Relieve Pain Gently And Naturally with Corydalis Root Herbal Tincture

May 30, 2019

As people are increasingly turning to plants and nature to aid their body and mood, herbal and natural remedies will continue to increase in popularity.  Corydalis root is one of those herbal remedies and has been shown to be useful in the gentle relief of pain.

The corydalis plant is beautiful and its root is commonly used in herbal medicines and it has the potential to treat pain, and specifically, fibromyalgia pain.

The root of the Corydalis plant is known as YAN HU SUO. It is also known as Engosaku in Japan and Yonhosaek in Korean. YAN HU SUO is classified as a Blood Vitalizer in Traditional Chinese Medicine, according to Shen Clinic.

Many practitioners of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine consider YAN HU SUO (Corydalis root) to be the second most effective pain reliever, after opium. And while you likely won’t get the same pain relief from Corydalis root as you would from opium, it will be able to gently aid the body and support at least some pain relief in a more natural and less chemically processed manner. Plus, opioids tend to be highly addictive, while corydalis root herbal tinctures are not.

Pharmaceutical companies have even recently taken an interest in one of the chemical constituents of the herb, dehydrocorybulbine (DHCB). The drug makers say this is potentially useful in creating new, non-opioid drugs for pain relief. Other active alkaloids this herb including corydaline, dl-tetrahydropalmatine, protopine, corybulbine, β-homochelidonine, and others. The combined alkaloids are considered about 40% as effective as morphine, an opioid.

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