‘Reefer Madness’ Strikes Again

February 14, 2019

Big Pharma is pleased…

Up to 60,000 cases of depression in UK could be avoided if teenagers stay off cannabis, study says.

As many as 60,000 cases of depression in adults could have been avoided by preventing teenagers trying cannabis, researchers behind a major new analysis have said.

In the largest study to date, researchers from Canada and Oxford University found robust evidence that trying the drug before the age of 18 meant young people were more likely to develop depression and experience suicidal thoughts.

Researchers said the widespread use of the drug among teenagers was unlikely to change, but with potencies increasing then much more work was needed to educate young people on these risks.

“The proportion of people with depression where that would not occur if the population did not use cannabis is around 7 per cent,” Professor Andrea Cipriani, one of the authors from the University of Oxford, said.

“This equates to around 400,000 cases of depression in the US, 25,000 in Canda or around 60,000 cases of depression in the UK which would be avoided if adolescents no longer used it.

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The Crimes Of Reefer Madness

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