Soren Dreier: Remote Healings

by Soren Dreier

Remote Healing / Remote Emergency Healing


Soren has 25 years’ experience of both Hands On and Remote Healing, with an excellent success rate.

Soren also formed his own healing school and taught students his methods for a number of years.

He now gives Remote Healings worldwide.

The Method

High-Frequency Healing 

Focusing on your field, Soren will tune into your emotional and physical nervous system, delivering a high vibrational energetic healing across all levels, leveling out and improving the spiritual, emotional, and physical systems. Physical ailments can be improved or cleared completely by working with the energetic and emotional levels in this way.

Soren uses a combination of Air Pressure Breathing Techniques aligning with The Field Of The Christ, combined with an Esoteric understanding of the chakra system, which will be adjusted and vitalized.

Any negative influences around you in the form of entities and energies will be burned off and removed, speeding up your energy field even further.

The Process

The Five-Day Remote Healing Course

You will receive a course of healing sessions that take place over 5 consecutive days, at a set time, Monday-Friday.

Although it is preferable for you to lie down and relax for each session, it is not essential, and the sessions can take place while you are sleeping or going about your day. Full instructions will be provided on booking.

Although it is fine to mention any specific conditions you may have, please understand that the energy will go where it is most beneficial to you, and the underlying cause of the physical issues can usually be healed through the emotional and energetic system.

After the 5-day period is over, you will receive a short audio report with feedback.


– Huge boost in physical energy level

– Huge boost in emotional wellbeing

– Removal of slower vibrational energies and entities in your field

– Healing and/or improvement of ailments and conditions

– Raises your overall energetic vibration

– Tremendous improvement in overall wellbeing

(Some people can experience ups and downs in their energy and feelings, while their energy field is aligning to the high frequency vibrations. Although, this is not necessarily the case for everybody.)

Booking and Info:

The cost for the Five Day Remote Healing is $150 (US).

To book the Healing with Soren, please use this: Form

Instructions on “how to” will be provided by email.


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Remote Emergency Healing with Soren Dreier

Emergency Healing is $485 (US).
The Emergency Healing is usually 3 days with ongoing 24/7 attention, healing, and intervention.
There will be an email “hotline” to Soren for status on progress, etc. during the Healing.

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 Humbled by the Healing


Hi Soren!

I’m sitting quietly in a beautiful spot I love to come to & some things came to me ..

Please continue to work with my legs and feet – they are still not quite right; still hurt -but, for the first time in YEARS, I am able to walk with bare feet without terrible pain -especially when I step on things; it is important for me to be able to directly Ground with the Earth Mother Herself and now I can do this again!!  I would like to make yet even more progress..

A – New York


Hi Soren,

Thanks for the healing last week, so very much appreciated

When you mentioned in your audio that Wed and Thurs you were pretty physical on my spine, and I could have been a bit sore, well………….

I woke up Thurs morning ( after your Wednesday session ) feeling great………..for a little while, it started to flare up so I took the day off work

I went out for Lunch, still sore.

But by the end of the day it had calmed right down and was feeling pretty good

Since the healing it has Improved out of sight, every day my back is feeling stronger and at times is completely pain free.

Thanks Bro.

Thanks also for taking that dark shit away from my shoulders.

G – Australia


I started sleeping 3 days ago. No medications. I feel better I do not have anxiety, much less, no panic attacks. Thank you! I knew that you will help.

N – Netherlands


You are amazing, Soren!
Now I truly believe in super nature, or miracles.
When I read Stuart talking about Aluna world,morph….I never know what to think about. I tried to keep my mind open.
Now I know there are something more out there.

I actually felt and heard my spine cracking and falling back into place, so cool :)
You are super!

M – USA.



Effect of yesterday’s treatment stayed with me all day, & evening.

Slept thru night like a normal human, with very little leg/foot pain!

Awoke this A.M. without leg/foot being stiff & hurting, 1st time in 35 days!

