Revenge of the Deplorables

November 9, 2016

The most extraordinary Presidential campaign in modern history ends in utter humiliation for Hillary, the pollsters, and elites of business, media and show business as the voters America forgot sweep Donald to a stunning victory

Donald Trump has sensationally won the White House – taking Pennsylvania to secure 274 electoral college votes in a humiliating defeat for Hillary Clinton and the entire American political class.

The state fell at 1.40am, with its 20 votes putting Trump over the edge. Clinton was in hiding as the result came through.

He won Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, as well as a series of states he was predicted to win. Clinton had little to show for her campaigning, with Virginia and Nevada offering little consolation.

As her party fell flat and supporters streamed away in tears, she was locked in a hotel suite just round the corner from Trump Tower, protected behind a wall of minders and with aides who refused to speak to the press.

At Trump Tower, the candidate retired to his apartment to ‘take a moment’ with this wife. At his planned victory celebration, supporters chanted ‘lock her up’ as states after state fell.

The big breakthrough was the fall of Florida. As a Florida victory looked imminent, young Trump fans chanted at giant TVs: ‘Call it! Call it! Call it!’

Then it fell – Clinton had poured millions into the state, but it was not enough.

Next came Ohio, with 18 electoral college votes.

As vote-counters put the Buckeye state in Trump’s win column, and took it away from Democrat Hillary Clinton – President Obama won it twice – the New York Times’ live presidential forecast gave the billionaire builder an 95 per cent chance of winning the White House.

That grew to ‘>95%’, its highest possible number.

Then came North Carolina with 15 votes going to Trump. When its result was set in stone, the Manhattan ballroom where Trump supporters gathered Tuesday night erupted in screams of ‘USA! USA!’

As the clock ticked towards midnight, Georgia fell, with another 16 votes. Aides to Clinton, who hoped to become America’s first female president, told Fox News that she was ‘expecting a long night’.

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