Soren Dreier Services

February 23, 2020


The Reading is based on my ability to provide an intuitive, clairvoyant picture of you, penetrating the layers of the personality/ego, connecting to and extending a deeper level within you.

The reading will be done in three segments:

First part of the reading will be an overall ‘helicopter’ perspective of where I see you are right now in your life. It will not be information based, but based on the free flow of intuition. The personality will be analyzed, and the balance between physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies will be examined. I will find the different layers that might stand in the way of progress, and will look for your hidden resources and strengths in order to bring these into full light.

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Personal Guidance Series

In response to the needs for individualized attention and guidance over an extended time period, Soren has structured a one-on-one program: 5 Hour Personal Guidance

There is no limit to the range of this personal consultation. Throughout the Guidance, Soren will be offering practical, metaphysical and supportive advice on any number of challenging, harmful or restrictive issues that recipients are encountering in their lives.

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Remote Healing


Soren has 20 years experience of both Hands On and Remote Healing, with an excellent success rate.

Soren also formed his own healing school and taught students his methods for a number of years.

He now gives Remote Healings worldwide. Please see below for booking details.

The Method

High-Frequency Quantum Field Healing 

Focusing on your quantum field, Soren will tune into your emotional and physical nervous system, delivering high vibrational energetic healing across all levels, levelling out and improving the spiritual, emotional and physical systems. Physical ailments can be improved or cleared completely by working at the energetic and emotional levels in this way.

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