Right-Fighting or Fighting Right – Revisited

October 11, 2020

To know the difference between Right-Fighting and Fighting for what is Right
is to know The Spiritual Warrior within.

Right-Fighting is nothing but a stream of endless battles,
where we are left wounded, tired and weary in a labyrinth of emotional chaos,
serves no purpose.
Not able to pick a battle, but addicted to battle.

Fighting for what is Right, merges from the soul, transcends that ego.
It targets injustice on a level that reaches out from beyond the personal realm,
ripples throughout the collective, becomes detached, not chained to the outcome.
The ability to pick our battles will show to be our finest and most delicate of skills.
and in silence the Spiritual Warrior walks away as the morning breeze sets on the Battlefield.

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services

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