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February 2, 2020


The Reading is based on my ability to provide an intuitive, psychic picture of you, penetrating the layers of the personality/ego, connecting to and extending a deeper level within you.

The reading will be done in three segments:

The first part of the reading will be an overall “helicopter” perspective of where I see you are right now in your life. It will not be information based but based on the free flow of intuition. The personality will be analyzed, and the balance between the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual bodies will be examined. I will find the different layers that might stand in the way of progress and will look for your hidden resources and strengths in order to bring these into full light.

For the second part of the reading, I will walk through your email and answer the questions that you’ve asked. Your questions can be on any subject that’s important to you.

For the third part of the reading, I will use both clairvoyance and palmistry to walk through analysis of both of your hands. The left, or inner hand, will be examined for insight into the inner you, which I will likely have touched upon in the first two segments. The right hand will be thoroughly analyzed as to future trends, possibilities, and events over the next one to five years. I will focus on the potentials that I see within these future trends.

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Remote Healing / Remote Emergency Healing


Soren has 25 years’ experience of both Hands On and Remote Healing, with an excellent success rate.

Soren also formed his own healing school and taught students his methods for a number of years.

He now gives Remote Healings worldwide.

The Method

High-Frequency Healing 

Focusing on your field, Soren will tune into your emotional and physical nervous system, delivering a high vibrational energetic healing across all levels, leveling out and improving the spiritual, emotional, and physical systems. Physical ailments can be improved or cleared completely by working with the energetic and emotional levels in this way.

Soren uses a combination of Air Pressure Breathing Techniques aligning with The Field Of The Christ, combined with an Esoteric understanding of the chakra system, which will be adjusted and corrected in each person.

Any negative influences around you in the form of entities and energies will be burned off and removed, speeding up your energy field even further.

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Personal Guidance Series

In response to the needs for individualized attention and guidance over an extended time period, Soren has structured a one-on-one program: The Personal Guidance Series.

The program offers 12 hours of consultation within 12 months.

There is no limit to the range of this personal consultation. Throughout the 12 hours, Soren will be offering practical, metaphysical, and supportive advice on any number of challenging, harmful, or restrictive issues that recipients are encountering in their lives.

– Spiritual advice – Soren is well known and has been long recognized as a guide in spiritual matters. His knowledge and experience with the spirit/energy worlds is well established, as is his knowledge of the conditioning and programming aspects of our inner and outer control matrix.

– Practical advice – There are so many issues that can come up over things we might consider practical:
Relationships, sensuality/sexuality, job situation, health issues, etc.

– Brief readings – From time to time, recipients may find the need to call upon Soren’s long established reading skills, mentoring skills, and/or therapeutic and healing skills as a part of their overall consultation.

The one-on-one consultations will take place over Skype (audio only), or questions can be sent via email with Soren providing an MP3 recorded response.

The timeframe of the consultations can be anywhere from a few minutes to 1 hour in length.

Recipients will be asked to keep close track of the time spent in consultation.
Soren does not charge for his own preparation, so the 12 hours will be attributed to consultation only. For your benefit, there will be as little chit-chat as possible during the sessions.

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