Reclaiming Our ‘Yes’

September 2, 2019

Two of the most important and powerful words that we will ever utter are “yes” and “no”. They are universal.

Through their use we give and withdraw our permission on a fundamental level. If the power and intent of these two simple words were globally respected then much of what currently besets us would simply fade away.

These two words are utterly profound in their power, as they enable us to define and defend the integrity of our sacred and divine energetic boundaries. These two words are utterly necessary in our ability to thrive in this human form. From childhood our use of these two words has been corrupted and degraded. For most of us the original intent and power of “yes” and “no” has been almost completely diminished. 

All we have to do is look at who and what we are allowed to say “yes” and/or “no” to. It becomes immediately obvious that we have very little say over who and what we are permitted to say “no” to.

We do not get to say “no” to the abusive parent or family member. We do not get to say “no” to authority in the form of police, state, medical practitioners and mental health “experts”. We do not get to say “no” to war, pollution, environmental destruction and exploitation. We do not get to say “no” to the financial system and debt slavery. We do not get to say “no” to externally imposed and enforced states of misery.

We do not get to say “yes” to our own sovereign power and self determination. We do not get to say “yes” to alternative health and healing modalities. We do not get to say “yes” to the healing plants. We do not get to say “yes” to alternative forms of education and employment. 

Our “yes” and our “no” have had all of their power removed from them – only to be replaced by child-like notions of goodness, niceness and correctness.

As we mature we are exhorted to become “productive” and “good citizens”. We will be OK in the eyes of the state if we are “law abiding”. As long as we are compliant and forget about being happy, fulfilled and joyous, we will get on OK. We simply have to follow the laws, rules and regulations that are enacted upon us. Notions of “yes” I agree, and “no” I do not agree, do not come into the equation. At this stage our “no” has become an act of terrorism against the state. Better keep it to yourself.

Being “good” and being “nice” are mental programs that are drummed into us from childhood. From the outset we are placed under constant supervision and constant judgement – and this supervision continues into adulthood. When we reach early adulthood our supervision is passed on to the state – we must now become “good” citizens, employees, students etc etc.

What it really is, is a process of domestication. Individually and collectively we are shepherded and kept on the reservation by a set of beliefs and behaviours that are programmed into our minds and bodies. The words and language that we are allowed to use act as the means by which the boundaries of the reservation are policed.

There is a war being fought for control over us through the control of our minds and this war is largely being fought with language. Within the Human realm words are massively powerful entities, and the planetary controllers continue to use them to spell out their maleficent intent, in public and  private rituals.

In the english language when we write out words we “spell” them. When we use words we are literally “spelling” out our intent. Words cast a spell upon ourselves and others.

“Yes” has become an uttered compliance, devoid of any sense of true and real agreement. Our “yes” is demanded by those who seek power over us. We are never given the full picture of what we are saying yes to. Occulted concepts such as national security and corporate property form the axis of secret knowledge that we are forced to “agree” with. Our “yes” is a forced capitulation, a giving up of our sovereignty to an entity that remains hidden in the shadows.

From a legal point of view this is the same as signing a contract that you have not been allowed to read. A contract that you do not even know exists. Such a contract has no legal standing and is null and void. Our “yes” has been surreptitiously and covertly stolen from us by a clandestine control system that is rapidly spreading its tentacles around the entire globe.

The controllers signal their intent through the staged revelation of occult symbols, and the inability of the masses to decode this messaging is interpreted as consent. Think-Tanks and elite organisations publish articles that clearly describe their short and long term objectives – and once again very few of us even realise that this messaging is directed at us – or that it even exists, and is available.

This occulted messaging is a short term phenomenon, and we would be wise to start taking notice of what is being planned for us. Very soon the signalling will simply become reality.

It is time for us to wake up from our slumber. It is time for us to take hold of our minds and make use of them in beautiful, creative and empowering ways. It is time for us to become truly aware of what it is that we are really saying “yes” to. 

It is time for us to say “yes” to our ourselves, to our own beings, to our our own integrity. It is time for us to say “yes” to that which enables us to thrive in beautiful, creative and joyous ways. It is time for us to reclaim our “yes”.

© 2019 Murray Hill.

Murray Hill is an artist and writer who produces work around spiritual themes. He is an initiate of the Toltec mystery school as taught by Don Miguel Ruiz. He is also a Seer in the Celtic tradition. In 2004 he experienced a life changing moment in the ancient Mexican Toltec capital of Teotihuacan, which brought a lifetime of spontaneous spiritual breakouts into coherent form.

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