Swelling in both feet reduced by approx. 10% this morning.

Deep Love,


Dear Soren,

Thank you so much for your care and attention…I welcomed you every morning and saw you a few times in prayer….

The first day I did see a ghoulie type being on my right which is gone now.

I felt you working from the waist down and it felt like I was a small child being held..

I saw a few things in the week..dragon fly, fish, solid white and of course released many emotions…I think,,like a lot of people, I am worn out!

One interesting thing was that the light returned to my head and vision…I had been told the light was reptillian ….so I have been blocking it for a few years…

Your energy was so gentle and caring and I felt I could let go…One interesting of many…I am feeling is that I feel Stuart saying to me…”its all real you know P”

P – Portugal


I started sleeping 3 days ago. No medications. I feel better I do not have anxiety, much less, no panic attacks. Thank you! I knew that you will help.

N – Netherlands

Dear Soren

My heart felt thanks for your time & attention & lovely feedback.

I can confirm that my lower back did in fact physically heal only 6 hours after the first healing session on Monday.

It would take me too long to explain exactly what happened,  but I do know it was a miracle from Soren.

My back now feels “normal”, at last, & I am doing everything I can to protect it, so it won’t relapse again.

So, I send lots of hugs & kisses his way.

During the second healing session, I had an amazing feeling….

Etherically I could feel that I was being pulled upwards, via my heart chakra, as if he was dragging me through some dimension, maybe to a safer place..?

Then once the travelling had stopped, my energy just grew and grew and grew. I felt myself stretch out sideways and stretch out length ways.

My heart chakra was pouring out huge amounts of energy and this continued to multiply and multipy for about 10 minutes…

I felt absolutely massive. I felt as though I was filling the whole room, even further.

It was such a lovely feeling; one of joy, inner peace & calmness…

Perhaps this was related to the redemption concept he used that day..?.

Many other smaller feelings occured throughout the week, but the 2 above were by far the most dramatic.

The sense of joy, inner peace & calmness remains with me today, and is much, much more prominent now as a result of Soren’s work.

So I thank him for this. Kiss, Hug.

I must confess, that am completely intrigued & fascinated by what he is capable of doing….

I keep stewing things over in my mind, wondering about his metaphysical skills..

And whether there is a trade-of of energy, where by he may be affected by our lower vibrational energies, or does his energy just blast it away..

Don’t have to respond – just thinking aloud!

From: E. – USA

“I had been feeling very unwell for a long time after a stressful time, suffering with chronic fatigue, brain fog and panic attacks. I was very emotionally weak and not coping very well. During my remote healing session with Soren I felt a huge surge in energy, like pure oxygen. I saw and felt a beautiful purple energy trickling from my forehead, down my body and through my system, and I felt power returning to my chakras, shooting through my legs and feet. I also saw visions of blue celestial Beings. The next day I felt so light and joyful like walking on air and my symptoms have almost disappeared. I will definitely be booking more healing sessions in the future when needed, thank you Soren!”

K – London

(Healing during Reading):

“Something very beautiful happened when you tuned in on my health. I did not mention my health to you and yet you pointed my issues perfectly out. When doing that my living room transformed (morphed as you probably would say ) and beautiful purple, blue and golden colors filled up the room. Even my two dogs settled in that precise moment.

Your voice went deeper and I could feel the stuck up clustering energy in my body releasing and letting go. Here a week after all pain is gone. I never met one who could actually heal mind, body and spirit by this beautiful insight into the core of my being and the vibrance of a smooth beautiful voice and you don’t even mention the healing, you just do it.”

H – Germany

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you Soren, both for the “mini-reading” and the remote energy work you did in helping me with my current health issues.

The suggestions & recommendations on the MP3 audio are most helpful as I hadn’t known of those remedies previously and they are helping a great deal.  Your remote energy healing is as potent and evident as any I’ve ever had done in person and even more impressive for being done remotely on someone you’ve never met.

