Russia and Cuba Helping Italy Out

March 23, 2020

Earlier in the day, a number of planes have departed from Russia to Italy to assist in the fight against COVID-19 after Italy held its first consultations on using the Russia-provided equipment for the fight against the virus.
Thirteenth Il-76 aircraft flew out from Russia to Italy carrying troops and equipment to help fight the coronavirus outbreak, the Russian Defence Ministry said Monday.

Russian specialists will start carrying out programmes on disinfection and prevention as soon as they agree all the steps with local authorities.
Earlier, nearly a hundred of Russian experts were dispatched to the Italian Air Force’s Pratica di Mare air base with medical equipment to assist the country in its struggle against the coronavirus.

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Among the help coming to northern Italy is a team of 65 Cuban doctors and nurses with experience in battling Ebola outbreaks, Italian health officials said.


Good to know, why hide this deep in the newsstream.
Maybe because EU, isn’t doing anything really.

We’re all one big European family

The commandment:

“The European family may well be anything but perfect. But it is the best thing that we have for bringing the countries of Europe around the same table” — Jean-Claude Juncker, former EU Commission President

The reality:

EU leaders settled on “United in Diversity” as the bloc’s motto in 2000, in a bid to inject some vitalism into the stodgy bureaucracy that is the Union. The ongoing pandemic has proven that phrase just as empty as it sounds.

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