Ricky Gervais Delivered a Glorious Kick in the Globes to Hollywood’s Woke Virtue-Signalling Hypocrites

January 6, 2020

The world’s biggest stars – not least in their own mirrors – flocked to Sunday night’s Golden Globes to show us all how woke, worthy and wonderful they are. And, of course, to attack their go-to punchbag President Trump.

Meat was even banned from their dinner tables to illustrate just how much these kind-hearted celebrities care about the environment.

‘See, we’re saving the planet!’ was the proud collective message, spoken by multi-millionaire actors and actresses who’d flown to Los Angeles in their private jets and been driven to the Beverly Hilton Hotel in stretch limousines.

Who cares about such massive gas-guzzling carbon footprints when they’re making the ultimate sacrifice of swapping their steaks for ‘vibrant chilled golden beet soup’, ‘King Oyster mushroom scallops risotto’ and a vegan opera dome dessert’?

But these selfless do-gooders left three hours later feeling abused, insulted, broken and shell-shocked thanks to a host who couldn’t give a damn about their hurt feelings.

They can’t say they weren’t warned.

‘It’s a room full of the biggest virtue-signalers and hypocrites in the world,’ Ricky Gervais had said in a pre-Globes interview with the Spectator magazine, ‘so I’ve got to go after that’.

And go after that he most definitely did, like a ravenous jackal gorging on the tortured entrails of freshly-slain rabbits stuck in headlights.
Gervais’s opening monologue at last night’s Globes in Los Angeles only lasted seven minutes and 42 seconds.
But that was more than long enough for him to punch a gigantic crater in the absurdly two-faced PC-crazed balloon that infests modern Hollywood.

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