You said I might feel a ‘tickle’ which would be you, but I was aware of more than a mere tickle.  When you started in I felt a cascade of soothing energy envelop me, which  felt gentle and protective.  There was this sensation of being within a flickering violet flame for a few minutes while you were working, everything looked like I was seeing thru indigo tinted glasses.

Everything you described seeing, was confirmed two weeks later with MRI and CT scans at the hospital! Thank you for everything, you are truly a kind and gentle soul.  ~ C.H. – California.


Thank You so much for my Healing Sessions.

To be honest, I began to feel a shift in Energy just over 2 weeks ago when I sent you my pictures.

Yes I could certainly feel you come in when the session started, It was an incredibally calming, and totally relaxing feeling drifting through my whole body.

I wont go into every detail in this email but would like to mention a couple of things.

On day 3: I felt The Love of Jesus. Up until a few years ago this would have been very strange to me, as I am not religous and never have been.

You also suggested I set some boundaries. This is so very true. I guess it’s something that I have struggled with my whole life.

I can relate to everything you did during my healing sessions as the areas you worked on are exactly where I needed help.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. ( literally ) and I’m beginning to feel free…..

I must mention, the ghost you removed behind me had been impacting on my life and I am so very thankful that you were able to remove it.

It had affected our relationship on a certain level as my wife felt there was a dark energy that was affecting me, but she didnt know what it was and couldn’t help.

As a result, we have been able to connect on a much deeper level as her antennas aren’t going berserk anymore.

I cannot thank you enough for this Soren,

Much Love,

G – Australia

Please,  I could feel you working on me as soon as you started even through I was still at work.

Very awesome energy.

I am so grateful for the healing, especially last week. I found out about Stuart Wilde on Tuesday and the healing really help me with the sadness.

He mentioned a ghoul on my left shoulder, I had been feeling for a few weeks that he removed. I am so grateful for everything he’s done…….

B – New York

Dear Soren,

Thank you very much for the extraordinary healing.  Your feedback was extremely interesting and all of it felt very accurate.  Even the experience of listening to your words felt like a healing of sorts.

I noticed numerous positive changes over the course of the week and continue to feel the benefits of your work.  Little aches and pains have gone away or lessened significantly.  A chronically sore ankle is dramatically improved…despite the fact that I was very physically active over the course of the week.  My shoulders and neck feel stronger and more mobile.  My lower back…which was constantly tight and sore…is feeling really good.

Prior to your healing, I experienced a lot of anxiety and nervousness.  But I feel much calmer now.  I have new sense of well being.  Even my resting pulse has gone down 5-10 beats per minute.  After Friday’s session I felt a great peacefulness. I haven’t felt that way in a very long time.

I am very sorry about your good friend Stuart Wilde.  I imagine you are feeling a deep loss.   I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like he sent me to you.

I simply can’t thank you enough for your kind work. I am very grateful.

I wish you and your family all the very best.

Much love,

P – Australia


Dear Soren

I was ready every evening exactly at the given time, lying down head facing the east.

I  registered the arrival of the healing, a very intense warm blanket of heat the first two days. The other days the energy seem to travel within in a cellular fashion.

The first two days left me feeling spacey and very very tired. Almost as if a mass of toxins were being released in my body.

I had to sleep during the day.

I was very aware of contact around my ears, there was tremendous pressure. They became totally blocked, during a session.

One morning I awoke in a blissful state and I have experienced waves of this energy since. My face has changed, it is lighter and clearer.

My inner confidence has strengthened and I am reassured.

What I feel and know as my light, my spirit, my soul has been acknowledged, and this gives me great joy and above all peace.

The questioning and doubts can stop.

All the best.

Thank you.

I would like to add my appreciation and gratitude for your website.

Soren’s kindness and gentleness in this audio feedback has touched me deeply and helped me. I really enjoyed the healing  and feel the beneficial effects of it.

Much love always,