumber, US Cinemas Awaken on Pivotal Weekend

Scientists Discover Remains of Antarctic Elephant Seal in Indiana River

Amazon Drivers Hanging Smartphones in Trees to Get More Deliveries

Perfect Guacamole Recipe, with 7 Ingredients


WHO Admits That New Polio Outbreak In Sudan Caused By Vaccine

First Batch of Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine Released Into Public Circulation

I predicted last year, this year would be worse:
Zombie wildfires are blazing through the Arctic, causing record burning

Wildfires burn through record area in California as blazes continue to spread

Wildfires trap 50 hikers in California, decimate an entire town in Washington, burn through Utah and Colorado and cause more than 100,000 to lose power in Oregon during record heatwave

Study: Modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020 – 2053) leads to cooling, important implications for entire planet

Old Man Winter To Plunge Restaurants Into Further Chaos

9 Candida Symptoms and 3 Steps to Treat Them

Exercise ‘Fundamental’ for Healing of Mental Illness

12-year-old kid suspended, visited by police, after teacher reports toy gun seen during online class

New evidence testosterone therapy is effective obesity treatment in men

India Test Fires ‘NextGen Hypersonic Weapon’ As Border Tensions With China Surge

Spoiled rich kids are driving ‘BLM’ rampages and are never held accountable for their behavior


My Name Is Dana, and I’m Addicted to Mindless Scrolling

The Exquisite Surrealist Tattoos of Arlo DiCristina

This abandoned East African city once controlled the medieval gold trade

Italian Mayor Suggests Fines For Those Caught Wearing Masks When ‘Unnecessary’

Asia’s Forgotten Desert

The Wages Of Perpetual Fear

The 1% blunder: How a simple but fatal math mistake by US Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic and order lockdowns

Maskless Los Angeles County Beachgoers May Face Hefty Fines

60% of U.K population living with air pollution above legal limits

Is China On The ‘Brink’ Of A Major Food Shortage? 

More Than 200 People Rescued as California Wildfires Trap Campers

Adelaide braces for record-breaking heat


Planned ‘Pandemic: COVID-19 Diagnostic Test instruments’ appear on World Bank site for … 2018?
Main Site: World Bank

Your Self-Healing Body

Large Study Finds Link Between Hair Dye And a Certain Type of Breast Cancer

10 Things That Happen When You Start Drinking Aloe Vera – It’s a Game Changer

Link between bad sleep, high blood pressure, and gut microbiome uncovered

Weed falling from the sky! 2020 is finally looking up

State of emergency declared as California faces historic heat, possible power outages

California Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for Oral, Anal Sex With ‘Willing’ Kids

It’s Common Sense To Have Digital IDs Says War Criminal Tony Blair

Americans respond to riots, crime fears by buying more guns as Smith & Wesson reports ‘Unparalleled’ demand

What the CDC eviction ban means for tenants and landlords: 6 questions answered

Video: Salon owner joins Tucker, pushes back on Pelosi’s claim she was ‘set-up’

New high-resolution images of the sun

‘Around the world in 80 private jets’ and other adventures: Hilarious sneak preview of the woke TV the world can expect from Meghan and Harry’s $150million Netflix deal

Shocking moment police officer Pepper-Sprays rail passenger for resisting arrest after ordering him to wear a face-mask – despite him claiming he is exempt due to a ‘medical condition’

China Moves Away From US Dollar, Ahead Of Digital Yuan

The idea that you can be diagnosed with racism and it is a public health crisis has no merit at all

Extreme heat and flooding are wiping out 70% of chili harvests


Skeleton Lake: Ancient Remains Frozen in Time in the Himalayas

A Photographer Turned His Mumbai Window Into a Butterfly Garden

Australia should be ashamed & appalled by this video of police handcuffing a pregnant woman for posting an anti-lockdown message

Snowden did nothing wrong? Court rules NSA spying on Americans’ phones was illegal all along

Pentagon Silent About Swarms of Military Helicopters Spotted Over Downtown LA at Night

Trump moves to defund ‘anarchist’ cities: President says he will do ‘everything’ in his power to prevent ‘lawless’ NYC, Portland, Seattle and DC taking federal funds while rioters ‘burn buildings and ruin lives’ on their watch

Cuomo slams Trump’s ‘maniacal’ threat to defund ‘lawless cities’ including New York and warns that the commander-in-chief ‘better have an army to protect him’ if he steps foot in NYC

The Inside Story of the 25-Year, $8 Million Heist From the Carnegie Library

How the War on Drugs destroyed America’s foster care system

Elon Musk’s desire to control our minds is dehumanizing and not what is needed in a socially distanced world

Apple And Google Update Contact Tracing Software

Rich Australians to get huge tax cuts under Scott Morrison’s plan

Goodbye Netflix  Tired of Your Woke Shit


So, now they want to clean the Moon..

‘Shoot any cop on-sight and film it’: FBI warns Chicago officers of plot by street gangs

Australia in recession: Economic plunge worse than feared

An extraordinary summer of crises for California’s farmworkers

Microsoft engineer arrested – as police say they’re investigating if groups are being ‘funded’ to travel to hot-spots

White House Announces Sweeping Temporary Ban on Evictions Amid Pandemic

New York City’s MTA Crisis Could Be “Catastrophic” For Housing Market 

‘Different rules for different folks’: Nancy Pelosi caught getting hair done in closed Salon amid Covid-19 restrictions

Trump tours violence-ravaged Kenosha

Keeping Kids Fit During Homeschooling

New forms of terrorism inspired by conspiracy theories may emerge after pandemic, warns EU counter-terror chief


The problem facing men who live with an abusive partner

Answering the Call to Homeschool

This new compound in CBD products can help with sleep, anxiety, and focus

An Ancient Breed of Singing Dog Isn’t Extinct in the Wild After All

Russian medic astonished as meter-long snake is pulled from mouth of patient (VIDEO)

This Is What Our Sky Would Look Like If We Could See The Giant Halo Around Andromeda

Facebook threatens to block Australians from sharing news

Severe storms with giant hail and tornadoes hit northern Italy

FAA Grants Amazon Approval to Start Its First Prime Air Deliveries in US

Notice: US Troops May Play ‘Lead Role’ in Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Americans are fleeing urban centers like New York, New Jersey and Illinois and moving in huge numbers to remote pasture

New Jersey Is Becoming The Most Hated State As Households Flee In Record Numbers

CDC says 94% of ALL Americans who have died of COVID-19 had at least one other underlying disease

The mad scramble begins: British holidaymakers rush to book early flights home from Portugal

We might have to wait forever for science to show the Covid threat is over, so let’s use our common sense & get back to normal

The Shockingly Realistic Porcelain Flowers of Olesya Galushcenko

7 Ways to Prepare for the Death of a Loved One


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